Start of qualifying delayed due to kerb repairs at Algarve

2020 Portuguese Grand Prix

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The qualifying session for the 2020 Portuguese Grand Prix has been delayed by half an hour due to track repairs.

The session, which was originally due to begin at 2:30pm local time will now get underway at 2:30pm.

Final practice was red-flagged with less than a minute to go after a drainage cover at turn 14 was dislodged by Sebastian Vettel’s Ferrari, causing damage to his car.

The Algarve circuit was recently resurfaced, which also included some renovations to the track. RaceFans understands this was due to include work on the drains.

The circuit has not been regularly used by high-performance single-seaters in recent years. Formula 1 cars generate significant amounts of downforce, which can dislodge items like drainage covers if they are not firmly secured in place.

Similar problems have disrupted F1 sessions in recent years and even caused damage to cars. Last year George Russell struck a loose manhole cover badly damaged by a loose during practice for the Azerbaijan Grand Prix at Baku – which was then exacerbated when the truck recovering his car collided with a bridge.

Two years earlier Romain Grosjean crashed heavily at Sepang when he hit a loose drain cover. The circuit, which previously held the Malaysian Grand Prix, eventually paid compensation to Grosjean’s Haas team.

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2020 Portuguese Grand Prix

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    5 comments on “Start of qualifying delayed due to kerb repairs at Algarve”

    1. Kerb repairs? it was the drain covers not the kerbs….

    2. I know these are unprecedented circumstances and these are not the normal tracks, but surely one of the first things the FIA would do at these tracks is nail everything to the bloody floor! How many times in the past have we seen this?

    3. The farce of drainage hatches in Portimao shows why this circuit is unsuitable for F1. Or rather one of three reasons. Poor maintenance despite months of notice, skimping. Poor access for spectators, the traffic jam nearly reached Portimao this morning despite a very limited number. Imagine a full capacity? Lastly the design of the circuit itself is going to lead to a chaotic race.

      1. Yes please bring me a chaotic race

    4. Quite a few typos here @keithcollantine

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