Ferrari power unit reliability concerns “a little bit bigger” after Monaco – Steiner

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In the round-up: Haas team principal Guenther Steiner says that concerns over the reliability of the Ferrari power unit grew after the Monaco Grand Prix

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Ferrari PU reliability concerns “a little bit bigger” after Monaco – Steiner

Haas team principal Guenther Steiner says that concerns over the reliability of the Ferrari power unit grew after the Monaco Grand Prix.

The team had to retire driver Kevin Magnussen’s car during the race due to a water leak with his car’s ERS.

Two days earlier, Valtteri Bottas had missed almost the entire first practice session due to a Ferrari power unit problem in his Alfa Romeo. Steiner says that following the multiple problems in Monaco, concerns about the reliability of the Ferrari power units has grown.

“Obviously we had some issues, mainly in Monte Carlo – before we didn’t have any big issue with it – but Monte Carlo, there were issues for us and Alfa [Romeo], so hopefully they stop,” said Steiner.

“But you’re always concerned about this because Kevin had a good start, everything was going to plan. Obviously we couldn’t have gone up to sixth or seventh, but at least ninth, maybe he could have made it. So it’s always disappointing when you then have to stop, so that now is as well in there that there is concerns – they are always there – but after Monte Carlo they became a little bit bigger.”

Staying in midfield “not a bad thing”, says Tsunoda

Yuki Tsunoda says he feels that racing in the midfield for the foreseeable future will be beneficial for developing his skills and preparing him to one day race in a top team.

The 22-year-old AlphaTauri driver’s speculative prospects of moving to the senior Red Bull team in the next few years have been hampered by Sergio Perez being extended by Red Bull over the next two seasons. However, Tsunoda believes that he would gain a lot as a driver from remaining with AlphaTauri in the midfield.

“From my side, mostly I’m thinking that it’s not bad thing to stay at the team that’s in the midfield,” Tsunoda said.

“I can learn a lot of things from there, about how we can make the car better, how we can maximise the car as much as possible, each session. In the end, that will always be needed in a top team as well. So yeah, I can learn a lot of things from my current team and, like I said, I’m really happy where I am now and I’m still learning lots of things from them.”

Number eight Toyota takes pole position for the Le Mans 24 Hours

The number eight Toyota hypercar team of Brendon Hartley, Sebastian Buemi and Ryo Hirakawa will start this weekend’s endurance race from pole position having beaten fellow Toyota team mates Kamui Kobayashi, Jose-Maria Lopez and Mike Conway by a tenth of a second in Thursday evening’s hyperpole session.

The two Toyotas will start alongside each other at the head of field on Saturday afternoon, ahead of the Alpine number 36 and the two Glickenhaus cars.

Pole position for the LMP2 class was claimed by the number 31 WRT Oreca, while the GTE Pro category will be headed by an all-Corvette front row.

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Comment of the day

With Sebastian Vettel becoming increasingly vocal and active about advocating for the causes he believes in, @neilosjames sees plenty to admire in the multiple world champion…

I think Vettel does ‘celebrity activism’ the right way.

* Actually takes the time to learn the details and reasoning behind the cause, and doesn’t just pluck at cool-sounding, low-hanging fruit to make vague statements about.
* Obviously adapts some degree of action relating to the support of the cause into his everyday life.
* Does so because he wants to, not because it chimes with the right target audience.
* Doesn’t take photos of himself every time he does anything remotely connected to supporting the cause.
* Doesn’t pretend he isn’t a tiny bit of a hypocrite. But keeps his hypocrisy to his job, rather than his lifestyle.

It’d still be better if people heard the viewpoints of a scientist with some charisma or flair for popularising science, instead of a racing driver, but if it has to be a celebrity activist, he’s as good as any.

Happy birthday!

Happy birthday to Aslan Lateh!


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6 comments on “Ferrari power unit reliability concerns “a little bit bigger” after Monaco – Steiner”

  1. Steiner talking about Ferrari PU reliability concerns…Binotto said something along the lines of “winning the championship is just an added bonus”
    Me thinks there’s something cooking here…or maybe not. We will see.

    1. There are always some problems and concerns with engines of F1 too much hightech. But Binotto saying “winning the championship is just an added bonus” is something strange to say as the aero is good, good drivers and i thought a good engine. Ferrari self didn’t had much engines problems i thought?

  2. Maybe, but for now, I’m unconcerned about PU reliability, especially for the works team.

    Indeed not a bad thing for Tsunoda. He’ll only be more ready after four seasons.

    A well-put COTD.

    On this day: Also the 2012 race’s 10th anniversary.

  3. Brendon H. getting the pole time @ LM 24hrs. Brilliant, well done!! Who said he was spent!!

    TSU complaining about F1 Race Director & stewards.
    Reminds me of politics – How long ago did people want Masi’s head????

    PER gets a new RBR contract, but appears to have signed before his recent win.
    Horner says he doesn’t care who wins WDC. Dr Death will love that [sic]!!!
    Will history repeat itself – NOT BAD FOR A #2!!!!!!!!

  4. RandomMallard
    10th June 2022, 11:20

    Wow 15 years since Lewis’ first win…

    Interestingly, I was looking through the comments on that race report, and came across a comment from Miguel Angel Algara, which ended with this:

    I would not be surprised if he breaks a lot of the supposedly unbreakable records that Schumacher currently holds.

    Very good prediction there Miguel!

    On a similar note, imagine saying to someone after Brazil 2008 that one day he would be made an honorary citizen of Brazil. Doubt many people would have believed you.

  5. Here’s an interesting story I saw this morning that might be suitable for the round-up:
    “No corona vaccination: Rosberg banned from Formula 1 paddock” –
    I guess that’s why Sky didn’t have Nico reporting from the paddock in Monaco, as he was denied entry for not being vaccinated. He has apparently applied for a medical exemption, in vain.

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