Hamilton offers “exclusive gift” to fans who attended Belgian GP wash-out

2021 Belgian Grand Prix

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Lewis Hamilton is offering a special gift to fans who attended last weekend’s Belgian Grand Prix, where heavy rain prevented any racing from going ahead.

The Mercedes driver shared a post on his Instagram profile from fan account Lhamiltoncrew promising “something very special” for “all the fans who attended Spa”. Fans who provide “proof of purchase” of tickets to the race will receive “an exclusive gift from Lewis”.

Hamilton strongly criticised Formula 1’s handling of last week’s race, where half-points were awarded after just three laps were run behind the Safety Car. He called the race a “farce” and said fans who purchased tickets deserved refunds.

Formula 1 confirmed on Wednesday it was considering “options for ticket holders” to recognise the lack of action they saw at Spa-Francorchamps.

Mercedes team principal Toto Wolff said a decision on any form of compensation or similar for fans was a matter for Formula 1 CEO Stefano Domenicali and the Spa race promoter.

“Stefano and the promoter are looking at that situation,” he said. “It’s something that is a matter for the organisers.

“Certainly we are all in the boat together and if it costs Stefano, it costs the teams, so we would be indirectly donating anyway. But I think this can be resolved between [the] commercial rights holder and promoter and we are not part of this conference.”

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2021 Belgian Grand Prix

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45 comments on “Hamilton offers “exclusive gift” to fans who attended Belgian GP wash-out”

  1. Is it a seat in the 2nd Mercedes?

    1. Good one, pretty funny!

    2. Haven’t these people already been strung a long for an eternity? They’re experts in waiting already.

    3. Iv’e no idea, but most of the gifts will be on Ebay within a few weeks. Which is probably the point.

      1. No chance mine will end up there. Whatever it is, it’s a keeper!

  2. Very curious what it is.

    1. No doubt it still won’t be good enough for some commenters here, though, even though he’s under no obligation to do anything.

    2. Some exclusive merchandise.

      1. That could be it

    3. 1 token for a not meat burger from the Hamilton chain.

  3. IfImnotverymuchmistaken
    3rd September 2021, 13:47

    Well that’s a nice thing to do. Good on you, Lewis!

  4. Street rumour says 60 Euro coupon for Monster energy drinks

  5. petebaldwin (@)
    3rd September 2021, 14:07

    Nice touch from him.

  6. Fashion advice from Lewis?

    1. Hahahaaa that’s worth 1 nickle

  7. I hope they don’t have to sit through a time-share presentation first, which is usually what “exclusive gift” means. Kidding aside, it’s nice gesture from him. A lot of the fans at Spa were Dutch partisans for Verstappen too.

  8. The gift is a special email notification as to who will be his teammate next year, strategically released 10 seconds after the formal announcement. Also, there will be a special introduction by Nico Rosberg about how to stand your ground when your the other Mercedes Driver.

    1. Ahaha, good one.

  9. Waiting for some to find a way to criticize this gesture as well.

    1. They will.
      Especially those who kept saying “If Lewi thinks fans should be compensated, he should compensate them!” – they’ll find a reason to slag him no matter what he does.
      Haters gonna hate.

    2. I’m not criticizing the gesture, I’m just pointing out that mercedes took a lot of applauses, looked like the nice guys for offering grosjean that test, didn’t they? And now, test delayed in june, no info to be found, so to me they took the merit for something they didn’t do, and hamilton is part of mercedes.

      All I’m saying is, let’s see if he keeps his word, unlike mr. toto.

      1. Can’t find negativity in the gesture, so need to root around for some elsewhere. Sad.

        1. Roman said some things about the Silverstone punt that miffed Teflon Toto. No drive for him.

      2. If people want to hate, they’ll hate. Right?

  10. Autographed umbrellas?

    1. So funny 🤣🤣🤣

  11. I´m just waiting for the usual armada of cynicals to land here to find a way to criticizing him for this gesture too…

    1. Maybe some sponsor-related stuff… which is not bad at all but there you would see why some people pointing out how he “benefits” from his own gift. Anyway, I won’t point it out. Whatever it is sounds good. Heck, I’m not a Hamilton fan but to have his autograph would be great memorabilia!

      1. That’s probably a good potential idea.

    2. Maybe they constantly have something to be cynical about because people like you are literally baiting them to do it.

      Will you cry when they do? Even though it will be your own fault and no one else’s

      1. Well, looks like we get the first one here…

  12. The guy genuinely cares, he wasn’t some rich kid but grew up with empathy despite the prejudice he experienced. Every time he is interviewed he starts with the fans or the team or vice versa. One in a million Lewis.

    1. Oh please – spare me

      1. Top right, click your avatar, then “log out” – easy.

        1. Haha always gotta be one. (or multiple, I guess.)

    2. Signed by McLaren as a teenager, won a F1 WDC with them, what prejudice?
      He suceeded because of his talent and because his dad saw to it, like a thousand others could have done.

  13. Sir Lewis. A true racer and gent. Loves the sport and especially the fans. Brits don’t like successful people. He ain’t Eddie the Eagle. Get over it

  14. Great to see that from Lewis. He shows he means it then.

    1. Its nice to see someone take an interest in the fans and to give some thing back to the fans is great remember lewis does not have to do this he is a true sports man well done Lewis good luck for the week end

      1. Hi,

        Can somebody sent me the paperform that we need to fill in for the gift of Lewis Hamilton. Last saturday it works but when I go to the link something else appaers. Strange.

  15. All praise to Lewis for offering something to the beleaguered fans at Spa last week end. What a load of hypocrites the FI management team are, along with the promotors / ticket sellers. They are doing everything possible to keep there ill gotten gains from this farcical event. The F1 bosses should apologies unreservedly for their action and resign on block.

  16. Lewis Hamilton feels for the crowd, even he said that the race was a shambles and shouldn’t have gone ahead.
    It’s all about money making, if it had been cancelled before the race refunds would be no problem. But because drivers did apparently race!!!!! Although just 2 laps behind safety car, that is enough to call it a race.

    So what Lewis is doing is offering a little something from his own pocket, not F1s but own money or merch.

    Give the guy a break and see how Lewis respects the followers and F1 spectators no matter what.

  17. Spring loaded boxing glove in a box for the booing Verstappen fans?

  18. Mercedes F1 Brolly!

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