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Single DRS zone confirmed for Tuscan Grand Prix at Mugello

2020 Tuscan Grand Prix Ferrari 1000

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A single DRS zone will be used when Formula 1 visits Mugello for the first time this weekend.

While many Formula 1 circuits have two or even three DRS zones, the twisty nature of the Tuscan circuit means there is little room for multiple zones.

The only zone at Mugello will be located on the long, slightly curving pit straight. Drivers will only be able to activate DRS for around two-thirds of the straight’s length, as the activation point will be after the pit lane entrance, 290 metres after the exit of the preceding corner.

At the end of the DRS zone drivers will brake into the slowest corner on the circuit, San Donato. The detection point for the zone will be at the entrance to the last corner, Bucine, which is turn 15.

Several F1 drivers have warned overtaking is likely to be very difficult around the 5.2-kilometre track.

“It may not be the best for racing,” said Lando Norris. “I don’t know if you’ll probably see any overtakes between turn one and the last corner. So I think it’s almost going to be Hungary-esque in some ways.

“But at the same time it’s an awesome track so qualifying, I think, will be incredible.”

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14 comments on “Single DRS zone confirmed for Tuscan Grand Prix at Mugello”

  1. Imagine DRS from turn 7 to turn 10.

    1. @jureo Yes, but impossible to achieve as DRS and high-speed corners are a bad mix.

  2. Why make such a short DRS zone on a track where it’s already almost impossible to overtake?! That doesn’t make any sense to me.
    The detection point is also questionable. IMO it would’ve been better to place it further back, just before the fast Biondetti chicane (T13 & 14).

    1. @srga91 Yes, the activation zone could start immediately after the final corner, but I guess, they’re worried having it longer could have a higher chance of making passing look easy as on many other tracks, the activation zones for long/long-ish straights don’t start immediately at the beginning, but rather towards the middle. We shall wait and find out.

      1. I see. But then again the dirty-air-effect could be so strong that we might not even see any overtakes, because the cars loose too much time following each other through the fast corners Biondetti and Buccine.

        I also wonder if the F1 cars will be able to use the shortcut at T6 to get faster to the pits. This would help them in qualifying, as there would be less problems with cars on a slow lap.

  3. Time to make a note of the best place to block the pit-in. ;)

  4. The drivers would manually close it I’d imagine, the back end would get very light and trip backwards towards the wall soon after. I seem to remember when we first got DRS and you could use it in whenever in qualifying, there weren’t many corners you’d have it open on (albeit with very different cars).

  5. When it was announced that F1 would race at Mugello I made the point that (as with any track) there are areas for multiple zones, without the using the main straight. The point of this would be to keep the cars closer in the twisty bits

    Two zones, one from the exit of turn one to turn 6, and from the exit of 9 to the final corner. There could be a single detection point for each of these zones, and multiple activation points at the beginning of the mini straights to prevent driver trying to use drs in some corners or to early on corner exits.

    DRS has its issues but it had the potential to be a great tool to Improve racing. It’s just a shame the fia were too lazy to use it properly..

    I’ve always thought it would have been better if drs were to automatically shut off once the two cars went side by side (or thereabouts). This would result in battles and racing. Not just simple overtakes

    1. @Kasim No there aren’t any viable section for an activation zone apart from the S/F straight. The other straights are simply too short for DRS to be effective enough for its usage in racing conditions to be worth it, and some of the corners are a bit too high-speed for DRS. You suggestions are simply unrealistic.

      1. On their own they are too short but combined they would be effective. It all adds up.

        In 2011 the drivers and teams didnt decide against using drs in between the corners in qualifying. It still presents an opportunity for lap time in between corners and overall would help the chasing car stay closer.

  6. with these strong tows why not let drivers decide when they want to use the drs

  7. DRS detection should be in turn 15, exactly where that number is shown in the picture. In that way you could get close to the car in front from turn 10 till turn 15 and use the straight to overtake. btw I doubt if DRS is really needed then….

    1. That doesn’t make too much sense. The cars will be slower through t15 than the preceding straight so are less likely to be within 1 sec of each other.

  8. hope 2021-2024 , F1 will try Mugello to regular host

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