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Ferrari cancels Thursday’s 18-inch tyre test due to Coronavirus

2020 F1 season

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Ferrari has cancelled its plans to test Pirelli’s prototype 18-inch tyres for the 2021 F1 season on Thursday.

The team was due to conduct the test, its second on the new rubber for next season, at its Fiorano test track.

“Because of company restriction policies adopted by both Ferrari and Pirelli following the worldwide Coronavirus outbreak, the scheduled 18-inch 2021 wet tyre test at Fiorano on March 5th has to be postponed,” said a statement from the team. “The test will be rescheduled at Fiorano at the earliest opportunity.”

Italy has among the highest number of Coronavirus infections outside Asia. As of yesterday Italy had reported over 1,800 coronavirus cases and deaths due to the virus. Some countries have implemented restrictions on travel from Italy. Vietnam, which is due to hold its first F1 race on April 5th, is imposing a 14-day medical quarantine on travellers from the country.

World Superbikes became the latest motorsport series to cancel a race due to Coronavirus today. Its Qatar round, which was due to take place later this month, has been “postponed until further notice”, it announced. It follows a similar move by Moto GP, which has also cancelled its Qatar round, both series citing restrictions on travel from Italy as a reason for the decision.

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Races cancelled or postponed due to coronavirus

March 6 – March 8Moto GPQatar Grand PrixLosail International CircuitQatar
March 13 – March 15World SuperbikesQatarLosail International CircuitQatar
March 21 – March 21Formula ESanya EPrixSanyaChina
March 20 – March 22Moto GPThailand Grand PrixBuriram International CircuitThailand
March 21 – March 22Super TaikyuRound oneSuzukaJapan
April 4 – April 5Super FormulaRound oneSuzukaJapan
April 17 – April 19Formula 1Chinese Grand PrixShanghai International CircuitChina
April 17 – April 19Porsche Carrera Cup AsiaShanghai roundShanghai International CircuitChina
April 17 – April 19Chinese Formula FourShanghai roundShanghai International CircuitChina

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2020 F1 season

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25 comments on “Ferrari cancels Thursday’s 18-inch tyre test due to Coronavirus”

  1. What are the 2019 standings if Ferrari is excluded?

    1. @Ronny They can’t get excluded anymore.

      1. Why not? Teams are protesting and maybe lawuits will follow.. Millions in prioce money are at stake you know..

        1. pedallingmonkey
          3rd March 2020, 17:49

          Link ? I would like more information about this .. thank you

        2. proud_asturian
          3rd March 2020, 21:35

          You’re obsessed.
          Find something better to do with your life.

        3. I think there’s a rule that says unless someone protests or appeals the race results then they become final 48 hours after the race ended.

        4. Ross already said that unless all teams are able to race no matter who the race will be canceled and turned into a nine championship race. At least that was the latest story

          1. None*

  2. One thing I had forgotten to mention earlier: Ferrari and AlphaTauri have their factories in Italy, as well as, Pirelli, but add to that, one current F1 race-driver lives there, and that is Pierre Gasly, who resides in Milan. He might, therefore, also face the same problems as Ferrari and AT, or Pirelli-personnel.

    1. @jerejj he might have his residence there but doesn’t mean he’s there right now or will be in the near future. He surely has other frequent places where he stays, and he’s probably staying away from Milan, just in case. In fact, he was in a French TV show last saturday.

  3. Vietnam might be newest addition to cancellation given their travel restrictions being out in place.

  4. The outbreak may save ferrari’s face.

  5. No Ferrari no championship. That’s indisputable. And please God no, if the virus cases in the UK escalate we will face the same problem as Italy. Remember most of the teams are based here!!

    1. I am not a fan of this team but as mentioned above Toro Rosso/Alpha Tauri and Pirrelli all have their factories in Italy and with 20% of teams missing and with tyre supplier also having issues in delivering tyres how should races be allowed to go on? Even India has put restrictions(cancelling Visa for Italian, Korean, Chinese and Japanese citizen, and screening for flights originating from more than dozen countries) with more countries following suit.

      1. Ross already said a race will not happen without all teams. He said it will either not run or likely be a non championship race. I think that might almost be cool to see teams have nothing to lose and it’s win or nothing. You can be more aggressive since you won’t fear losing points

        1. even a non-championship race with 2 teams missing is a fair solution for fans.

  6. *facepalm*

    To hell with it.
    Let’s close all borders! Cancel all events! Incarcerate all travellers! All those who cough! And, why not, everyone who thinks this is a stupid suggestion!

    1. No, really, the level of ridiculousness grows exponentially on hourly basis.

      Oh, yes, wish all of them catch flu, let’s see how they will cope with that!

  7. Prepare for the worst, hope for the best.
    Worst case … everyone and that means everyone, is exposed to the bug, 2% of the population dies and over the next 6 months, everything is affected. Travel restrictions, thorough and complete.
    Best case … the virus is contained and exposure limited providing enough time for drug and vaccine interventions to be distributed. This stage is when the conspiracy theorists will go ballistic.
    Reality, something in between. For now, head down and back to work.

  8. Pat Ruadh (@fullcoursecaution)
    3rd March 2020, 23:49

    There is talk now about a return to old school non-championship rounds if all teams aren’t able to compete due to travel restrictions.
    I have to wonder though, if this were to happen, would all the gloves be off?
    Say for instance, Ferrari and Alpha Tauri can’t race in Canada… give me 4 Red Bulls, Kubica in a third Alfa, Russell in a Merc… I don’t know what the rules are for non-championship rounds, it’s been so long since we had one, but I hope if it were to happen that they open it up and maximise the opportunity for something memorable

    1. Flash Formula
      4th March 2020, 1:51

      The Teams would use the race weekend sessions as test sessions. Testing parts and turning down PU, wouldn’t be a real race anyway.

    2. I’m with you 100% they could be super aggressive knowing they have nothing to lose. We could have some fun races like that. That’s a good point about if teams could enter another car. I doubt it bc they only bring 3 cars to a race and just a back up tub and parts for a new car. They no longer have a 3rd car ready 2 go

    3. Allowing 3 cars per team if the Italian teams cannot participate would be pretty epic, even if only Mercedes and Red Bull might have the resources to do so.

  9. Why not just have the test elsewhere with less risk?

  10. What a load of horse puckey.

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