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‘Big disappointment’ for Racing Point as neither driver reaches Q3

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The Racing Point drivers admitted their disappointment in failing to reach Q3 today after setting the third and fourth quickest times in second practice.

Sergio Perez dropped out in the first round of qualifying, but believes he could have made the cut if the track had stayed green.

“It’s a big disappointment,” said Perez. “We were on for a great weekend. We have great pace in the dry but in the wet we couldn’t find our rhythm.

“I struggled a lot to generate any tyre temperature. It took me two to three laps to generate the temperature. At the end I was coming on a good lap but then the red flag stopped that lap. There’s nothing we can do now other than think forward for tomorrow.”

Perez’s team mate Lance Stroll made it into Q2, but was unable to progress any further. “I don’t know what happened at the end,” he admitted.

“We kind of faded in Q2. I had a loss of grip at the end of Q2 and I just wasn’t able to progress the lap time.

“I think we started quite strong. We were comfortable in Q1 and then the beginning of Q2 we were looking competitive. But we just lost a lot of grip on the last set in Q2 and the others managed to improve. So I’m not sure, we have to look into why that was.”

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2020 F1 season

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4 comments on “‘Big disappointment’ for Racing Point as neither driver reaches Q3”

  1. There’s nothing we can do now other than think forward for tomorrow.

    To me getting through Qualifying without crashing is the best way to start the race. Even though both Racing Point cars are lower on the grid than one would have expected, many of the cars from ahead finished behind Sergio at the Austrian GP, so if things play out in a similar fashion then, with good strategy and timely overtaking, both cars should finish ahead of those cars too.

  2. Their car seems to be good on tires, or rather yet bad in this case as they struggled with temps.

    Unlike Mercedes that are traditionally heating their tires up fast.

  3. What a yoke.

  4. it seems they did not received the 2019 Merc setup for the wet.

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