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Latifi won’t return to F2 if he misses Willliams F1 chance

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Nicholas Latifi says he definitely won’t race in Formula 2 again next year even if he fails to land a place on the Formula 1 grid.

The DAMS driver was leading the feeder series championship until the eighth race in Monaco. But he was overhauled by Nyck de Vries, who went on to clinch the title in Sochi ahead of next week’s double-header finale at Yas Marina.

“For sure I was disappointed in Sochi when I officially lost the title,” said Latifi. “Now it’s just going and trying to maintain second place.

“Nyck and ART did an amazing job this year, they fully deserved it. So my focus is to maintain second.”

Latifi is already certain to finish high enough in the championship this year to qualify for an FIA Superlicence. “I already have, technically, the Superlicence,” he said.

“I don’t physically have it, but the goal was never to just get the Superlicence. The goal was to finish as high as possible.”

The Williams driver is expected to take Robert Kubica’s place at the team for the 2020 F1 season. “For next year I still have nothing confirmed,” said Latifi.

However he is sure he will be racing something other than F1. “For me, Formula 2, this was always going to be my last year.

“Coming into the season I knew it was gonna be my last year, good or bad. So I’m happy I had a good season. We just have to see for next year what will be the plan.”

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2020 F1 season

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11 comments on “Latifi won’t return to F2 if he misses Willliams F1 chance”

  1. He technically has a super-license, but not physically. What does that mean in practice?

    1. It is just like his f1 seat. He just need to figure out if there are any better seats for sale other than the williams.

    2. It is just his choice of language. I thought it was obvious.. Physically and technically lol

    3. The SL’s are not handed out until the season is over, but even if he skips the last race he has already done enough to the get one handed to him.

    4. He probably filled out all the details on but his printer is low on toner, @jerejj.

    5. @jerejj, the points for a superlicence are not awarded until that championship is formally complete – so, although he is almost certainly going to have sufficient points to apply for a superlicence, he doesn’t have one yet because he cannot apply for it until the Formula 2 championship is complete and the final championship finishing positions are formally confirmed by the FIA.

  2. @keithcollantine impressive combination of top two articles on the website there. Hamilton calling out the rich kids and Latifi promising he’ll be in F1. Stellar.

  3. Maybe try to get an IndyCar seat? Those are very limited at the moment too.

  4. Second to last graf should read: “However he is sure he will be racing something other than F2.

  5. James Hinchcliffe, Sebastian Bourdais and Spencer Pigot just lost out their seats. But I rather see Latifi to get that Williams race seat instead. Indy Car will always be a Plan C.

    On the other hand: I like to see what kind of budgets Liberty and the FIA will be giving out in 2021. Especially on a potential new franchise.

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