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Kubica has taken decision on 2020, expects to race in DTM

2020 F1 season

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Robert Kubica has decided his plans for the 2020 season. The Williams driver expects to race in the DTM but could also combine it with a role in F1.

“The decision from my side has been taken,” said Kubica in Abu Dhabi today. As RaceFans reported last month, one offer he is considering is a simulator role at Haas, which would include some F1 practice outings, but also leave him free to race in another series.

“I don’t want to go too much to the details now, it’s a bit more complicated stuff and we have to make sure we make it work from different perspectives and different points,” he added. “Hopefully once this will be sorted it will be, let’s say, a downhill [straightforward] procedure and it should be sorted quite soon.”

Part of the delay in finalising his arrangements for next year involves agreeing terms with Polish petrochemical firm Orlen, who sponsored Williams during Kubica’s time at the team.

“My racing program is a hundred percent up to me. My F1 role, of course there is second part, which is Orlen. They would like to stay in Formula 1 and we want to see if we can match everything together as I think it would be beneficial for everyone. So sometimes it takes more time than only my decision.”

Kubica tested a DTM car in 2013, two years after he was seriously injured in a rally crash. He is attracted by the standard of competition in the championship.

“I’m looking for a big challenge and definitely DTM, which is the highest probability that I would be racing, it is probably the toughest championship apart from Formula 1 in Europe.

“We’re joining very high-level racing drivers in very specific championship. It’s not easy for someone who is a rookie there.

“If I manage to be racing there, I would be happy with it. And as I said, if we manage to to combine a few things to make everybody happy, I’m open to this.”

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2020 F1 season

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2 comments on “Kubica has taken decision on 2020, expects to race in DTM”

  1. Kubica has run around at the back of the field in every F1 race this year. Coupled with his constant side-swipes at Williams, what made him believe he’d ever be involved in F1 again? If he does buy a seat in DTM through his Polish sponsors, I don’t expect to see him doing any better.

    1. Well, Jon Bee you are short minded talking about Kubica. It shows that you dont know much about situation at Williams. They where never driven the same spec cars. And at the end of storry it was 1:0 to Robert this year. And last man on the final scoresheet was George.

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