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Ricciardo “lost for words” after leading McLaren to first one-two in a decade

2021 Italian Grand Prix

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Daniel Ricciardo says he is “lost for words” after leading team mate Lando Norris home for McLaren’s first win in almost nine years.

Ricciardo led the Italian Grand Prix from the start, only losing the lead during the pit stop cycle. The McLaren driver held off a train of cars including team mate Norris to take McLaren’s first win since the 2012 Brazilian Grand Prix and his first win since the 2018 Monaco Grand Prix.

“It’s about time!,” says Ricciardo. “I’m, for once, lost for words.”

Ricciardo passed polesitter Max Verstappen on the run down to turn one after getting a superior launch off the line when the lights went out.

“To be honest, even if we got the start, it was never a guarantee that we would lead the whole race,” Ricciardo says. “I was able to just hold firm out front the first stint. I don’t think we had like mega speed, but it was enough just to obviously keep Max behind.

“To lead literally from start to finish – I don’t think any of us expected that.”

After a challenging opening half to the season in 2021 – his first for McLaren – Ricciardo says he has returned from the summer break with renewed confidence in the car.

“There was something in me on Friday. I knew something good was to come, let’s just say that,” he says.

“I’ve just been a sandbagging S.O.B. the whole year, that’s all. Thirds, fourths, fifths – you might as well just win, so that’s what I did. Honestly, the August break was good just to reset. I felt better the last three weekends.”

The victory was Ricciardo’s first since departing Red Bull at the end of the 2018 season and his first ever grand prix win in a car that is not a Red Bull.

“To not only win but get a one-two – it’s insane. For McLaren to be on the podium is huge, let alone a one-two, so this is for team papaya.”

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2021 Italian Grand Prix

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11 comments on “Ricciardo “lost for words” after leading McLaren to first one-two in a decade”

  1. I anyone deserved a win it was ricciardo.
    Difficult start at mclaren. After the break a reinvigorated Danny.
    And the risky change of engine paid off..

  2. I read yesterday that ricciardo was joking that max would let him win because he’s got Italian descent and max is tired of winning. I mean verstappen and rbr pretty much went the extra mile for him lol. Bad start. Terrible pit stop. Take out the fastest car. Job done.

  3. Given the year he’s been having I never expected to see a Ricciardo win. But he did such a fine job, 100% deserved.

  4. Stephen Higgins
    12th September 2021, 16:38

    Fair play to Lando for playing the team game today. Asking the team first if it was okay to race and then securing the 1-2 showed great maturity.

    Mclaren are back!

    1. Except Lando was being cheeky, he didn’t have the pace to win today.

    2. Ricciardo or Norris WDC 2022?

  5. Well done Riccardo.

    Any word on how this was achieved?

    Was this down to the track, or was the car setup differently to allow his driving style?
    Or has Riccardo finally mastered the karting style of driving being asked of him by Maclaren?

    1. Dan is renowned late braker and I knew it that he will get past Max at the start. Max knew it as well and I’m sure he was afraid of that scenario before lights went off. The rest is history.

  6. It’s great to see that smile back on the podium again.

  7. Great job Daniel, great job! And it was on pure pace. If anything, the safety car handicapped them and they still won.
    You made us wait but it was worth it.

  8. Well done danny, it always fun to watch you in paddoc… and then even better the way you celebrate.. obviously its looks like for every mclaren fan

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