Max Verstappen, Red Bull, Monza, 2021

2021 Italian Grand Prix championship points

2021 Italian Grand Prix

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F1 drivers championship after the 2021 Italian Grand Prix

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F1 constructors championship after the 2021 Italian Grand Prix

2Red Bull344.5
7Aston Martin59
9Alfa Romeo3

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2021 Italian Grand Prix

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    19 comments on “2021 Italian Grand Prix championship points”

    1. Even with double DNF today for AlphaTauri, Aston havent been able to make a dent into points.

    2. Perez should have been 3rd Charles pushed him off. 🤦‍♂️ All these penalties are ruining F1.

      1. Charles took the normal racing line.

        1. @OOliver He should’ve left more room.

          1. If you watch the replay carefully you will find Leclerc left him enough room but Perez thought he would block the next apex and he bailed out.

    3. Plot twist: if max and lewis carries on bottas can win the championship.

      1. I was thinking the same thing. Bottas 4.0 could finally appear, sweep the rest of the season, and go to alfa with the pot.

    4. RandomMallard (@)
      12th September 2021, 16:08

      BIG result for McLaren in their 3rd place battle against Ferrari. 13.5 points clear is quite a big margin. Also amazed that this is the first 1-2 of the season. Also the first 1-2 since Imola last year

    5. RBR have to be pleased really. They were looking to lose a lot of points to Mercedes and gained a few in the wdc and lost only a few in the constructors.

    6. Jelle van der Meer (@)
      12th September 2021, 16:22

      With only 8 officially scheduled races left the first drivers are mathematically out of contention.
      Highest placed who is out of contention is George Russell being 211,5 points behind Verstappen with only 211 points left (8x 25 points win, 8x 1 point FLAP and 1x 3 point Sprint Qualify)

      In terms of teams only Alfa and Haas are so far mathematically out of contention as maximum only 357 points left to score.

    7. Mostly uneventful Abolitio Memoriae F1 race at Monza today. Max Verstappen, the current champion, lost it at Rettifilo and didn’t score (besides 2 points from the sprint quali), and both McL took advantage, with a long awaited victory by Mr. Shoey. The podium was completed with Valtteri Bottas who charged all the way from the back, plus 3 points for the sprint quali and one for FLAP meaning he scores 1 point more than Lando Norris who was second. Still Max comfortably leads the championship. The changes are: Dan Ric surpasses Pierre Gasly for 7th, and Esteban Ocon surpasses Seb Vettel for 10th. Also bizarrely Robert Kubica with only two races surpasses Nikita Mazepin on countback, although both their scores are 0.

      This is the current AMF1 WDC ranking (by the way last week’s were inaccurate because the points from the sprint quali at Silverstone were omitted; this has been corrected:
      1- 248,5 VER
      2- 165 BOT
      3- 150 NOR
      4- 137 PER
      5- 129 LEC
      6- 114 SAI
      7- 98,5 RIC
      8- 79 GAS
      9- 62,5 ALO
      10- 58 OCO
      11- 56 VET
      12- 35 STR
      13- 22 TSU
      14- 16 RUS
      15- 8 LAT
      16- 5 RAI
      17- 2 GIO
      18- 0 MSC
      19- 0 KUB
      20- 0 MAZ

      After Ferrari’s big jump at Zandvoort, McL are back in the third Spot at Monza, where it hurst the most; there are no other changes in the AMF1 WCC ranking (Valtteri Bottas’ points are woth double):
      1 RBR 385,5
      2 MERC 330
      3 McLAREN 248,5
      4 FERRARI 243
      5 ALPINE 120,5
      6 ALPHA TAURI 101
      7 ASTON MARTIN 91
      8 WILLIAMS 24
      9 ALFA ROMEO 7
      10 HAAS 0

      In the AMF1 medal (Bernie style) classification, Dan Ric’s first win gives him a big jump from 11th to 4th; also Lando Norris surpasses Seb Vettel and the “new kid” Robert Kubica tops Nikita Mazepin:
      1 VER 10 wins 1 ninth
      2 PER 1 win 1 second
      3 LEC 1 win 2 thirds
      4 RIC 1 win 1 third
      5 OCO 1 win 1 fourth
      6 BOT 7 seconds 2 thirds
      7 NOR 2 seconds 4 thirds
      8 VET 2 seconds 1 fourth
      9 SAI 1 second 1 third
      10 RUS 1 second 1 eighth
      11 GAS 2 thirds 2 fifths
      12 ALO 1 fourth 1 fifth
      13 TSU 1 sixth 1 seventh
      14 STR 5 sevenths 2 ninths
      15 LAT 1 seventh 1 eighth
      16 GIO 1 ninth 3 elevenths
      17 RAI 5 tenths 1 eleventh
      18 MSC 1 twelfth 1 thirteenth
      19 KUB 2 fourteenth (nothing else)
      20 MAZ 1 fourteenth 3 sixteenths

      Last, the podiums, Dan Ric jumps 11th to 6th:
      1 VER 10p
      2 BOT 9p
      3 NOR 6p
      4 PER 4p
      5 LEC 3p
      6 RIC 2p
      7 VET 2p
      8 SAI 2p
      9 GAS 2p
      10 OCO 1p
      11 RUS 1p

      1. Correction: at the eleventh hour Dan Ric got the FLAP, that’s one more point por RIC and for McL, one less point for BOT, and 2 less points for Merc,

      2. And new stuff: The AMF1 FLAP score:
        1 VER 5*
        2 BOT 3
        3 PER 2*
        4 RIC 1
        5 GAS 1
        6 TSU 1*
        7 MAZ 1+

        * 1 of the FLAPS awarded but no point scored for finishing > 10th
        + Recorded but awarded (at Spa behind the SC)

        1. 7 MAZ 0+
          Recorded but NOT awarded (the Nikita Mazepin FLAP at Spa) anyway, the guy gets a mention

      3. Is there a reason why Lewis does not appear in any of your lists you just posted?

        1. Who are you talking about? Carl Lewis? This is not the /99 Olympics

          1. I believe it’s Carl Davidson actually. You know, former McLaren rookie. Might have raced against Alonso sometime around 2007.

      4. I don’t know what you’re smoking but it must be really really good. Sadly I don’t understand what these posts are all about, could you mind giving an insight into how these championships are calculated for the less fortunate among us?

    8. This was a deceptively terrible race for Perez. Both contenders out. A mclaren 1-2. And he’s fifth behind a Ferrari and the guy who started last? And due to an obvious penalty? Bottas for all the hate he gets did a perfect number 2 driver drive and really shows what rbr are missing. Picked max points after carrying water for Hamilton in q3 and then taking a tactical penalty.

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