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Interlagos closing on new five-year F1 race deal

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The Brazilian Grand Prix could remain at Interlagos for the foreseeable future as the circuit is closing on a new, five-year deal to host the race.

The Sao Paolo circuit, which has held Brazil’s round of the world championship every year since 1990, is seeking to see off a rival bid from a new circuit project in the Deodoro region of Rio de Janeiro. As reported previously, the race is expected to continue under a new promoter if a new contract is agreed.

However Rio’s bid has hit a major stumbling block. The construction of the new circuit would require extensive disruption to the local environment and tree felling, which has been met with political opposition.

Interlagos was due to hold the last race in its current contract this year, which was cancelled due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The race was confirmed on the 2021 F1 calendar earlier this week but listed as being subject to the agreement of a new contract.

RaceFans understands a five-year deal to keep the race at Interlagos is under discussion. A Formula 1 spokesperson told RaceFans: “We never comment on contract discussions.”

Interlagos held the first world championship Brazilian Grand Prix in 1973. The race moved to the Jacarepagua circuit in Rio de Janeiro in the eighties, before returning to Sao Paolo. The Jacarepagua track, which was later renamed after Nelson Piquet and held IndyCar races, was demolished eight years ago as part of the building work for the 2016 Olympic games.

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16 comments on “Interlagos closing on new five-year F1 race deal”

  1. I think most people would be happy to have the race in Interlagor for the future. Maybe they could try to do something about safety of the personell, but apart from that, there is not much to dislike.

  2. Now we only need a brazilian driver

    1. @qeki No one really close to entering F1 anytime soon.

      1. @jerejj It could take a few years before it’s possible.

  3. I really hope this goes through, it’s one of few tracks that has everything with a variety of tight corners, flat out sections, overtaking places, hills and grass run off. Not to mention unpredictable weather.

    It’s also fun in games so that’s another plus point.

  4. Good, and I’m glad they are also opposing the construction of that new circuit in Rio. Seems totally unnecessary for them to build.

  5. Fantastic news if it comes to pass. Interlagos is one of my favourites for many of the reasons stated by others above. It would be very real shame not to have a race in Brazil and this option does not involve destroying more trees. It’s a win-win for all involved.

    They do need to improve security in the vicinity though.

    1. @phil-f1-21 They’ve had a chance to improve security forever, and yet, still problems even in the recent past. Interlagos should’ve got axed a long time ago for the unnecessarily continuous, seemingly never-ending risks the teams have faced there. Even the Mexican GP in Mexico City hasn’t had these types of problems.

      1. I agree with you @jerejj to the extent that it’s an issue which does seem to go on unresolved. I still think they should race there though if they can sort this out. It seems like F1 thinks the same.

        1. Yeah, that issue is called institutionalized poverty and hasn’t been solved in a single country on this planet.

          According to certain statistics over 20% of population of Sao Paulo is living under the poverty line, meaning they have 1 dollar a day.

          When you dump the most glamorous sporting event of the world in the middle of it, it is going to attract crime. What a surprise….

  6. I wish F1 would just do away with Brazil entirely. Yes, the Interlagos track is decent, and so on, but the long-standing problems with safety outside the track boundaries, etc.

    1. @jerejj Brazil is responsible for 20% of Formula One’s global audience, why should they axe the race? Yes, São Paulo is not a safe city, but the violence is not as bad as to justify canceling the event. Trust me, I live here and am very aware of the problems we face (I have been a victim of violence also), but I also know that said issue can be avoided with good policing and the race can be held without incidents as it has for the majority of its 30-year existence.

  7. As a Brazilian i would say that the level of violence around Interlagos is just normal for our standards …. oh god i would say that it’s even pretty good overall when compared to other major cities here ….. take from that comment what you want

    Ps. the idea of building the track in Rio received a huge backslash here as well, no point in destroy even more forests when our image is already terrible in the Pantanal and Amazon matters ….

    1. José Lopes da Silva
      12th November 2020, 21:49

      I think this Interlagos 5 year real will help Mr Dória to run for president and a is slap in Mr Bolsonaro’s Cariocan face.

  8. It is a done deal, as announced this afternoon by Sao Paulo government.
    Five years until 2025 and the governor mentioned he has made no concessions, no promises of new investments, no government funds. Well, we shall see.
    Now the free-to-air broadcast is still not wrapped with former Globo TV. The F1TV seems to be the issue, Liberty wanting to stream live through their OTT and Globo TV wants to have it exclusive.
    With all the rumors regarding Liberty looking for a way out of their investment, makes sense that having all contracts signed and problems out of the way helps. Even if they have to loose something in the way.
    As Mr Ecclestone once said, it takes an used car salesman to run this business.

  9. i want circiut in rio rio is great town,but also want interlagos in calwndar maybe one year rio next year interlagos,,we also need every year different circiuts like this coronaseason,, i want jerez estoril,brands hatch

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