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Mercedes break Ferrari’s record with seventh consecutive constructors’ title win

2020 Emilia-Romagna Grand Prix

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Mercedes have won the constructors’ championship for the seventh year in a row, setting a new Formula 1 record.

Max Verstappen’s retirement from the Emilia-Romagna Grand Prix means Mercedes can no longer be beaten in the constructors’ championship fight.

They have beaten Ferrari’s achievement of winning the title for six years running between 1999 and 2004. Earlier this year Mercedes surpassed Ferrari as F1’s longest-reigning constructors’ champions.

Mercedes has dominated the V6 hybrid turbo era, winning every world title since the current engine formula was introduced in 2014. Until 2016 they were almost unbeatable, winning 51 of the 59 races in that time. Ferrari and Red Bull were stronger rivals over the following seasons, but Mercedes sustained their unbeaten run in the championship.

In 2020 they have returned to their former level of dominance. The team has taken pole position at every race so far this year.

Mercedes drivers have also monopolised the championship silverware in that time. Lewis Hamilton won every title from 2014 to 2019 with the exception of 2016, when team mate Nico Rosberg took the crown.

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Pictures: Mercedes celebrate seventh constructors’ championship

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2020 Emilia-Romagna Grand Prix

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15 comments on “Mercedes break Ferrari’s record with seventh consecutive constructors’ title win”

  1. Lewis Hamilton wins Imola f1 and constructors championship
    Win for legend Senna also
    Poor results for max and rusell

    1. Greatest Team of all Time?

      The debate is up on the air on the greatest driver , but this Mercedes team surely has to be classed as the Greatest.

      Well done Mercedes. I Can’t wait to see what they do with the new regulations next season.

  2. who knew f1 could stoop even lower. This has been without a shadow of a doubt the worst period of the sport. As always you cannot keep winning on the merits of excellence, RB did it forva shorter time, cleverly but deservedly, this team pulled all the tricks, the ferrari tricks, rb tricks and their own tricks.

    1. @peartree Either you are on a wind up mission, or the race was a bit early today and you’ve not yet taken your meds? I’ve seen you off on one on various threads, imagining some unseen force conspiring to allow Mercedes and Hamilton to simply dominate the sport. I’m guessing all the other teams are oblivious and just wasting 100’s of millions, as everything is unfairly stacked against them?

    2. There seems to be a team missing from the chart.

  3. Jonathan Parkin
    1st November 2020, 14:07

    Have Mercedes won the drivers too. Only Lewis and Valteri can win it now surely

  4. Max the only driver to have a tyre failure today- very perculiar. Is this what happens when teams don’t have enough time to do their homework? Happy for Danny Ric for another podium; Lewis for staying out of trouble while the pretenders faultered and Merc for winning the constructors.

    1. I suspect he just got unlucky and hit some debris, like how Bottas for hit by some for the floor damage.

      1. It could even have been a piece of that debris that was apparently still lodged somewhere under Bottas car @yaru, @blazzz

        1. Its morely Max was consistantly cutting the corners with that left rear, and so is solely responcible.

          I am surprised we didn’t see more images of the ‘sparking’ under Bottas’ car to confirm he had something lodged there.

  5. Congrats Mercedes, that car has been a beast the last seven years. A marvel of engineering. Hamilton, Rosberg and Bottas are all great drivers too. And the way the team is run, how they explain their strategies post weekend every time, is amazing.

    1. I happen to think Rosberg’s sudden departure made them a better focused team. None of the usual inter-team squables to distract them from their central task. But yeah, well done Mercedes. Hopefully their example will have a trickle down effect on other teams and in other work cultures.

  6. Congrats to everyone at Mercedes, for setting the bar so high and keep the motivation for such a long time.
    Commiserations (in order) to all other teams, for not being able to reach the same bar after all these years, to F1 in general, for being stuck in a period of time with a set of regulations which apparently makes it impossible to catch up, and last: to all non-Mercedes/non-Rosberg/non-Hamilton fans for having to suffer through this era.

  7. Why does Mercedes allow non team members into their official photos. They did nothing to develop the team and are not team members. I find this self promoting and an insult to the hard work achieved by employees of the team.

    1. Who are you talking about? I don’t think lewis’ dog counts..

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