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Vettel expects confirmation of future plans “very soon”

2021 Italian Grand Prix

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Aston Martin driver Sebastian Vettel expects an announcement on his future plans in the near future.

A series of contract announcements this week have left few places available on the grid for next season. Vettel’s move to the team from Ferrari was announced one year ago almost to the day but Aston Martin is yet to formally confirm its plans for next season.

“There’s no news on that front from my side,” Vettel told media including RaceFans at Monza today. “I am talking to the team, obviously, and I think we’ll have an answer very soon but at this point no news.”

Vettel scored a podium finish for the team in Azerbaijan and returned to the podium in Hungary, but subsequently lost the result due to a disqualification for a technical infringement. He indicated he has no concerns the team may not take up an option on his services.

“We are talking to each other,” said Vettel. “I really enjoy working with the team. The atmosphere is great and I do believe the future of this team is very bright. I’m not worried and I feel that we will have an answer soon.”

Team principal Otmar Szafnaur said at the end of July team would announce its plans for next season in due course”, adding Vettel is “definitely happy within the team.”

“He is enjoying his time in racing again so that’s what he wanted to do and I think we’ve accomplished that with him,” said Szafnauer. “So watch this space, but we’ll make that announcement in due course.”

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2021 Italian Grand Prix

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    23 comments on “Vettel expects confirmation of future plans “very soon””

    1. I was hoping he’d take up a position as part of the race director’s team for future development into the position of race director.

      I feel that there needs to be some racer’s touch to some of the recent, controversial decisions from race control.

      Vettel has been fairly vocal and action-based on decisions in this regard… … The Baku bash into Hamilton aside.

      1. You mean Hamilton’s brake-check.

        1. I like Vettel a lot, but what he did at Baku that time merited immedaite disqualification.

    2. All these drivers on multi-year deals having to confirm their drives for next year is rather weird. Just like with Alonso, I was convinced that Seb was on a two-year-deal.

      1. It might have been a 1+1 year deal with the condition that his services would be reconsidered if he spins too much.

      2. @sjaakfoo as @kichi-leung notes, Vettel’s deal with the team gave both sides the option to part ways at the end of 2021, or an option to extend the deal beyond that (possibly for one to two years).

        Part of the reason is that Vettel seems to have considered potentially retiring from the sport, either at the end of 2020 or at the end of this year, which is why the two sides seem to have agreed for an initial one year deal, with the option to then extend the contract after that point. The negotiations are therefore over activating that option in the contract, with the indication that both sides will extend the contract on the current terms.

      3. @sjaakfoo Same feeling. Probably a two-year deal in 1+1 form (like Alonso) rather than a straight two-year one, which one would realistically assume when using the multi-year term.

    3. It would be a huge mistake for Racing Point to let Vettel to after just one season. No rookie they could scoop up would have a 1/10 of his skill.

      1. @sunnchilde Yes which is why it’s virtually assured that he will be retained

    4. Bring the Hulk in.

      1. ……and be happy with average?

        1. They do run Lance, don’t they?

          1. yes but that’s part of the deal. they don’t have to run Hulk

        2. Mr. Seven.

    5. I hardly think Aston Martin can afford to ditch Vettel for 2022 if they want to be contendrs for the top places. He’s proven this year he still has some speed, he’s among the few of the potential 2022 grid that has driven V10 (just in testing, but still), V8 and the current turbo cars. He’s one of the most experienced drivers of all time, let alone the curren grid, and seemingly is happy with the team and has recovered the motivación he didn’t have in his last year in Ferrari.

    6. I can’t imagine Aston/Stroll Sr. letting Vettel go but interesting timing that this news is coming up now; maybe Vettel is done and just wants to call it a day?
      With AM being a Mercedes supplied team; would it be crazy enough that they pick Nyck de Vries would fill the seat and Stroll jr becomes the senior driver? Not sure thats the way I would go but wouldn’t be surprised either. Not sure who else that could get that seat if Vettel leaves? I would think Hulk would be a far out chance but then who else?

      Having Vettel drive for them in 2022 makes the most common sense.

        1. @proesterchen
          To add to this silly season talk, then might as well keep going and say Schumacher fills in the other Alfa Romero seat.
          Ilott goes to Haas to keep things more civil in the back of the grid. Especially with the very recent talk with Sauber saying the relationship with AF is strong… hum.

          Then make Vettel, Hulk and Kimi new stewards :)

          1. The only issue with Ilott to Haas is there is bad blood between him and “surprise” Mazepin from F2. The Haas situation is no good situation for any driver with Mazepin there. Seems like he can’t make friends even if he brings the vodka!

      1. Very interesting theory with De Vries!

      2. @redpill the new is coming up now because a journalist asked him now.

        1. @mattds

          Why would you let perfectly good common sense get in the way of a silly season story?

          Plus, it could be said that the story and direction that Force India has gone to where it is now (for better or worse) has not always made common sense.

    7. I think the deal is he has to follow the Boss’s little boy at all times and not overtake or out qualify him. Its the future of F1 folks

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