Aston Martin start “too far from the back” says Krack

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In the round-up: Aston Martin team principal Mike Krack says the team must do better in qualifying in order to their standing in the constructors’ championship

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Aston Martin start “too far from the back” says Krack

Aston Martin team principal Mike Krack says the team must do better in qualifying in order to their standing in the constructors’ championship.

The team currently sit in ninth place on 20 points – ahead of only Williams. Neither Sebastian Vettel nor Lance Stroll have reached Q3 in qualifying since Vettel qualified ninth in Azerbaijan, with both drivers combining for an average grid position of 16th since.

“We seem to accumulate quite a good amount of positive races, but we need to also start from the front,” said Krack.

“I think this has now been a couple of times already that we had a very strong pace in the race and made good calls, but we started too far from the back – that’s the problem. You see that we score one, two, one, one, one, one point and this is not enough to close the gap to the constructors in front.”

McLaughlin “fully believes” he can win IndyCar championship

Penske driver Scott McLaughlin says he “fully believes” he is capable of fighting for and winning an IndyCar championship in his career after his performance this season.

McLaughlin currently sits sixth in the IndyCar standings on 392 points – 58 behind leader Will Power with three rounds remaining. After taking two wins this season, McLaughlin says he laments the occasions where he has lost points in 2022 but is confident about the final three races.

“There are so many,” McLaughlin said. “If I just stayed off the loud pedal at turn three and at Indy 500 and didn’t crash there, it’s points. Then Long Beach – I hit the inside wall at Gumby, spun there; points.

“In the Indianapolis Grand Prix, we were leading, chose the wrong tyres; points. We’ve had pace this year and that’s all I ever wanted. Last year was tough. I’ve always said it. It’s tough mentally. To bounce back like we have this year, it’s a proud moment. I still fully believe I can win a championship.

“I feel like I’m going to three tracks I really enjoy, Gateway, Portland, Laguna. Yeah, we might be an outsider, but I think I’ll be an outsider as long as I can be, and maybe we can switch that closeness in second the other way.”

Formula E pileup caused by painted road markings – Lotterer

Formula E’s eight-car pile up during the first Seoul EPrix on Saturday was due to drivers losing grip on wet painted road markings, says Andre Lotterer.

The Techeetah driver was one of eight drivers who lost control at turn 20 on the opening lap and crashed into the barrier, leading to a red flag and six cars eliminated from the race.

“Basically, super slippery out there,” Lotterer explained after the pile up.

“I was in the pack with the guys and figuring out the conditions. When we approached turn 20, started to slow down a bit. It seemed like the other guys touched the brakes and then it was just like ice. Nothing you can do from that point on.

“I don’t think it’s braking too late. I think with the paint, maybe some cars just happened to be on those patches of paint and locked up and then that’s it. Luckily I managed to find a little gap and not hit another car. I still hit it, but not like full on.”

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Comment of the day

After Formula E’s 100th EPrix, the championship is still lacking its true marquee circuit for fans to look forward to, argues PeterG

It’s better than most but is still a poor layout when compared to even the current sub-par (when compared to the classic layout they butchered) full F1 layout.

The circuits are one of the biggest issues with Formula E as they don’t really have a Spa, Monza, Silverstone, Suzuka etc…, A circuit that excites and which fans really look forward to not just for the racing but also because of how wonderful the circuit itself is.

Monaco is the closest they have with the history and prestige that comes with it. But for as much as I love Monaco Formula E just lacks that extra thrill compared to F1 because of how much slower the cars are. You don’t get that same ‘wow’ that you do watching F1 or even F2 around there.

Happy birthday!

Happy birthday to F1George, Dan_The_Mclaren_Fan and Kirill!

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  1. If Scott Dixon doesn’t speed in the puts, the Championship is over already. We can play this game with most of the top six in IndyCar.

    1. He doesn’t say “this year’s championship” just that he thinks he will be able to in the future, without the mistakes.

  2. Why does Williams refer to Albon as ‘Albono’?

    1. It’s just a nickname. A bit like calling Peter Bonnington “Bono” or having a friend called John and referring to them as “Johnno”.

    2. @jff That nickname already existed before.

    3. It started in his junior formula days when the surname (Albon) and blood type (O) were printed next to each other on the race suits. Other drivers spotted it and started to call him Albono.

  3. Never say never, but among the five (or rather six) drivers mentioned in the Formula Scout post, Doohan is the only one I could see as a viable option besides Piastri or Ricciardo.

    I still like Albon’s British GP design the most.

  4. If you not happy starting at the back then start at the front.
    I’m sure the other drivers and teams wont mind.

    1. Wow, yeah, I was also wondering why AM hadn’t thought of just doing it that way earlier @nullapax :-).

    2. Also his comment says they start “too far from the back”, I disagree, I would say they start RIGHT at the back!

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