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Ganassi picks up option on IndyCar champion Palou for 2023


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Alex Palou will remain at Ganassi in 2023 after the team exercised its option on the reigning IndyCar champion.

The 25-year-old impressed by winning the IndyCar championship at his second try last year, his first season with Ganassi, becoming the first Spanish driver to claim the title.

“Alex’s track record speaks for itself,” said team owner Chip Ganassi. “He’s a proven champion and one of the most formidable drivers in the world.”

Palou is yet to win a race this year but consistent points-scoring has put him fourth in the standings, within range of his team mate Marcus Ericsson who leads the championship.

“It’s a great feeling knowing I’ll be back with Chip Ganassi Racing next season,” said Palou. “The team welcomed me with open arms from day one, and I’m excited to continue working with Chip, Mike Hull, the folks on the number 10 NTT data car and everyone within the organisation.”

Palou’s contract extension is understood to bring him into line with his six-times championship-winning team mate Scott Dixon as well as Ericsson. The team is yet to confirm whether the fourth member of its full-time line-up, Jimmie Johnson, will continue with them in 2023, having made a difficult transition to the series from NASCAR last year.

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3 comments on “Ganassi picks up option on IndyCar champion Palou for 2023”

  1. Well, that should put down rumours of him joining McLaren in Indycar then!

    1. Until you read the NASCAR news today and see Denny Hamlin poached RCR’s best driver for 2024, making the rest of 2022 and all of 2023 awkward for all parties.

      Chip may want a multi-year extension on the Champ.

      1. Yeah, it seems there is far more going on, since Palou has now gone public saying that he was not involved and doesn’t agree with the statement and is planning to leave them after this season.

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