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2020 Hungarian Grand Prix grid

2020 Hungarian Grand Prix

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Row 11. Lewis Hamilton 1’13.447
2. Valtteri Bottas 1’13.554
Row 23. Lance Stroll 1’14.377
Racing Point
4. Sergio Perez 1’14.545
Racing Point
Row 35. Sebastian Vettel 1’14.774
6. Charles Leclerc 1’14.817
Row 47. Max Verstappen 1’14.849
Red Bull
8. Lando Norris 1’14.966
Row 59. Carlos Sainz Jnr 1’15.027
10. Pierre Gasly No time
Toro Rosso
Row 611. Daniel Ricciardo 1’15.661
12. George Russell 1’15.698
Row 713. Alexander Albon 1’15.715
Red Bull
14. Esteban Ocon 1’15.742
Row 815. Nicholas Latifi 1’16.544
16. Kevin Magnussen 1’16.152
Row 917. Daniil Kvyat 1’16.204
Toro Rosso
18. Romain Grosjean 1’16.407
Row 1019. Antonio Giovinazzi 1’16.506
Alfa Romeo
20. Kimi Raikkonen 1’16.614
Alfa Romeo

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28 comments on “2020 Hungarian Grand Prix grid”

  1. Mercedes… and 1 second to the next team… just WOW

    Bottas did quite a lap there, applauses!
    Lewis – just marvelous!

    I already envision Horner and Verstappen (and their flock) moaning about RP.

    Tomorrow will be an awesome race!

    1. 90th pole for Lewis, btw. Astonishing!

  2. That W11 is a spaceship.

  3. Michael (@freelittlebirds)
    18th July 2020, 15:05

    Anyone else have sound issues from Sky Sports or is it just the feed to the US?

    1. Yes, me too in Australia. I could barely hear the commentary over the track audio. I reckon it was the mix at source.

  4. Stroll wasn’t used to parking his car in the top 3 space

    1. @3dom True, so unsurprising.

  5. Looks like SV, MV and CL will squeeze each other at start tomorrow.

    1. If Vettel crashes into either Stroll or Perez will that harm his chances of driving for Aston Martin next year? What are the odds?

      1. Come on, did you miss last week?

  6. Adam (@rocketpanda)
    18th July 2020, 15:08

    That was absurd. It’s not even a competition anymore.

    1. Now I understand why a court in India ruled that F1 is not a sport.

      1. Eh? Really? I didn’t know anything about that.

    2. That was absurd. It’s not even a competition anymore.

      Indeed. When Usain Bold destroyed the 200m field iin Rio de Janeiro 2016, and also smashed the 100m race at the Beijing Olympics final, annihilating everyone else, did both events, and the Olympics cease to become sports?

      Just asking.

      1. Adam (@rocketpanda)
        18th July 2020, 17:20

        They’re not comparable… ?

      2. @kbdavies
        Yes, because it was Usain Bolt, a 196cm runner whose anatomy aligned in a straigher fashion allowing him to run faster
        It wasn’t his shoes, or his attire, or his team.
        If he ran for a different country, even North Korea. He’d still have smashed those records.
        If he wore shoes from a different brand, same story. He’d still have smashed those records.
        I hope that answers your question

  7. I have to say Stroll definitely looked like the quicker of the Racing Point duo today. Very impressive. Suddenly Perez doesn’t look as safe as I’d thought. McLarens looking pretty handy as well. Ferrari made a step forward, but it’s not nearly enough yet. Still, good job from Seb & Charles. Dunno know where Red Bull’s pace went though… the Merc is in a class by itself so far.

    1. Michael (@freelittlebirds)
      18th July 2020, 15:13

      Obviously, Perez is distracted while Stroll is guaranteed his future.

    2. Yeah, Perez is slow in qualiying, probably his biggest deficiency, but his race pace is much better than Stroll’s.

    3. nikhil Bhandari
      18th July 2020, 16:35

      Pere was not keeping well

  8. After 6 years, the nightmare reached next level: 1-2-3-4 for Mercedes!!!!

  9. Come on.. it’s already the 3rd race, and you still refer Alpha Tauri as Torro Rosso :)

    1. I mean I still call the racing point’s force India….

  10. Evidently Hamilton is the best driver of his generation, beating Vettel. And both successors of the great Schumacher.
    That’s fantastic but let’s agree that the last few championships have been a bit boring. We already know who will be the 2020 champion.
    Congratulations to him and his team.

    1. @jorge-lardone We already know the 2021 Champion as well…. There’s a chassis freeze for next year, remember?

    2. @jorge-lardone He’s the greatest driver to be driving in a Mercedes in Formula 1 of this generation, that’s for sure, and that’s also as far as you can go with it. He doesn’t go drive other disciplines in his spare time so we can’t compare him to literally anything other than Bottas & Rosberg.

  11. A qualifying gap between first and last of 3,2 second (roughly)……can’t remember ever seeing that (except for moments with varying weather conditions)…..hurts to see this.

    Assuming the dominance of Merc for this and next year….imagine telling folks at the end of 2009 than only 2 teams and 3 (maybe 4 if Bottas) win the next 12 seasons…..i’m tempted to say it would be best for the sport if Mercedes quits. Next to that, i generally prefer independent teams over big manufacturers.

    1. Pretty sure there was a bigger gap than 3.2s in almost every race last year due to how bad the Williams was.

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