One comment on “Formula 1 signage, Albert Park, Melbourne, 2022”

  1. I am so disappointed with the Australian F1. My friends and I who add to about 18 persons have been regularly attending the Melbourne F1 since is started. First The Australian F1 took away our Loyalty reserve seat and gave us a code to buy our seats which was very stressful for me to get but was somehow successful after buying two lots of five tickets by mistake. Luckily for me I managed to get rid of the extras five tickets. This year I bought the so called ‘Token’ for $50 to get the previlage of buying my F1 tickets before they go to the public but when I got in first the system kept telling me to chose other seats even though the seats that I was choosing were marked. As being available. I could not get any of the seven seats that I needed. I think that the Melbourne F1 cares only about profits and does not care about the regular F1 followers. There will never be another Melbourne F1 race for me and instead my mates and I will start going to the Singapore F1

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