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“Lucky” Alonso will be fit enough to test for Alpine in Bahrain

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Fernando Alonso will be ready to test for Alpine in pre-season testing at Bahrain International Circuit next week despite the injuries he suffered in a cycling accident last month.

Alonso was unable to take part in Alpine’s presentation event for its new A521 chassis today. But Alpine CEO Laurent Rossi said the two-times world champion is making a good recovery from his injuries.

“Fernando is doing very well,” said Rossi. “Obviously he had a bad incident, a bike accident is rarely something that is easy. But he was lucky. He ended up only suffering from his jaw. So besides a necessary surgery and care on his jaw the rest is fine.

“Fernando is completely fit, he’s totally operational. We are even surprised that he recovered so quickly.”

The three-days of pre-season testing will take place in Bahrain from March 12th to 14th. Rossi said Alonso has assured the team he will be ready.

“He confirmed to us immediately almost after the incident that he will be in Bahrain which has been confirmed with his doctors,” said Rossi. “And it looks like he was right because he is absolutely fit and we are looking forward to seeing him next week in the car.”

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7 comments on ““Lucky” Alonso will be fit enough to test for Alpine in Bahrain”

  1. I’m glad he’ll be fit in time for the test, but it would have been ironic had he been the only one to miss the pres season test having been previously allowed to take part in last year’s post season test.

  2. Happy about this, I’m really excited about seeing Alonso drive again, hope his accident doesn’t impact his performance too much.

  3. I wonder if Alonso hopes he’ll be *luckier* than Hamilton.

  4. Can hardly wait to see him in an F1 car again. I know he isn’t going to be fighting for a WDC.. but would be a lot of fun to see him in the midfield battle with Ricciardo, Norris, Vettel, Sainz, Leclerc and Gasly.

    1. + Perez & occasionally Stroll and Ocon.

    2. @todfod It will be fantastic. Hope he hasn’t lost too much.

  5. I hope to see Ricciardo and Norris fighting at the front!

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