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    1. Wonder how much effect that had on the car, the changed nose plus likely floor damage in the collision. Lewis seemed to have no pace in Q3 after very good Q1 and Q2 pace. Can’t help feeling that things in are about to go south between the Mercedes boys.

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  1. Based on how the sky looked during the driver parade, the race will indeed likely be entirely dry, so I’ve very low expectations for racing quality as always with dry Monaco GPs.
    Checo & Ocon could provide some excitement in different ways.

  2. What a …… idiot Perez.
    It will be a challenge for him to score points tomorrow.
    Also think Red Bull is very unhappy with their car in the air and their floor for all to see/study.

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  3. Pole time: 1:10.990/LEC, race top 5: LEC-VER-ALO-PER-SAI, while I’m skeptical LEC could convert pole into victory, I still decided to try something different, also with PER’s position, for a change, given Monaco’s track position importance.

  4. For the first time ever Monaco has helicopter view & some other camera angles also seem different from before after FOM’s takeover.
    I also notice that the familiar giant screen on the run towards Massenet is missing & trackside advertising is lie everywhere else, i.e., clear-cut portions for a particular sponsor.

  5. It’s a bit of shame just how powerful DRS is, especially for Red Bull. There’s no real tension cause you know a pass is inevitable. Remember when Kimi was so much faster than Fisichella but there was no guarantee of a pass so after a few laps he made the move on the last lap. I can’t see that happening anymore.

    1. Thos is just what F1 is. Always has been and always will be.

      Some years are more competitive, others less, Sometimes you see a team dominate and sometimes you don’t.

      The problem recently is that through DTS they tried to see it as something it’s never been.

  6. Crowd looks dead.

    Even when there’s something going on there only seem to be a few in the stands that have any reaction to it.

    Just lacks the passion and enthusiasm you see elsewhere.

  7. I wonder what Vettel is doing right now. Camping in Sauerland or getting back in shape in case Stroll senior replaces Stroll Junior.
    This is getting silly. getting thrown out of Q1 in an easily Q3 car.

  8. F1 International listner’s guide to British pidgin English:
    Star or stah = the beginning of the race
    Ba or burr = but
    Exa = leaving the race
    Owe = cannot continue the race
    Wore = any barrier that defines the race track
    Sworded = concluded or decided upon
    (no offence)

  9. The pitlane regulations clarified before Australia suddenly seem justified now…

    Though whichever member of FIA staff let all those people in the pitlane should have a very stern talking to at the very least.

  10. Race so far showing that reducing practice isn’t a guarantee to create an action packed unpredictable race.

    Losing Friday sessions sometimes creates a more interesting race only because teams lose the run plan they went into the weekend with.

    If they go into a weekend knowing they will have less practice they will optimise there runplan to maximize the time they have.

    1. Well this is the part of being in the best car he is learning and probably understanding what other drivers are likely to do, if he fights with them he has a ton more to lose, doesn’t excuse what happened to him but now he realises

  11. An hour earlier start for qualifying would be better & I already pointed out this the last time Azerbaijan GP occurred in late-April.
    Sprint has the same issue with 30 min later start despite being a shorter session by default.

  12. 5 seconds for that collision would be justified in normal circumstances. But according to the restart order, that collision didn’t happen (I.e. Alonso will return to P3). I understand there’s a safety element to penalising Sainz as well, but as Button has just mentioned, the penalty could make things make unsafe, but FIA are making this completely ridiculous.

  13. Not sure about this Carlos pen.

    In football if you’re offside then there’s a foul the foul isnt given as the offside was first. Carlos is being punished for a race that didn’t theoretically happen. Either we go with sector 1 results or the count back means the penalty didn’t happen.

  14. Since when did Crofty decide you needed 58 laps to give a classification? Spa 2021, Monaco and Singapore last year, Brazil 2003, Japan 2014, Malaysia 2009 to name just a few?

    I’ve said it already: absolutely farcical.

  15. Ludicrous. Brazil 2003 ended short of the full race distance – 54 of 71 laps officially recorded after countback. What has changed? That was handled sensibly. This is farcical – and I genuinely didn’t think it could get worse than Abu Dhabi but this is definitely in the conversation for having worse officiating.

  16. Lots of comments saying F1 got what it deserved, but be wary that F1 sees only what it wants to see. Seems the commentators, a significant portion of social media and apparently some F1 “journalists” supported and continue to support the two-lap sprint at the end.

    F1 will see this as the future.

  17. Absolute farce. Completely ridiculous. No need to restart, just realise your mistake and take the positions from the previous lap where everyone should have been if the race finished under SC.

    There should be a significant investigation into this.

    At this race, they’ll end up awarding Ricciardo the win.

  18. If this Red Flag causes the race to finish and they go back to previous positions from the first red flag (essentially the positions before this farce began), then good riddance. Exactly what everyone – the drivers, the teams, and race control – deserves.

    Feel very sorry for the fans at the track though, because I expect the communication to them at the track is probably far more difficult to understand than it is for people on TV.

    1. And just as a note, when I say it’s what the drivers deserve, I’m not trying to criticise them for this mess – they’ve done nothing wrong. I just mean they would finish in the positions they were before the second red flag, which is the positions they would have finished under SC.

  19. Pathetic.

    This is what happens when you put the show above the sport. You see this in nascar all the time.

    It’s a joke. A complete jokea d if this is what Liberty Media want F1 to become then they can show themselves the door.

    Pathetic, Utterly pathetic!

        1. The 2 hour timer is paused during a red flag.

          There is also a 3 hour time limit that includes red flag stoppages, and that’s what came into play in Spa 2021 and also Monaco last year.

  20. I think the Safety Car was justified, particularly with the tyre in the middle of the straight, and how spread out the grid is.

    No need for a red flag though. I don’t mind when Indycar do it, because they’ve done it for years, but we’ve not done it in F1 (with the exception of Baku a couple of years back) and there was no need for it there. Could have been covered by a Safety Car. Completely understand the driver’s reaction.

    1. I actually do mind – it cost Will Power a certain win when his car failed to restart in Detroit. Makes more sense on ovals but there’s a lack of consistency – 2020 ended under yellow but they went red last year despite similar circumstances from a sporting POV.

  21. The issue with the DRS gimmick wing is that there’s no balance. It’s either far too powerful or not that effective when you have a DRS train.

    Your not really getting any proper competitive racing from it on a consistent basis.

    A P2P type system would be so much better. Easier to tune to be an assist rather than a pass generator, Puts it more in the hands of drivers and introduces an extra little element of strategy as far as when you use it.

    It should be about overtaking still been a challenge so it’s more in the hands of drivers skill rather than just something aimed at creating a lot more passing to pad the stat books!

    1. Plus when drs is more effective it tends to front load the action where all the passing happens early leaving the ender stages to be less interesting.

      Pre drs and with p2p in indycar and stuff the action tends to be more spread out as cars out of position aren’t cruising past easily early on.

      1. But at least P2P is something that improves the quality of the racing while maintaining a higher element of driver skill and brains.

        Drs is just get to a zone and push a button. No real skill or strategy involved as you get it in the same places all race when within 1 second for unlimited usage.

  22. Wonder why the red flag was needed… was interested to see how it would work out between those who pitted and those who didn’t, but sadly now it’s just the pitters who got screwed. No more strategy this race – all on hards till the end now.

  23. Expected result for Red Bull let’s face it. Good result for Mercedes, but very happy for Albon, putting that Williams to essentially top of the midfield down in 8th. Very impressive.

      1. By saying “he have not downshifted 3 gears in the middle of the main straight” :D

        Yes, it not really helps to be connected with the broadcast.
        Imo really enjoyable broadcasting from a track like this would require much more aerial, drone and onboard footage.

    1. Punditry has been dominated by former drivers basically forever. Don’t get me wrong I like Johnny & Paul. But a strategist with very recent experience I think could be invaluable to offer a new insight. They’re basically as valuable as a driver (unless you’re Ferrari). It’s her first broadcast, she seems a bit nervous, but given time I can see her being far more interesting than say Nico Rosberg or Jenson etc.

  24. There could be a whole highlights reel of the Ferraris crawling around blocking people in FP2. The stewards need to have a word with everyone otherwise there’s going to be a lot of penalties in quali.

  25. There a correlation here, the better leclerc is driving the more likely the Ferrari breaks down. And why is is always Bahrain