Racing Point 2019 livery launch

Racing Point confirms 2020 launch plans

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In the round-up: Racing Point is the latest team to confirm its launch plans for the 2020 F1 season.

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Mega day with the boys 🏎💨🇮🇹

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Comment of the day

@Geemac responds to @DieterRenclen’s article on the teams which entered F1 in 2010:

They were enticed in by a formula that changed before they even got off the ground – the new teams were doomed before the 2010 season even started unfortunately. It’s a massive shame they are gone because the battle at the back of the grid is as important as the one at the front.

In addition, the smaller teams are great proving grounds for drivers, engineers and mechanics. These opportunities are lost to a generation of young talent now. HRT let Ricciardo get used to the F1 circus in relative anonymity. Today’s leading engineers began their careers with smaller teams back in the day (such as James Allison at Larrousse, Aldo Costa at Minardi or Adrian Newey at Leyton House).

And to top that off, who doesn’t love a giant-killing story like Jules Bianchi scoring points for Manor at the most famous race of the year.

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Happy birthday to Brent Foster!

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On this day in F1

  • On this day in 1960 the Monte Carlo rally ended. Graham Hill retired with brake trouble in his Ford Anglia which he shared with John Patton. Walter Schock and Rolf Moll won in a Mercedes 220SE.

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  • 6 comments on “Racing Point confirms 2020 launch plans”

    1. About Small teams: i would like to see F1 give any teams that enters a minimum amount of money per year, just for showing up and running.

    2. ”The announcement also said Formula One would delay practice races the Friday before the main event “in order to ensure that there isn’t any disruption to local schools.”
      – By then, the amount of practice-running on race-weekends would probably have been reduced anyway, but if not, then there’d be room for postponing only till the sunset time at the very latest.

      I agree with the COTD.

      For those who are interested, the first two races for a CL-assigned grandstand will be Monaco and French GPs.

      1. Shame, I would have thought CL would have warranted a grandstand at Monza…

        1. Probably most Monza grandstands are CL :)

    3. COTD is very much on point. the grid cannot exist solely of winners and the races are enriched by having a larger grid. many people seem to miss the point of this, but consider how much more interesting some of the races would have been if williams had had a similarly slow rival team in 2019. it would have enlivened the whole season for russell and kubica.

    4. Not really a fan of driver-dedicated grandstands, the idea just seems a little bit dull and self-exclusionary.

      I haven’t been to a race for a while but one of the things I liked about it was being surrounded by fans of different teams, drivers, etc. Totally mixed crowd, everyone just getting on and watching the race together, being happy and sad at different times, fragmented cheers, and so on. I don’t suppose fans in one-colour grandstands get that experience.

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