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Doohan quickest on final day of F2 test

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In the round-up: Jack Doohan finished the post-season Formula 2 test quickest on the final day.

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Doohan quickest as Formula 2 test ends

Jack Doohan will head into his first full F2 season in 2022 with the confidence of knowing he was quickest at the post-season test in Abu Dhabi.

The Red Bull-backed Virtuosi driver finished the third and final day fastest, ahead of Felipe Drugovich. Doohan also covered the most laps of anyone on the final day with 114.

Ralph Boschung was third fastest for Campos, ahead of the two Carlins of Liam Lawson and Williams Academy driver Logan Sargeant

British Grand Prix general admission tickets sold out

Silverstone have announced that all weekend and Sunday general admission tickets for the 2022 British Grand Prix are already sold out.

The circuit posted a notification on social media, informing fans that there were only limited grandstand and hospitality tickets remaining for next year’s race.

Around 350,000 people attended this year’s event at the circuit over the three days of running. The race on Sunday saw Lewis Hamilton win the British Grand Prix for a record eighth time following a controversial clash with Max Verstappen in which Hamilton was penalised by the stewards.

Ricciardo lends a hand of support to Save the Children

Daniel Ricciardo is working with Save the Children to support young people through their Hands on Learning programme in his native Australia.

The programme supports students who struggle with classroom-based learning by enabling them to get involved with projects outside of the classroom in practical, professional environments like workshops or farms.

“Kids need to find their passion for something, anything, and to find the confidence to take risks, and it’s not easy for a lot of them,” Ricciardo told the Sydney Morning Herald.

“If you can do the things that make you happy, you get to a stage where just doing it feels nearly carefree.”

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Comment of the day

What was F1’s best ever championship decider? While Sunday’s was certainly dramatic, @red-andy makes a case for the famous 1976 duel between Hunt and Lauda…

Looking at all of them – and I can’t be objective here, since I know far more about some of them than others – I think 1976 must be the best of them all. Even though Lauda had withdrawn from the race, it was a truly dramatic conclusion as Hunt was just on the edge of clinching the title all race. Apparently he didn’t even know he’d won it until he stopped the car, as he couldn’t read his pit board in the atrocious conditions.

Happy birthday!

Happy birthday to Nooma341!

On this day in motorsport

  • 25 years ago today Alain Prost drove his McLaren-TAG MP4-2C along the Champs d’Elysees in Paris, celebrating his second consecutive championship victory

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    1. 86 is so spectacular though. Frankly cannot decide on the one, some were pretty dull though.

    2. This is Local London link leads to Forum.

    3. Exciting times as a fan of sailing as well as F1. That makes it Red Bull with Alinghi (Switzerland), and Merc with Ineos (UK, who actually also used to be led by Martin Whitmarsh. The latest I’ve heard is he’snow an advisor there). Then there are the rumours that Ferrari are close to teaming up with Luna Rossa (Italy), who are already sponsored by Pirelli.

      Very interesting to see this level of cooperation between F1 teams and America’s Cup teams. It also happens to be a very convenient way for teams to work around the budget cap while keeping a lot of the talented staff they have.

      1. Ineos has announced that it’s bringing all its sporting ventures together (cycling, F1, sailing etc) and putting Dave Brailsford in overall charge.

        Be interesting to see whether that’s simply for internal governance reasons, or whether it’s an attempt to better cross-pollinate ideas and innovation, and, as you say, perhaps swerve some of the restrictions of budget cap.

        1. @mrfabulous Looking at their press release, it seems to mainly be to try and, as you put it, cross-pollinate ideas, training routines and innovations. They have said that each respective sport team will still be predominantly led by their individual Team Principals.

          1. Couldn’t agree more, RandomMallard. With SailGP expanding, the stable rule set for AC37, and now the Toto vs. Christian show setting up shop, it’s a great time to be a sailing fan.

            I does seem seem very clearly an option to meet the budget cap while retaining staff, and I would think it would be a powerful recruiting draw for the Big Three: Come work for us, and you may be able to play with some incredibly fast and sophisticated foiling boats, too. For a keen engineering mind, the variety of challenges and opportunities could be a major plus. The one downside for F1 fans is that it’s one way in which the Big Three may be able to retain their dominance over time.

      2. It would be nice if Emirates could bring NZ and McLaren back together again.

    4. Monty really looks like Senna’s shadow there :D

    5. Would be amazing if Doohan wins F2 and with Piastri and Ricciardo there are 3 Aussies on the grid, talk about a dream.

    6. Will, shouldn’t it be “35 years ago” when Prost won his second consecutive championship instead of “25 years ago”?

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