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    1. The rulebook stipulates that the penalty would be for a lasting advantage. He did not gain a lasting advantage, he lost a position. LeClerlc went off track on his own and fell behind Perez, that’s not Perez’ fault.

      1. “Lasting” is meaningless. Perez cut the track and gained a position from Leclerc, even momentarily. In what world is that acceptable? Why even have track limits? You can’t just look at where they ended up afterwards, Perez illegally cut the track and disadvantaged another driver. It’s black and white

    1. Article 58.11 on resuming a race with a standing start: ‘The first car in line behind the safety car may dictate the pace and, if necessary, fall more than ten (10) car lengths behind it. As the safety car is approaching the pit entry the FIA light panels will be extinguished. Once the safety car has entered the pit lane all cars, with the exception of those that were in their garage at the time the sprint session or the race was suspended (see Article 57.3), should return to the grid, take up their grid positions and follow the procedures set out in Articles 43.11, 43.12 and 43.13 or Articles 44.10, 44.11 and 44.12 as relevant.’

      Verstappen is first. Seems to me he should start from pole.

    1. There was gravel, but it was mostly a case of the gravel being at an incline, so it sort of acted as a ramp. McNish bounced a bit, but it was mostly the fact that he was practically launched into the tyres at very high speed that sort of made the car curl around the top of the tyre stack.

  1. For those without TV:

    Zhou was sliding upside down on the roll bar until he hit the sand. Once he hits the sand, the car starts bouncing, roll bar failed. Moments before reaching the tires, the bouncing is significant enough that the car flips, kind of climbs the tire barrier with the momentum of the flip, then hits the catch fence with the underside of the car and slides between the fence & the tires.

  2. I wonder if they may swap Leclerc and Hamilton round, they seemed very side by side when the red was called. Seems Bauer was making some sort of hand motions in the pitlane just now which could be interpreted as…

  3. Just saw the Zhou incident. Looks like George moved across Gasly a little too fast, hit Gasly’s front right, turned around and flipped Zhou.

    That was a bit like Grosjean 2012 if you ask me

        1. Yeah, but I’m not sure how many people were aware of Zhou’s car being smooshed between the fence & the tires. I imagine information would’ve made its way but think it might’ve taken another 10-15 seconds if not a little more for someone with the authority to throw the red would’ve noticed.

      1. He would be sliding on the halo, which is not going to give an EVEN balance. So his car will it it, probably the lowest part first, which would give enough force to flip it up and still have momentum to flip it over to the fence, which might’ve given way just enough.

  4. Hello everyone from Silverstone! Atmosphere absolutely buzzing here. The general admission areas were already well filled with people when I arrived just before half past seven this morning. There were forecasts of a possible shower in the build-up to the race, but although it’s clouded over a bit it’s a lot brighter than it was when it started raining before qualifying yesterday. Looks likely to stay dry for now.

  5. How are the Sky commentary so useless? Murray used to get words wrong but it’s like listening to someone who just doesn’t understand F1 at all with these 2. Brundle used to be ok but he seems to be sinking towards Crofty’s spectacularly low level now…

      1. He pushed Verstappen, that’s the thing. He was a match in a lot of ways, and I don’t think Norris is is far better than Verstappen. I just think Ricciardo can’t drive McLaren’s cars, he’s not versatile enough to adapt the way he drives. A one trick pony effectively

  6. I usually enjoy a wet qualifying but i sort of feel that the rain coming has ruined what would have been a great dry qualifying.

    Just something about this wet quali that is lacking any excitement. Can’t quite put my finger on why but it sort of lacks something.

  7. FP1 for the British Grand Prix is already underway and what a vital weekend this could be. Many teams have brought upgrades and Mercedes are cautiously optimistic of a strong weekend. It will be interesting to see how it all plays out.

      1. My favourite driver isn’t even in the race!

        Yellow flag regulations specifically mention that they can be used when there are marshals on track and that drivers are then obliged to drive so slowly that they can stop at any time. The problem isn’t with the flags, but with the race director failing to uphold the FIA regulations as written.

      1. RB are at the mercy of the tyres too. Like GP said, they didn’t have the pace to get out ahead of Hamilton. RB’s job is to ensure the tyres last; if Verstappen can’t get enough pace out them, that’s his issue. What’s RB supposed to do?