Zhou passes Piastri at start for Silverstone feature race win

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Guanyu Zhou bounced back from a tough Saturday at Silverstone by beating points leader Oscar Piastri to victory in the feature race.

Piastri took pole for the feature race in Friday’s qualifying session, beating fellow Alpine junior and F2 title rival Zhou by a tenth of a second.

But Zhou beat Piastri off the line as the pole winner made a sluggish getaway. Behind them third-placed started Richard Verschoor was overtaken early on by fourth-placed Dan Ticktum, who successfully contained the winner of the second Silverstone sprint race.

Ticktum made his mandatory pit stop on lap seven, starting the switch for drivers who had started on medium tyres. Piastri came in on lap eight to try and get the undercut on Zhou but the Virtuosi driver said he was happy to continue lapping and was able to build an even larger margin to the pole-sitter, running in clean air.

A bizarre moment occured during Christian Lundgaard’s pit stop. The ART driver’s car threw its new left-rear wheel off the hub, which bounced down the pit lane narrowly avoiding other cars.

By the time his team mate Theo Pourchaire came in on lap 10 the ART mechanics had resolved the what looked like a machining problem with their left-rear wheel gun. But Lundgaard’s race was fairly ruined by the delay, so it made little difference that after ART were investigated for an unsafe release he was given a 10-second stop-and-go penalty.

Following their pit stops, Piastri defended hard against Ticktum but was unable to keep the Carlin driver behind and had to settle third place, from starting on pole, while Ticktum attempted to cut Zhou’s lead over the second half of the race.

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Those who started on the hard compound tyres finally pitted after lap 23 and Zhou resumed the lead, Ticktum and Piastri still behind him. The Carlin drive aided his cause by passing Matteo Nannini, one of the last to pit, who Piastri remained stuck behind for several lap.

Juri Vips smoothly passed Pourchaire for seventh on lap 25 after an extended battle. But the remaining laps were otherwise uneventful, with no recurrence of the Safety Cars which disrupted both sprint races at Silverstone.

Over the final laps Piastri fought off a determined Verschoor to claim the final podium place. Verschoor attempted to go around the outside of his rival at Stowe, but was forced wide. He rejoined the track and was poised to take the place as the pair went into Vale, but Piastri cut the corner and stayed ahead. The stewards ruled no investigation was needed into the exchange.

Zhou led Ticktum and Piastri across the line, redeemimg a weekend he had begun in the points lead before errors in yesterday’s sprint races saw him fall to third. Piastri retains the championship lead by five points ahead of Formula 2’s next round at Monza in September.

Formula 2 Qualifying race three results

13Guanyu Zhou
25Dan Ticktum
32Oscar Piastri
411Richard Verschoor
51Robert Shwartzman
64Felipe Drugovich
78Juri Vips
810Theo Pourchaire
912Lirim Zendeli
106Jehan Daruvala
117Liam Lawson
1217Marcus Armstrong
1324Bent Viscaal
1421Ralph Boschung
1514David Beckmann
1616Roy Nissany
1722Jack Aitken
1820Matteo Nannini
1925Marino Sato
2015Guilherme Samaia
219Christian Lundgaard
2223Alessio Deledda

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12 comments on “Zhou passes Piastri at start for Silverstone feature race win”

  1. Change weekend format to the old one. The extra sprint race just make people to drive like grannies.

  2. Not F2’s greatest weekend.
    The format is fine – it was just one of those weekends where nothing much really happened.

    And when F2 has a boring weekend, F1 always does it bigger and better…

    1. You mean F1 produces an even more boring GP?

      1. That’s exactly what I mean.

  3. I’ve lost all interest in F2 and part of it is the new 3 race format. I’m just not that interested. And if I watch only part of a weekend (1-2 races), I miss a lot of insight and understanding therefore I rather not watch it at all.

    I’m yet to understand for whom it is good that F2 and F3 are separated. For teams running both F2 and F3 teams? So they could send the same mechanics and engineers to both categories? Because it is bad for the on-track spectators (one less series, less races overall) and I do not see why it is good for TV viewers.

    1. +1 to changes to format, seriously underwhelming races so far compared to what we had last year.

      1. Agree – races haven’t been great and two sprint races are unnecessary and dull

  4. Great drives by Zhou and Ticktum! A well deserved win for Zhou and Ticktum finally shows what he is capable of, if he doesn’t behave like a total lunatic.
    For some reason both Prema drivers seemed to struggle today, because neither Piastri nor Švarcman had great pace on any tire.

    1. (points the “Bonk” at Ticktum) “Behave properly, from now on…or you will be dealt with…”

  5. Not quite sure how Piastri got away with blatantly cutting a corner to keep position. Bizarre decision by the stewards.

    1. Probably because Verschoor went off track on the previous corner to gain a much higher speed run on Piastri.

  6. F2 is a bit of a Joke with the weak field and random lottery results, unlike the GP2 Era where greats like Lewis and Nico won the title winning isn’t prestigious anymore.

    Heck driver Nissany who is a mediocre midfield driver in F2 will take Russells seat at Williams or whatever it will be called due to the bags of Israeli money he brings to the team.

    also Zhou Is guaranteed a seat at Alpine because the insane amount of ccp backed money he brings Renault group.

    TL;DR it doesn’t relay matter who wins the title this year anyway because the F1 seats are virtually guaranteed

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