RaceFans Live: Formula 1

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  1. I know the main focus will be Hamilton vs Max, but Ricciardo winning a race in his worst season in F1 will be an incredible achievement given how much he has struggled this year. Imagine how Norris would feel as well. Beats Ricciardo basically every time, the one time he doesn’t, he finishes 2nd.

  2. Hamilton squeezed Verstappen off the track in the first place and onto the sausage kerb. No reason why Verstappen couldn’t have gone round the outside, Hamilton totally closed the door. Verstappen should’ve stopped the attempt, but Hamilton was the initial author. Racing incident mostly on Hamilton’s part that ultimately should’ve been avoided

  3. Is the key problem here that Monza has become too quick. The teams all run such low wings, that DRS has a much lesser effect as there is wing to open? Of course slipstream has an effect but is the same effect as at a normal track, but is there a smaller difference in drag caused by DRS compared to other circuits?

  4. For me this isn’t working. This is a first lap gamble, then a procession. In current F1 environment, strategy gets you an overtake, there is basically no time for strategy. Far prefer the build up to qualifying with the 3 practices

  5. So if Bottas is going to start from the back, this could give us a chance to see if that Merc (and driver tbf) works any better in traffic than it did last year. Seems like a shame for Merc though; one of their best performances of the year comparative to RB and one car has to start last.

  6. F2 qualifying is hiliarious. They’re all cruising around trying to find a tow, someone tried to go through the pits to let cars past and got pulled into the weigh bridge. Then whilst the rest were messing about, he did a quick out lap, warmed his tyres and did a faster 2nd run than everyone else… Shows the tow isn’t as important as conditioning your tyres correctly.

  7. This is the only practice session before qualifying later this afternoon. As McLaren team principal Andreas Seidl pointed out, that makes it extremely important.

    “Our approach as a team to this weekend is not much different to Silverstone. We put in obviously before Silverstone a lot of energy inside the team in order to be ready for the race in Silverstone. And I have to say on the operational side it actually went quite well for us it is more a matter of making sure now that we hopefully repeat on the operational side a trouble-free weekend again.

    “It is clear that with only having one practice session before you have to put the car in parc ferme and race it that even more than normal you try obviously to be as prepared as possible but at the same time with the limited free practice time you already have this year also for standard race weekends that’s always a go. So it’s just important again as a team to go through all the sporting regulations again with everyone make sure that when changing or jumping from one race weekend format from another you don’t suddenly end up missing something which is not allowed in parc ferme and so on.”

    1. The last penalty for speeding in the pit lane was for Giovinazzi in Hungary: 10 seconds stop and go.
      It has to be said that Giovinazzi exceeded the speed limit by over 25 kph (!)
      Still, in the very same race, around the same time, Räikkönen got 10 seconds without stop and go for an unsafe release that consisted in crashing another blameless competitor (Mazepin) out, among a lot of people in the pit lane.
      So yeah, there’s still a fair bit of inconsistency.

      1. And that makes it okay? He was penalised for that, and one of the Stewards even wanted to ban him.
        Also, I don’t like that narrative that’s creeping in, that because Mick is Michael Schumacher’s son, he deserves some kind of karmic payback for his father’s perceived sins.