F3 moves race forward to Friday due to forecast of heavy rain

2021 Russian Grand Prix

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Formula 3 has moved its first race of the weekend forward to today in response to the forecast of heavy rain on Saturday at Sochi Autodrom.

The series’ opening race was originally due to take place at 8:35am local time on Saturday. It will now begin at 17:25 local time today.

The opening sprint race runs for a maximum of 40 minutes, leaving a narrow window for it to be completed before sundown in Sochi, which is at 18:15.

F3 confirmed the change had been made due to “an uncertain weather forecast” for Saturday.

The accommodate the change, Formula 2’s qualifying session has been moved forwards from 16:25 to 16:20 local time.

The support races have already been affected by heavy rain in the region. The paddock area for the junior series were partially flooded on Wednesday while team were setting up. Mechanics were seen wading through inches of standing water after rainfall on Tuesday in the marquee garages that F2 and F3 use on race weekends without permanent support paddock facilities.

F3 is set to conclude its season in Sochi, the final weekend having been moved forward from the US Grand Prix already. Dennis Hauger and Jack Doohan remain in contention for the title.

Revised Sochi support race and F1 schedule

Formula 3Race one17:25
Formula 2Race one10:30
Formula 1Practice three12:00
Formula 3Race two13:40
Formula 1Qualifying15:00
Formula 2Race two16:45
Formula 3Race three09:55
Formula 2Race three11:20
Formula 1Russian Grand Prix15:00

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2021 Russian Grand Prix

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4 comments on “F3 moves race forward to Friday due to forecast of heavy rain”

  1. Good proactive thinking!

    Lets see how the weekend goes but it seems that lessons from Spa are being learnt.

    1. Race behind safety car….. for sure ….. Rain is moving to sunday too. If they used ZOAB asfalt we should have less of this problem.
      Lets hope it’s not to bad on sunday.

  2. Lucky I saw this! Thanks :)

  3. I can envision a Sunday morning QLF.

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