Gasly spurred on by error-free runs in Monaco and Baku ahead of home race

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In the round-up: Pierre Gasly hopes to carry his recent form into his home race this weekend.

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Gasly aims to improve Paul Ricard form

Gasly heads to Paul Ricard following a strong sixth place ahead of Lewis Hamilton in Monaco and a third career podium finish in Azerbaijan. The AlphaTauri driver said avoiding errors has been key to his progress since the start of the season.

“Earlier in the year we had some good Saturdays, although Sunday didn’t always go as well, but the last two races we did an excellent job with no mistakes,” said Gasly. “It was just what we needed and to be rewarded with a third-place podium is super.”

However he admitted his track record in his home race is not strong. “To be honest, I’ve not done anything special at Paul Ricard in the past. In my first F1 race here I collided with Ocon and had to retire on the opening lap and in 2019 it wasn’t a fantastic weekend and I ended up 10th.

“Actually, Baku was another track that had never gone well for me until this year and so I’m hoping we can follow the trend and change that this weekend also.”

VeeKay may miss Road America

VeeKay won the Indianapolis Grand Prix last month
Rinus VeeKay’s participation in this weekend’s IndyCar race at Road America is in doubt. His Ed Carpenter team confirmed he injured his clavicle in a cycling accident on Monday. He has no other injuries and is being treated by IndyCar’s medical team.

Ricard “a joy to drive” in places – Russell

Paul Ricard is much-maligned for its vast expanses of asphalt run-off, but the track is not without its challenges, says George Russell. The Williams driver is impressed by the Double-Droit de Beausset – more prosaically known as ‘turn 11’.

“Paul Ricard is a very tricky circuit with numerous different types of corner,” said Russell. “Turn 11 is one of the most challenging physically, both on the driver and on the car, on the entire calendar and is a joy to drive.”

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Comment of the day

Patricio O’Ward has impressed quite a few of you:

I just saw a couple of interviews and he has a champion mentality, you can see his hunger to win in his eyes. At the end of the race they asked “can you believe you’re championship leader?” he answered “Yes I can!”. He could come as arrogant but he is not, he’s just confident in himself and what he is able to do.

I saw a couple of comments on another thread saying that his drive type does not suit F1, that he is very aggressive and would destroy his tires in five laps, but if you saw this weekends races, it was the opposite, he was able to manage his tires and wait for the right moment to attack, his last 10 laps were superb, haven’t been this excited during a race in a while.

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On this day in F1

Patrese delivered the first win for Williams’ FW14 today in 1991
  • 30 years ago today Riccardo Patrese led a one-two for Williams in the Mexican Grand Prix for Williams after passing team mate Nigel Mansell. Ayrton Senna, who finished almost a minute behind, was the only other driver on the lead lap.

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11 comments on “Gasly spurred on by error-free runs in Monaco and Baku ahead of home race”

  1. COTD, Wouldn’t it be a joy to see F1 drivers driving “aggressively” and wringing every ounce of performance out of their cars, without tyre failures.
    “Full speed ahead and damn the tyres” (John Paul Hohum)

    1. F1 has never been like that, and few other series have either – including Indy.

      F1’s issues with tyres are largely self-inflicted and they won’t be going away any time soon.
      And let’s be honest, tyre failures aren’t really any more common in F1 than many other series, despite the incredible demands placed on them.
      Besides the tyres, there are too many other reasons in F1 not to ‘wring every ounce of performance out of their cars.’

      1. RandomMallard (@)
        16th June 2021, 8:27

        S Definitely. I watch my fair share of WEC, IMSA and GTWC and they suffer quite a few tyre failures as well.

      2. S No doubt you have been watching F1 since 1951 and it’s predecessor Formula Libre before that, you must be very old and therefore very wise. I stand corrected.

        1. Or too young to recognise sarcasm without the emoticon.

      3. True. Poor Pirelli has to bear the brunt of people’s ire when there really isn’t any evidence that Michelin (for example) would have zero failures.

  2. Ricciardo should take into account that Brazil will definitely get cancelled again as will likely Japan and Australia. Possibly also Mexico and even Abu Dhabi, so the late-season phase can and probably will still change to an extent.

    1. And based on this they should cancel the Saudi race as well.


  3. Re Gasly: He’s definitely the best AlphaTauri driver as of now.
    Re VeeKay: That’s awful to hear.
    Re Russell: I don’t think so.

  4. Doesn’t matter, gasly will retire for a reason or another in france, it seems to be a bad luck charm for french drivers except prost!

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