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F1 says return of fans not linked to rise in positive Covid-19 cases

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Formula has confirmed a total of 10 positive cases of Covid-19 were discovered over the past week, but insisted the rise is not due to the return of fans at last week’s Russian Grand Prix.

Despite a comparatively low number of 1,822 tests being carried out in the week to yesterday, due to there being no F1 race this weekend, 10 positive cases were identified. In the preceding week seven positive cases were identified among 3,256 tests.

According to F1, the 10 positive cases detected in the past week “were all ancillary personnel” not involved with race operations.

“Those cases and have been managed quickly and effectively without impacting the event,” said F1 in a statement. The presence of fans has not affected that situation as the public was not allowed to enter the F1 bubble as per our protocol in force.”

Around 30,000 fans were permitted to attend last weekend’s race at Sochi Autodrom.

F1 is not providing any specific details on individuals who have tested positive for the virus. Prior to the Russian Grand Prix F1 presenter Will Buxton confirmed he would not attend the event after he had tested positive for Covid-19.

Around 20,000 fans will be admitted to next week’s Eifel Grand Prix at the Nurburgring. The Autodromo do Algarve intends to admit around 45,000 at the following round and Imola plans to accommodate 13,000 at the race after that.

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2020 F1 season

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27 comments on “F1 says return of fans not linked to rise in positive Covid-19 cases”

  1. The return of the fans happened in Mugello already, albeit in low numbers, but still. The Russian GP was the second event open to the general public, not the first. Nevertheless, 30.000 was allowed, but eventually, around 20.000 attended. Seemingly, nothing went wrong, but still, quite risky business admitting a high-ish number of people to these events up to the Turkish GP. I wonder how it’s going to be in Bahrain, open or closed events to the public.

  2. 10 in 1822 (0.5%) that’s actually quite a bit more than I would expect.
    I don’t even think there is a country which would have so many active cases if testing every individual. Typically a high infection rate country sits at 0.1% of population per week with a positive test (of course they don’t test everyone each week).

    1. Yeah. Of course h

      1. Wait. That should not be a reply to you. And it’s has been send before I finished.

        But since I was here, yes. 0.5% from 0.2% was enormous. It’s 150% rate increases.

    2. @coldfly It’s worse than that, because some of those people would have been tested twice in the week due to the 5-day cycle key people have, not to mention the potential for multiple tests if any were inconclusive.

      Although I would hesitate to call 10 people, in 1 week only, a major problem in itself. If it stays raised, I’d worry.

  3. Around 20,000 fans will be admitted to next week’s Eifel Grand Prix at the Nurburgring.

    What an absolute mess. Germany’s infection rates are as high as they were in April right now and the last thing we need is events open to attendees. This is going to be a terrible, terrible winter for Germany.

    1. I hate all the doom and gloom based on utterly meaningless figures. You can’t compare numbers from 6 months ago when testing was much lower than current capacity and improved testing methods. If you actively search for more cases by increasing testing in known hotspots then you’ll obviously find more cases. Every death is tragic and means suffering for families but you can’t shield everyone and destroy the world economy for something which impacts such a small amount of the population. A deadly disease so deadly that most people don’t even know they’ve got it… think about it.

      1. Ben, it is not just about increased testing though, particularly when Germany was already a nation with a comparatively high rate of testing of its citizens (in fact, in the first wave of cases in Europe, Germany had spare laboratory capacity and was testing samples from other countries, so the capacity argument is questionable).

        It is about whether there is an increasing percentage of positive cases, and the current trend in Germany is that there is a higher rate of positive results – so the argument that it’s just a case of more testing means more positives is rather simplistic.

  4. 99.97% of people cannot shut down their lives for the 0.03% who were going to die within the next few months and would have died from any other virus like seasonal flu!

    1. I did not expect people to still believe these incorrect numbers and pseudo science.
      But then again there are still those who believe the earth is flat.

      1. To be honest I’m already quoting the official numbers, which err on the side of caution, to keep the agenda alive.

        The actual numbers probably make it far LESS deadly. If you throw in other reputable sources the figures of people who have had it and don’t even show symptoms has gone from 80% back in the year to closer to 90%.

        1. Please not that made up numbers in your mind or from QAnon sites should not be referred to as ‘official numbers’.

          But nonetheless I’m willing to explain the 0.03% if you could share a link.

          1. The numbers are out there if you look past the MSM scaremongering.

          2. No surprise there that you cannot present a source for your made up percentages.

    2. Yet we have to, because otherwise that number will be considerably more.

    3. Mortality rate on worldometer coronavirus is currently around 4%, it’s going down and I presume it’ll reach 2% eventually, but still much higher than you claim here.

  5. Kuvemar stay strong. Find a new Hobby for winter like model building or as I am doing buy building a N scale train layout. The choice or hobby subject isn’t important because it’s a personal choice. Model builders who build at home in an environment where you are alone and at the mercy of your abilities can be very rewarding. I’ve built Grand Prix car models for 43 years now. So much is learned by building a model of your favorite machine. I choose hobby building to endure this Crazy Change we all live in. Build the TAMIYA models of Michael Schumacher F1 cars.
    They are fantastic If you build and learn aboutand take your time. The shapes of any generation of F1 racecar is fascinating. So build a couple this winter and if you do maybe the time spent will enhance your own passion for Grand Prix cars. It will certainly be cool to see what this escape might do for you.
    Stay strong

  6. Is it possible the positive tests have nothing to do with attendees at races? Could be it that, as many of the teams employees will have a break in between races, they may have gone home to areas where Covid is present in that community.
    It seems that, in regards to the “bubble” f1 created, this has has gone well. I know Perez was positive but he caught the virus either in Mexico or when travelling to his home in Madrid

  7. Reports in America tonight suggest that Covid is on the rise, like a second wave rise in much of Europe.
    So my question is this. Assuming the Covid returns and impacts areas that directly impact and prevent anymore F1 in 2020.
    Does that mean when it happens the points are what they are and then points leader becomes Champion?? We’re past half season even if the racing is forced to stop in the next three races.
    Could be happening as the forecast isn’t to get better soon but more like its more worse and sooner to happen.
    If this forecast has any validity will the FIA declare the 2020 Season OVER and a rare anomaly??? Running out of time

    1. Its ‘on the rise’ because many thousands more are now getting a test (which is shown to be very inaccurate, brings up false positives and even picks up remnants of other coronoviruses going back months)

      The deaths are no where near the number they were compared with earlier in the year, with similar infection levels. And once again probably being reported as dying from it instead of dying with it. Those that would have died from seasonal flu anyway are probably being registered as dying with covid.

      1. You keep comparing this to seasonal flu, but at least the vulnerable members of the population have a chance of avoiding death with a flu jab. That’s not an option with COVID-19 so your comments sound incredibly heartless.

      2. Timmy, your ‘facts’ are at best misunderstood, but more likely wrong.
        1) there are more people tested, because more people have symptoms and/or in contact with a known case.
        2) but even within those who are tested there is now a higher percentage of positives. Yeah definitely on the rise and second wave in most European countries.
        3) false positive can be as high as 15% (average of most good quality tests) but has been stable (slight decrease) and therefore this does NOT explain the increased % positives.
        4) testing the remnants of previous infections is (close to) zero in currently used tests.
        5) overall mortality has decreased a bit (though still believed to be 0.6% of all infections, including the asymptomatic) due to better treatment options.
        6) a death is only attributed to COVID-19 if the deceased has been tested positive previously and actual death cause is a known effect of the disease (e.g. excluding traffic deaths). Only Belgium is including ‘likely cases’ without a previous positive test.
        7) during the first wave and in countries who entered the second wave there have been significantly more deaths during those periods AND CUMULATIVELY until now which ridicules your assumption that these people would have ‘died anyway’. E.g. the seasonal flu in the US normally accounts for no more than 10-60 thousand deaths annually. In less than seven months of Covid19 we’re well over 200 thousand!

    2. @H67 Yes, if the F1 season stops now and can only be resumed in 2021 (worst-case scenario regarding 2020), there will be a championship awarded, according to the tables as they currently stand. This is because only 8 rounds are needed for a championship to be valid, and we’ve already had more than 8 races.

      However, the FIA will only declare the season over when there are no more races that can be run on the schedule. It relies on race organisers (promoters) to inform it if races cannot be run, and due to financial incentives the promoters rely in turn on their governments (anything short of an order to not hold a race will result in the race happening, audience or no audience).

  8. Don’t you give me your TRUMP BS lines about The Covis Issue. Wake up and start listening to the words of Science my friend before you have to bury your mamma or maybe It’s your husband or even sister. You and your followers will all suffer until you, me and everybody else on earth start following the only solution we have is to
    No this isn’t much about F1 but it is the greatest challenge humans face for any kind of future. I want to see racing as it was. I want to go to a race. Smell it hear it be part of it. I think we all need it. But when I read stuff like your response I wonder how much time you have left being so casual about this killer.

  9. Coldfly thank you for the knowledge of this menace Covid. Your response to Timmy is so important because guys like him are with little knowledge of the reality of Covid and instead he chooses to act like a big man spewing the same kind of lies, the same kind of crap, just like the American President. Timmy open up to real knowledge so you can not only stay alive instead of killing all who hang with you because of the false words of the US president AND YOU CHOOSE TO FOLLOW IT…..
    Yeah it’s that dangerous.

  10. Timmy is spreading dangerous misinformation

  11. Like somekind of Dope this guy Timmy is. Just comprehend his words. Oh that’s right you can’t because he’s thinking like a trump and misleading others to their deaths. In my day a guy a guy like you would get punched in the face. Man just be a race fan Tim and leave the politics alone. We the masses of Humans believe that this Virus is not going to go away magically. We believe the Government of the United States is intentionally spreading non truths about this COVIS menace and the truth is being swayed to create an environment where the US President can be re-elected. THATS THE BOTTOM LINE. Look his FAILURE to lead has killed thousands and thousands of Americam lives.

    Do you get it Tim?

    Have a fact check my friend and change your thoughts. Many are jumping all over you. Who is supporting you? I want to help you, but it starts with you man. F1 fans welcome and want to hear your opinions about F1 period. I hope that you will seek better info about the reality of life today

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