Lance Stroll, Aston Martin, Miami International Autodrome, 2022

F1 team principals dismiss fears of processional Miami Grand Prix

2022 Miami Grand Prix

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Formula 1 team principals played down concerns raised by their drivers that overtaking will be very difficult in the Miami Grand Prix.

Several drivers have warned the lack of grip off-line will make it very difficult to commit to overtaking moves. Cars have been lifting small stones from the new surface which are coming to a rest off the racing line.

However Red Bull team principal Christian Horner is hopeful the track surface will continue to evolve as further sessions for W Series and Porsches take place before today’s race.

“You’ve got quite a few support races going around, I think the braking areas will widen as those support races happen,” he said in response to a question from RaceFans. “There’ll be plenty of action in those as well, I’m sure.

“I think probably a bigger factor as well as the weather, potentially. Maybe there’s a few showers around as well. And then you’ll definitely see some overtaking.”

His opposite number at Haas, Guenther Steiner, said his drivers had also warned overtaking would be difficult. But he also expects the track will be in better condition in time for the grand prix.

Kevin Magnussen, Haas, Miami International Autodrome, 2022
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“Let’s see if that line where you have got the grip widens up today and see if it can be done better,” he said. “It is a new track, it was completely green, nothing run on it.

“Normally these tracks develop and let’s hope that happens. Otherwise it will be challenging to overtake because you need to be on the good line. Otherwise, you’re off-line and off the track it looks like, but I think it will be getting better as more running is done.”

Alfa Romeo team principal Frederic Vasseur expects the track will offer considerably better grip during today’s race. “I’m sure that would be okay, that the track will improve drastically between [Friday] and Sunday,” he said.

“And with the three zones of DRS, it won’t be for me a big issue to overtake. The show will be, I hope, a good one, the layout of the track is good and everything will work perfectly.”

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2022 Miami Grand Prix

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    6 comments on “F1 team principals dismiss fears of processional Miami Grand Prix”

    1. I think how much you enjoy this race will probably come down to if you like DRS highway passing or not.

      Those who like DRS may end up claiming it as one of the best races ever and the greatest circuit in the history of ever while those that don’t like DRS because they can see it for the artificial gimmick it is will likely think less of the race and circuit as we don’t appreciate the easy push of a button highway passing DRS tends to create on multiple boringly long straight car park tracks like this.

      Regardless Liberty will claim it a success and continue racing here until it drops off the calendar in maybe less than 5 years like 90% of the dull US car park tracks of the past did & all of the similar more modern tracks tend to. I mean seriously think about it, How many tracks of this nature stick around in F1 long term?

      I predict it’s gone by 2027 & that Las Vegas goes not long after.

      1. Ya called it right …

    2. All very good points. But don’t you think F1 drivers know that already?

      This screams PR hype… I hope the race is good regardless, but it all reminds me of Jeddah with the overly positive comments everywhere…

    3. petebaldwin (@)
      8th May 2022, 17:12

      Having watched both W Series races, there was very little passing in either. We might get some DRS passes if it’s overpowered but otherwise, I don’t see much happening.

      I think the interest will come from safetycars which there are a high chance of.

    4. This article aged like a fine milk.

      1. Yeah, I came to check for updates.

        I found none.

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