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McLaren “need to up our game in all areas” after losses to Alpine

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In the round-up: McLaren team principal Andreas Seidl admits they need improvements across the board after being out-scored by rivals Alpine in the last two races.

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In brief

No Silverstone upgrade for McLaren

Alpine lie eight points behind McLaren in the fight for fourth place in the constructors championship, having out-scored them by 11 over the past two races. The progress of their closest rivals hasn’t escaped Seidl’s notice.

“If you look at the last two races there’s definitely a trend that we have been falling back compared to Alpine especially,” he said after the Canadian Grand Prix. “Also some other cars were showing signs of improvement like the Astons on Friday.

“So it is clear that we need to up our game in all areas,” he added. “Reliability, operational strength and performance, make sure we stay in this battle for P4.

However he confirmed the team does not intend to bring any significant updates to this weekend’s race.

“Our idea is to keep learning about the car and apply these learnings in order to extract more out of the package,” he said. “So far, there’s no plans for any major upgrade for various reasons, including managing the cost cap as well. So that’s where we are.”

F1 brings back Thursday press conference

The drivers’ press conference, which was moved back to Friday at the beginning of 2022, will return to Thursday at this weekend’s British Grand Prix. F1 had moved the session back in the hope it would allow teams to send some of their staff to the circuit later and reduce their travel burden.

However postponing the pre-event press conference to Friday left a very narrow window for coverage of the session to be published before track action began. Returning the conference to its original time slot will rectify that.

McLaren present Formula E car

McLaren Formula E car

McLaren revealed the colour scheme for the ‘Gen3’ Formula E car they will race when the team enters the series next year. They will be the only team competing in Formula 1, IndyCar, Formula E and Extreme E.

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Comment of the day

The lack of classic cars it partly why @Tommy-C isn’t in a hurry to buy F1 22:

I feel like F1 2020 was the peak (at least until VR is available for PS). I was excited to get this game when I first heard it was going to have VR compatibility but that evaporated when it was announced it would be for PC only.

The absence of historic cars means there’s little incentive to spend more money on what is basically the same game I’ve been playing for years.

Happy birthday!

Happy birthday to Danny D, Hezla, Stefano, Wanon, Tino852 and Buj!

On this day in motorsport

  • 30 years ago today Michael Andretti made it back-to-back wins in the CART IndyCar round at Milwaukee

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    1. No comment on McLaren’s Formula E efforts being personally sponsored by Mr Bonesaw himself?

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    3. I dunno about these fake F1 tv shows and movies. I’ll reserve judgement until they’re released but I’d much rather spend that 30 minutes a week or how many hours actually following F1… Documentaries I can totally get behind though, especially historical. Wish there was more of them. So many intriguing stories in F1

    4. I love Ric and his cheerful personality, but l don’t care about what he does off track, l just want him getting to grips with his car and his teammate..

    5. Well done to Australia for that pit lane walk idea.

    6. But will Friday session timings get brought forward for at least the remaining European rounds (bar Austrian GP because Sprint) since they got pushed back solely for the press conference Friday shift in the first place?

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