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Aston Martin and Mercedes to share safety car supply in 2021

2021 F1 Season

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The F1 safety and medical cars will be supplied by Aston Martin at more than 50% of races for the 2021 season.

RaceFans understands that a deal has been made for Aston Martin to supply the safety and medical cars at 12 of the planned 23 races next season.

A reliable source said that the existing Mercedes safety and medical cars will not be scrapped and they will feature at 11 of the races, with Aston Martin taking preference for which weekends they will supply their cars for.

It is understood that the decision will be dictated by markets, with Aston Martin expected to pick countries where they have bigger interests, while Mercedes would supply races like the Brazilian Grand Prix where Aston Martin have a smaller market share.

It is believed the Aston safety car will be a Vantage. Racefans understands the medical car at races where Aston Martin supply the cars will be a DBX, which uses the same four-litre V8 engine as the current AMG GT R cars.

The Daimler group, which owns Mercedes Benz, recently took a 20% shareholding in Aston Martin.

A spokesperson for Aston Martin declined to comment on whether they would be be supplying the cars and said “As a manufacturer we are extremely excited and focused on our imminent return to Formula 1 as a full works team, for the first time in more than 60 years, in 2021.”

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31 comments on “Aston Martin and Mercedes to share safety car supply in 2021”

  1. William Harriss
    17th November 2020, 15:21

    god i hope we see a Valkyrie safety car

    1. As much as that would be awesome!

      I suspect AM will want to advertise a car you can actually buy, my money would be on a DB11 AMR as the base, with a few added extras.

    2. At least nobody will be able to complain about the safety car going too slow anymore!

    3. That would be awesome! The Mercedes AMG cars are fantastic too but it would be nice to see an Aston Martin on track.

  2. A DBX? An SUV has no place at any race track ever. Should have been a Vantage.

    1. DBX will be a medical car. Not sure if there is any other Aston that has 4 doors and Wagon-like body.

      1. Exactly this @matthias-wlkp, RB13, what other car should they provide for the medical car than that one?

        1. Well, maybe the shouldn’t provide it at all then? Just kidding, if this is something important then I don’t know what isn’t anymore…

  3. I like the recent AM developments, even though I’d rather not see Vettel in the team. But it seems to work, stock has picked up over 50 % over the last month.

    1. It finally does seem like there is actually a plan and they are working towards it. Getting an F1 team, signing a top name to it. Agreeing with Mercedes about bigger cooperation to secure long term access to quality engines, making sure their cars get shown off at races in markets they are big in.

      Looks like things are going according to plan. Off course we will only get to find out whether it works in a few years, but it certainly looks like there IS a path to somewhere.

    2. For a medical car? Maybe you misread, otherwise you’ll have a stroke if you google what the current medical car is.

  4. Dave (@davewillisporter)
    17th November 2020, 16:18

    This makes total sense! Tobias Moers knows a thing or two about leveraging F1.

  5. People may not like stroll snr but so far it seems he’s a smart guy business wise. Good moves for marketing.

    Looking forward to seeing the new cars. It’s been more than 20 years since the last non merc safety car. I thought Ferrari would be the first to end that trend

  6. Bernd Mayländer has one of the best jobs on the planet.

    1. Driving fast cars for f1 ….slowly:)

    2. Jack (@jackisthestig)
      18th November 2020, 6:36

      Absolutely! He’s paid to travel the world with the lifestyle of an F1 driver but without the relentless fitness regime, constant media intrusion and soul searching of a competing sportsman. To think how many millions people like Roy Nissany pay to stand around at the back of the garage with a pair of headphones on without ever turning a wheel on the circuit, he’s a lucky man indeed.

  7. Finally! the end is in sight for Mercedes domination!

    1. Either that or it’s gonna be the same Mercedes safety car as the other races except this one is painted pink.

      1. British racing green from next year. maybe with a splash of pink

  8. Anybody up for Aston Martin Cygnet as a safety car ;)

  9. So when will we have the MB vs. Aston Martin safety car race? Between FP1 and FP2? After morning warm up?

  10. I love how they always slip in “full works team” any chance they get.

    1. @pastaman I agree.

      Doesn’t “full works” mean building their own engine?

  11. Pathetic. Ironic and the whole thing exudes transparency as the f1 team aston martin is likewise most definitely a merc.

    1. You are right especially with Merc 20percent share

      1. Mercedes will own 20% of Aston Martin, the car company, not the team.

  12. No Lamborghini?
    Fingers still crossed (yeah I can see my profile pic)

  13. Their F1 cars will be sharing parts, so they may as well share safety car duties as well.

  14. The Aston Martin that will share the grid next year will be the DB11 AMR and it should be noted that this model uses an AMG V8 engine, so there will always be a Mercedes as a safety car. I also remind you that the Germans have shares in the British company and that from 2021, it will increase a percentage of its stake. In one way or another, Mercedes-Benz wins in image and in its business.

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