Haas “ready to get some points” in 2022 after Schumacher’s Q2 effort – Steiner

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In the round-up: Haas team principal Guenther Steiner is encouraged by the composure his team showed as Mick Schumacher took advantage of an opportunity to reach Q2 last race weekend.

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Schumacher’s Q2 shows Haas are ready for points – Steiner

In a wet qualifying session, Schumacher reached Q2 at the expense of his team mate, both Alfa Romeo drivers, Nicholas Latifi in a Williams and the McLaren of Daniel Ricciardo – beating the latter by almost a tenth of a second. Steiner said his team showed they are ready to end their point-less run next season, when they expect to have a more competitive car.

“We are ready for next year,” he said. “We are fine. If the situation arises – yes, we will make mistakes as well – but there was a chance there and it was working like I would say as they have worked together [for] three or five years.”

Steiner said the team’s achievement was especially impressive as chief engineer Ayao Komatsu was unable to take on his usual role overseeing both cars as he was substituting for the absent Dominic Haines as Nikita Mazepin’s race engineer.

“Mick was very calm, his race engineer did a great job, always staying calm. Especially having Ayao standing in as Nikita’s race engineer, so there was no chief race engineer there. They all did a good job.

“Everybody did what they needed to do. The mechanics, everybody just executed very good and that’s what made me happy because we are ready. If we get a better car the race team is ready to get some points.”

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Comment of the day

If Mercedes aren’t playing their usual expectations management game any more, they must really be competitive, says @Geemac:

that just threw the tiny bit of hope I had that this season wouldn’t go the same way as the last seven out the window.

Mercedes never, ever, ever talk themselves up. For them to say this now means they have made a breakthrough with how they understand and operate the car and they know they will walk the last six races.

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  • 11 comments on “Haas “ready to get some points” in 2022 after Schumacher’s Q2 effort – Steiner”

    1. Granddaughter… His, him?

      1. I love Hamilton, but unless he takes a real stand at some point he just going to be remembered as a racing driver. You don’t transcend like Ali by just talking the talk and tweeting the tweet.

        1. Didn’t mean to reply.

        2. Davin R Sturdivant
          18th October 2021, 8:56

          You know, outside of creating two non-profit foundations to encourage investments in STEM, and hiring more diverse motorsport applications.

          You know, putting his public career at risk, taking a public stand for controversial issues on a global stage on a regular basis.

          Just call me when Hamilton gets bit by a radioactive spider, so that he can be qualified as “doing enough.”

      2. I misinterpreted the blurb

    2. I was at Goodwood for the MP4/6’s demo run. Simply stunning. A beautiful car in a beautiful setting, making a fabulous sound, and all the time being driven by Bruno wearing a Senna-themed helmet. Truly evocative, and hats off to Goodwood for giving the whole circuit over to Bruno to go out and ‘play’ for five/ten minutes. The whole thing, deservedly, brought out a spontaneous round of applause from the crowd as the car toured back in on its final lap.

      Also nice was I was by the car in the paddock earlier when Bruno strolled over and introduced himself to the owner. Really touching to hear Bruno saying to the owner, in a genuine moment with no cameras around, what a privilege it was for him to drive the car and how much it meant to him.

    3. COTD: A possibility indeed.

    4. @darren i may be mistaken but Lewis did put 20million pounds into his organization….

    5. He set up the Hamilton Commission to tackle inequality in motorsport.
      “I put together this commission to really find out what those barriers are so we can really tackle them,”
      “What’s close to my heart is the black community because that’s obviously my background.”

      He wants to know what the barriers to diversity is, and then comes straight out that for him it’s perfectly natural to promote people with one skin color over others because of his own.

      It’s really incredible, but what’s even more incredible is that more don’t call him out on this.

    6. Can someone explain the link between a wet quali and the performance of next year’s car built to different spec?
      I hope they keep the motivation high at the factory by not looking at any of the 2021 results and cheer themselves with the “head start” they gambled on.

      1. @jeanrien Steiner was just saying that with a good enough car the team can deliver, using the team work on saturday as reference.

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