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Full driver line-up confirmed for Virtual Vietnam Grand Prix


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The full line-up has been confirmed for this weekend’s Virtual Vietnam Grand Prix including six current F1 drivers.

Lando Norris and Nicholas Latifi will return to the series while Charles Leclerc, Alexander Albon, George Russell and Antonio Giovinazzi will all make their first starts.

They will be joined by an expanded roster of former F1 drivers including, for the first time, 2009 world champion Jenson Button.

The race will take place on F1 2019 at 8pm GMT on Sunday. The Albert Park circuit will be used for the event instead of the Hanoi street track, which is not available in F1 2019.

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2020 Virtual Vietnam Grand Prix driver line-up

MercedesStoffel Vandoorne
MercedesEsteban Gutierrez
FerrariCharles LeclercFirst appearance in Virtual Grand Prix
FerrariArthur Leclerc
Red BullAlexander AlbonFirst appearance in Virtual Grand Prix
Red BullBen StokesEngland cricket team member
McLarenLando Norris
McLarenJenson Button
RenaultChristian LundgaardRenault junior driver, 2017 Spanish F4 and Northern European Zone F4 champion
RenaultAndre HeimgartenAustralian Supercars racer
AlphaTauriLuca SalvadoriMotorcycle racer and YouTuber
AlphaTauriNunzio TudiscoGamer and YouTuber
Racing PointAnthony Davidson
Racing PointJimmy Broadbent
Alfa RomeoAntonio GiovinazziFirst appearance in Virtual Grand Prix
Alfa RomeoJohnny Herbert
HaasPietro FittipaldiHaas test driver
HaasLouis DeletrazHaas test driver
WilliamsGeorge RussellFirst appearance in Virtual Grand Prix
WilliamsNicholas Latifi

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  • 7 comments on “Full driver line-up confirmed for Virtual Vietnam Grand Prix”

    1. Just because Vietnam wasn’t available in 2019, holding the race on the Albert Park circuit is pretty pathetic. Although to be fair… it’s not available in 2020 either.

      Maybe next season’s stay-at-home racing series can stage the Australian GP on the Sochi circuit.

      1. Should have just used the vietnam mod and formula hybrid in assetto corsa.

      2. @jimmi-cynic @dk I argued in favor of using Singapore instead as it’s a full-street circuit, is closer to Hanoi in geography, and has a similar climate to that of Hanoi.

        1. Duncan Snowden
          5th April 2020, 11:58

          Is is possible to change the time of day in F1 2019? A day race at Singapore would be a reasonable substitute.

          1. Guys, it’s just a fun online crashathon! Ben Stokes is in one of the cars!…I don’t really care where they race as long as they all have fun and it’s entertainment for us. And to be fair, the number of real drivers is increasing so I’m happy to watch along.

    2. Pat Ruadh (@fullcoursecaution)
      4th April 2020, 22:26

      Please no punterino @racerdude7730
      Just saw you pop up on the stream there!

    3. The race is at 7pm GMT not 8pm GMT

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