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    1. Yeah, really pales in comparison to the pre-race rendition of the marsaillaise (gosh how wrong can one pronounce that though Lazenby, my ears are still hurt from that almost as much as hearing my own hymn done so insipidly :-)

  1. A long way to go in this fight yet. They’ll be many great moves and mistakes to come. Feel Mercedes dropped the ball there, let Max off for the first corner mistake.
    2 absolute gladiators though, both exceptional drives. Hopefully goes to the last lap of the last race!

          1. Would love to bring the Chueco back to life, he would make you eat it. Your goat (you put it that way, no caps) would not get JMF’s rates of wins, poles and flaps in a hundred lifetimes.

  2. Still a bit odd how Verstappen leads the driver of the race while HAM isn’t in it after VER made a little mistake to lose lead, while HAM so far hasn’t put a foot wrong and might still win? I mean, yeah, VER seems to have a default seat in it a bit and it isn’t Hyrianto (sp?) as he’s clearly again doing a good job, but still.

    1. The explanation I’ve heard (on here I think) is that the FIA would informally consider such a straight “too” long. There’s nothing in the regulations, but no grade 1 track has a straight as long as Mistral.

    1. Well, Russell lost 4 places on the first lap. He may be mr saturday but I would say about half the time he undoes his work on lap 1. These starts would really effect his results in a top team. Possibly because he’s all the way down, his starts don’t seem to be noticed by many. If he made those sorts of mistakes at Mercedes, the critisism of him would go through the roof.

        1. This actually isn’t relevent in the first laps. It is down to the driver and their preperation lap. Car performance is what matters later. Kubica very often got good starts in williams – in fact was ahead of russell at the end of lap 1 in over half the races. I personally think Russell must have pretty poor preperation if I’m honest.

    1. I find Kravitz nearly as annoying as crofty. He often mutters to himself and takes ages to get to the point of soemthing that is actually reletively simple. As Well as being by his own awful jokes. He was much better when he was on the BBC years ago.

  3. Good question from Rosberg: how did you manage these times over the whole lap, getting S3 so well – Horner: took bit of wing out while keeping enough for good S2, less energy/drag used so S3 better. I mean, maybe not new for those in the know, but good question for people to understand.

    1. And good follow up with Wolff: if we did that, we’d lose (more) in the corners, so it just seems we need to get better all around. Probably still heating the tyres, giving the FP3 run where HAM got a good time on the 3rd lap.

    1. Exciting to see the two top cars so close that it depends on the driver and team getting it just right, looked like good laps from Bottas and Hamilton too, but not quite what Verstappen could do. Saturday VER/RBR on top, looking interesting for tomorrow!

      1. “Decent information”? How is a percentage score of use of car potential any kind of information at all? Literally, how can such numbers be calculated? What is considered 100% usage? It’s ridiculous, don’t defend this nonsense

    1. Because the difference between the soft and the mediums is about 6 tenths, so depending on how people improve, they might have been in danger Adrian.

      So they were out there to be able to set a faster laptime in case it was needed (even Perez was only 7 tenths ahead of p11 )

  4. Lewis: ‘Oh nO wE HaVe A pRoBlEm GuYs’ >goes fastests

    Stop believing the guy whenever he complains, same with Wolff. They’ve been saying it for years now and every.single.time this happens. Yet every single raceweekend you have the same people saying: ‘Oh, looks like Mercedes has an issue’.

  5. So regarding those ‘you may only remove the tyre blankets 30 seconds before driving out of the pits’, what it preventing teams from puting the blankets on the tyres but not turning the power to them on? Or turn on the power but remove the fuse for that power group? Or puting on the blankets but remove the heating elements from the blankets and fill them with something else?

    And those are just a few things I came up with while waiting for my popcorn to get ready in the microwave. I can imagine some well-paid genius at Aston or Red Bull can come up with something better…

  6. Six qualifying sessions in the bag and it’s two poles each for Lewis and Charles, with Valtteri and Max securing the other front-row spots.

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  7. Final practice is over and Max Verstappen is fastest for Red Bull-Honda. Here are the times in full plus session report and visual gaps:


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    1. I do tend to trust when Karun says it is a bit overproportionate, this exact kerb (and w. Di Resta sort of agreeing) – though I basically do feel ‘yes so stay off them’, maybe these are not a great solution (rather than for example what they have at Barcelona).

    2. Exactly. If it doesn’t do damage or slow you down enough (and there isn’t a tracklimit that may or may not get enforced), you might as well run over it. It isn’t gravel like they will have at Zandvoort, so for Bottas it’ll be good practice. If he can’t stay on track here, he’s going to visit the gravel in early september quite a few times.