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Vettel unhappy after “mess in the last sector” leads to Q1 exit

2021 Bahrain Grand Prix

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Sebastian Vettel said he was frustrated after a “mess in the last sector” and yellow flags on his final run ended his first qualifying appearance for Aston Martin in Q1.

His final run was disrupted when Nikita Mazepin spun in front of him at turn one, bringing out the yellow flags. Later in the lap he encountered further yellow flags when Carlos Sainz Jnr slowed with an engine problem.

Vettel’s preparation for the final lap was disrupted when Mazepin overtook him and several other drivers approaching the final corner.

“It was a mess in the last sector warming up,” said Vettel. “I just made it across the flag by less than a second and then I had two yellow flags, so not much you can do at that stage.”

Previously drivers have informally agreed not to overtake each other immediately before beginning a flying lap. However Vettel offered no criticism of the rookie’s driving.

“In the end I think the trouble is that we have to run so slow to get the tyres where we want them to be,” he said. “So with that amount of cars on the track, it’s going to be a mess. Obviously, nobody expected it to be that bad.”

Vettel’s team mate Lance Stroll made it into Q3 and will start the race from 10th on the grid. “Certainly I think there was potential to be a lot faster,” said Vettel.

Speaking while the session was still going on, a phlegmatic Vettel said he felt upset about the outcome, even if he didn’t show it.

“If I panicked now, would it help? Or if I was really upset? For sure, I’m upset and angry that it wasn’t our fault, in a way, not to make it through. But we have to take it and do what we can, preparing tomorrow.”

The stewards were satisfied Vettel reacted appropriately to the yellow flag and confirmed they will take no action against him, as well as Stroll, Esteban Ocon and George Russell, who passed the same flag.

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2021 Bahrain Grand Prix

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11 comments on “Vettel unhappy after “mess in the last sector” leads to Q1 exit”

  1. Didn’t take long for Mazepin to have a negative effect on the result of an official session. A taste of things to come, no doubt.

  2. Most overrated driver in F1 history. And this is finally the season that everyone will know the Sirotkin struggler in Stroll is gonna show the 4x WC clean pair of heels absoloute hilarious tbh. He does not deserve his stats one bit. You have to ask the question when you Vet not up against old men just how good was that RB all them years. Did Vet and Webber hit the jackpot. Lewis deserved the best car no one ever doubted his talent. Max will also deserve a fast car no one doubts him. I feel for drivers like Ricciardo who will barely be rememberd in 50 years yet our grandkids will know who Vet is because he has 4 titles. What a shame.

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  3. “In the end I think the trouble is that we have to run so slow to get the tyres where we want them to be,”

    The Pirelli tires are far, far too temperature sensitive.

    And that is the biggest problem with the Pirelli’s which has needed to be improved for a long time & which drivers have been talking/complaining about since at least 2012 & let us not also ignore that it is something which Pirelli themselves have aimed (And failed) to improve several times.

    These are supposed to be race tires yet they have all the characteristics of the old qualifying tires & I don’t think this is the right approach to create the sort of harder, closer & better racing that F1 keeps saying they want to feature.

    This is something I really think needs to be top of the list of improvements for next year as what good are cars that can follow closer if the tires overheat & start falling to bits after a couple corners of been pushed as hard as you need to when racing.

  4. Well it was rather unfortunate to get in this position.Hopefully he recovers tommorow

  5. If I panicked now, would it help? Or if I was really upset?

    Has he picked up meditation? 😛
    In all seriousness, I wish him the best for the rest of the season. I’m not sure he will beat Stroll, but he shouldn’t be out in Q1

    1. It’s just like hair loss…the earlier you accept the better. If you keep trying to disguise it, it only gets worse.

      Vettel lost the mojo or something is off. It is hard to cheer for him after Webber Turkey, Baku Road Rage and Brazil “must da sein?” (I don’t speak German :-), but either he aged terribly, or Aston may use him to give Stroll Jr some confidence. After all, you’re beating a 4x WDC.

      I’d like to see him trying to beat grandpa Alonso…

  6. I was hoping he would have a good start at Aston. Let’s hope tomorrow is better for him.

  7. The thing is, he wasn’t looking strong against Stroll anyway. I don’t think he would have beaten him, and not entirely sure he was a sure bet for Q2 anyway (16th or so after the first runs).

    I don’t like jumping to conclusions because I really wanted Vettel to have a good season at Aston, but I think he’s finished. This could be painful for him.

    1. He did look like he would make Q2. But yeah, beating Stroll was 50-50 at best.

      This multi-year contract seems like a long drawn out horrible movie now.

  8. Friday, Vettel said: “I feel very close to Schumacher ! (because of his father)”
    Saturday, Vettel: “I am close to Schumacher after qualification… (because of my performance)”

  9. playstation361
    30th March 2021, 15:51

    Hope Vettel bounce back some other time. It takes time for new things. No problem in that.

    In terms of rules players follow I should say FIA is the leader.

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