Nicholas Latifi, Williams, Circuit de Catalunya, 2022

2022 pre-season testing day one in pictures

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Pictures from the first day of testing for the 2022 F1 season at the Circuit de Catalunya.

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19 comments on “2022 pre-season testing day one in pictures”

  1. Wow, those Red Bull sidepods and undercut… so extreme, and totally different again to what others are doing.
    No wonder they kept it secret for so long.

    1. The thing is just because it looks radical does not mean it works. I am sure all the other teams have explored deep undercuts as this seems to be an area of the car that is going to be very important and we can see quite a few different solutions on the cars. So other teams possibly looked at that and found it did not work for them.

      Only time will tell who has got it right.

      1. The thing is Red Bull has the best chassis and Aero Engineers in F1. Those intricate details in their sidepod aren’t there just to look radical but they serve a purpose. Remember they are trying to extract the maximum as every millisecond counts. Either other teams may have looked at those solutions and found out it did not work for them because they don’t know how to make it work or this have not thought about them because they don’t have the brains like red bull engineers.

  2. Really not a fan of how these cars look on track. Elongated and wide, low at the back and high at the front. Like boats.

  3. F1 just gets uglier every season. The prettiest car here is the Safety Car.

    I’m glad I grew up when I did, because there’s no way I’d want posters of these things on my bedroom wall.

    1. “F1 just gets uglier every season.”
      In my history of watching F1, there have been several uglying periods:
      1992 – beautiful cars ————-> 1997 – not great looking cars
      1998 – ugly little cars ————> 2008 – disgusting little cars
      2009 – silly disgusting lil’ cars —–> 2014 – utterly disgusting lil’ cars
      2015-2016 – silly ugly lil’ cars
      2017 – wow, these cars look decent —> 2021 – those boats are awful, but look powerful
      2022 – some nice lines here and there, but the car proportions are awful! The rear wing is like vomit, the front wing is a snow plow, the tyres are too big.

  4. Goodness that Williams is an ugly looking things isn’t it. Ferrari, Alpine and Aston Martin are the most visually attractive.

    1. What exactly did they learn from that flowviz paint!

      1. They learned that because of some stupid overzealous mechanic, they were running out of paint

  5. That Aston Martin is simply stunning.

  6. Gallery app absolute nightmare to look through this many pictures. Clicked on 5 before I got frustrated and left

  7. I guess they paid someone not so show the Red Bull from the back yet. I find six cars. Missing are Hass and Alfa (both with few laps only), and all Bulls&Tauris

    1. Mark Suttons website has it, Keith just hasn’t purchased it for here.

  8. The packaging on the rear of that Williams is pure ART. I still suspect them to be fighting with the HAAS and Alfa Romeo cars on track, but they’ll look good doing it!

  9. I know that’s flo-vis, but I would Williams to just rock up to the first race in that day-glo splatter. It massively improves the livery.

    1. The yellow green would have been an awesome color for the Aston Martin!

  10. Mercedes, Ferrari and McLaren should be issued with wheelie-bin numbers to stick on their cars’ noses because it’s impossible to tell who’s driving!

  11. Watching the Red Bull with the number 1 looks like a F2 ou F3 car…
    We are just not used to…
    Thanks Masi!

  12. “Ralf Schumacher (GER)”? Is he filling in for his nephew?

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