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Vettel summoned to stewards over his ‘behaviour at a drivers’ meeting’

2022 Austrian Grand Prix

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The stewards of the Austrian Grand Prix have summoned Sebastian Vettel to a hearing related to a drivers’ meeting which took place yesterday.

A statement issued by the FIA said Vettel had been called to answer questions over an “alleged breach of Article 12.2.1 f) of the International Sporting Code and Article 20.1 of the FIA Formula One Sporting Regulations – Behaviour at the Drivers’ Meeting at 19:30.”

Two drivers’ meetings are held during sprint race weekends. The incident in which the alleged infringement involving Vettel took place occured after yesterday’s qualifying session.

The article of the International Sporting Code which Vettel is alleged to have violation forbids “any words, deeds or writings that have caused moral injury or loss to the FIA, its bodies, its members or its executive officers, and more generally on the interest of motor sport and on the values defended by the FIA.”

The same article was invoked against Red Bull team principal Christian Horner last year when he was given an official warning for criticising a flag marshal after qualifying for the Qatar Grand Prix. It was also one of several clauses Russian kart racer Artem Severiukhin was found to have violated for a much more serious offence earlier this year.

Update: Vettel given a suspended €25,000 fine for storming out of drivers’ meeting

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2022 Austrian Grand Prix

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29 comments on “Vettel summoned to stewards over his ‘behaviour at a drivers’ meeting’”

  1. Vettel is becoming more annoying every weekend it seems. Wouldn’t be bothered if he takes his woke moral superiority somewhere else next year.

    1. Wouldn’t be bothered if people stopped using the word ‘woke’ to dismiss criticism of outdated stuff just so they don’t have to think about it instead of dismissing it out of hand.

      1. I dunno, I find it fairly handy to filter out the people to ignore from the regular folks.

        1. Well then do tell, what’s your definition of regular?

        2. Another to-do-checklist-before retired.

      2. James (@laughingorc)
        9th July 2022, 18:10

        Man, this. I find it amazing how being ‘woke’ is apparently a bad thing. Yeah it’s awful for a public figure like Seb to use his platform to speak out about genuine issues like social justice and climate change. How dare he try to encourage the world to change for the better to be more inclusive and considerate. It’s clearly better to just bury your head in the sand and pretend the problems don’t exist 🙄

        1. @laughingorc the best part is Seb wasn’t angry about a ‘woke’ topic at all, but about track limits lol

          1. James (@laughingorc)
            9th July 2022, 18:39

            That’s an excellent point 🤣

        2. jane stillman
          9th July 2022, 19:43

          I so agree with you. He actually acts on what he says – not like others who just talk about things and do nothing

    2. @spafrancorchamps so, what happened to the rants from yourself and so many others about “freedom of speech” in the past? If you are so insistent on that right, then you should, rather than trying to silence him, stop complaining and insist to all of the other posters here that he has the right to express himself as freely as he wants.

    3. @SpaFrancorchamps you sound like you’d fit right at home in @CharlotteNorthCarolina

    4. Nuckley Brake
      9th July 2022, 18:37

      While Seb has done more than his share of virtue signalling, this one seems to be about track limits violations and inconsistency in rule enforcement

  2. He has more to say on the track than off it.

    His time is long gone.

    1. Not much he can say ON track with the pile of 5H1+ he’s driving, but he’s definitely talking too much sh it e off track!! Time he went off to do a bit more husband and daddy duties. He’s getting tedious lately!😝😳🤣🤣

  3. Barry Bens (@barryfromdownunder)
    9th July 2022, 17:10

    The grin on Sebs face in the chosen picture sums up these cases from the FIA. The one from Horner that is (and Vettel, not the Russian one, that one is obviously extreme).

    One should be able to provide feedback, both positive and negative…

  4. this is ridiculous – again. horner said something to the press, vettel said something behind closed doors. is it also forbidden from now on?

  5. Really depends what was said…

    1. probably vettel was late or not present on the briefing, a team manager also called to the stewards. “At each Event where a sprint session is scheduled, Meetings, chaired by the Race Director, will take place two (2) hours before the start of P1, one (1) hour after the end of P1 and one and a half (1.5) hours after the end of the qualifying practice session. The first must be attended by all team managers and the second and third by all drivers and team managers.”

  6. While I don’t have any idea of the contest of the incidents nor the words pronounced by Seb but lately he is becoming more and more annoying. When I listen to him, he comes for me as those woke democrat politicians captured by the far left activists. The hysteria and extremism driving these woke people is going to destroy the world.

    1. It’s probably not a good sign that you couldn’t even come up with enough talking points that you had to repeat “woke” twice in as many sentences. It was also repetitive.

  7. Weird stuff & highly unusual.

  8. I don’t think it is worth us speculating if we don’t know what was said or to whom. I’ve found drivers briefings to be an open and honest discussion behind closed doors. I’m not sure what ‘moral injury to the FIA’ means no more than ‘conspiracy to cause a nuisance’ means when the protesters were charged after Silverstone. I’m sure it’ll come out in good time.

  9. Did he glue himself to something?

  10. Decision
    Fine of €25,000 – Suspended.

    The driver, Sebastian Vettel, left the drivers’ meeting that was held at 19:30 on Friday
    8 July, without permission, and expressing frustration at the meeting.
    Drivers are not free to leave when they want, this being a breach of the requirement
    to attend. Drivers at this level are role models for every driver around the world and in
    the opinion of the Stewards Vettel failed to live up to that standard in this case.
    Subsequently Vettel had a meeting with the Race Director, who informed the
    Stewards that Vettel apologized without reservation, and that further, they had a very
    constructive conversation covering the topics in the meeting and more. The Stewards
    determine that there is a breach, which cannot go without penalty, but that based on
    the report from the Race Director there are factors in mitigation.
    Therefore, the Stewards order a fine of €25,000, which is suspended for the
    remainder of the 2022 season, subject to any breach of Article 20.1 of the FIA
    Formula One Sporting Regulations or of Article 12.2.1 f) of the International Sporting
    Competitors are reminded that they have the right to appeal certain decisions of the
    Stewards, in accordance with Article 15 of the FIA International Sporting Code and
    Chapter 4 of the FIA Judicial and Disciplinary Rules, within the applicable time limits.

    1. this all happened behind closed doors. this shouldn’t be a public case imho

      1. Andy (@andyfromsandy)
        9th July 2022, 17:56

        It is public knowledge because it is one of the many documents the FIA issue during an event.

        Similarly there is 7 drivers that include Seb again for receiving messages during the formation lap in breach of 33.1

        1. fia shouldn’t issue these kind of document

          1. @David Nothing wrong with issuing such documents.

  11. I’ll just flip to the next page of the Animal Farm.

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