Sergio Perez, Racing Point, Monza, 2020

Lack of ‘quali mode’ cost Racing Point “a couple of tenths”

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In the round-up: Mercedes customers Racing Point believe the ‘quali mode’ ban cost them at least two tenths of a second in qualifying.

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What they say

Racing Point CEO Otmar Szafnauer believes the team should be able to compete for the podium tomorrow after Sergio Perez qualified fourth, four places ahead of team mate Lance Stroll:

We didn’t have quali mode. Usually that quali mode would have given us a couple more tenths here. And that would have been… we would have easily been in third. And even with Lance’s one mishap on one of the corners, a couple of tenths would have moved him up as well.

So it did have an impact. But I think what we lose today we should gain tomorrow.

Quotes: Dieter Rencken

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Comment of the day

Mick Schumacher is looking more like a potential Formula 1 driver, says @PironitheProvocateur:

I must admit I wasn’t convinced by Mick Schumacher a few weeks back either, but looking at the last six or seven races, he’s the most consistent and constantly appearing on the podium, which is decisive in the title battle right now.

Robert Shwartzman is a promising talent, however, his performances were too up and down lately, winning a race and then finishing out of the points – I feel Schumacher might be a bit more mature and experienced in this respect. I’m still cautious and won’t predict who’ll get the better of whom, but if Schumacher can keep his consistency in the second half of the season, adding more wins to his tally, he might deserve the seat.

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On this day in F1

  • 50 years ago today Clay Regazzoni scored his first victory in the Italian Grand Prix at Monza for Ferrari, Lotus having withdrawn following Jochen Rindt’s death earlier in the weekend.

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  • 7 comments on “Lack of ‘quali mode’ cost Racing Point “a couple of tenths””

    1. @Keith (And Skyf1): As long as motogp runs these tracks, the gravel will stay gone.

    2. Yep with quali mode all Mercs would have been even further ahead.

    3. Also on this day in F1: The 2015 Italian GP took place won by Lewis Hamilton who got hurried to increase his gap to behind in case of a time-penalty.

      Regarding Keith’s tweet: I feel the applications of the detection (rather than timing) loops have gone overboard this year. They should be applied only in places where there’s a realistic chance of an off-track excursion directly improving a lap and or sector time, not elsewhere like slow-speed corners, for example.

      1. I think most people are fed up of track limits being ignored. The best drivers had no issues not exceeding them.

    4. Regarding timing loops: funny how Supercars manages to have the results up almost instantly (for example, in qualifying at Surfers Paradise the ‘kerb strike’ info will be available pretty much instantly or at the next corner at the latest), but F1 cannot do the same. Then again, in the case of Monza, the timing loop for going off track being at the final corner and the finishing line so close by, it might impossible to implement with the current system (would be nice to know how it actually works, I suppose race control must approve each laptime deletion, so it is not an automated system?).

    5. I seriously do not believe that the brains in F1 and connected to F1 cannot get together and create an off road surface that would be safe for motogp but still penalise people for going off track. We do not need timing loops – we need surfaces that slow the vehicles down so drivers do not benefit from going there. While I’m not a fan of doing things to ‘benefit the show’, surely the show would be improved by instant and clear penalties.

    6. I’m fed up of the rules on track limits only being enforced at a handful of corners. It gives drivers licence to go off-track everywhere else, and that is irritating.

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