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The FIA has announced the 2023 calendars for its Formula 2 and Formula 3 championship, including several major changes for the coming season.

F2 remains at 14 rounds after growing its schedule for 2022. The French Grand Prix falling off the Formula 1 schedule means F2 will not be racing at Paul Ricard. However it makes up for that loss by supporting the Australian Grand Prix for the first time on Melbourne’s Albert Park circuit.

The trip down under will be one of three rounds to take place in March, with the season starting at Bahrain on the first weekend of the month. Two weeks later the series races in Jeddah at the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix, then two weeks after that heads to Australia.

There’s a break of almost a month before heading to Baku (28-30 April), then the series follows F1 to all of its European events over the next five months with races at Imola, Monaco, Barcelona, the Red Bull Ring, Silverstone, the Hungaroring, Spa-Francorchamps, Zandvoort and Monza. After the second trip to Italy, drivers have a gap of over two-and-a-half months before the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix-supporting season finale on 24-26 November.

FIA F3 follows a similar schedule, starting in Bahrain but skipping Jeddah before joining F2 in its first trip to Australia. It will then be a mainstay through the European leg of the F1 calendar.

It will visit the streets of Monaco for the first time on 25-28 May, but to avoid the calendar swelling from mine to 11 rounds, the series has dropped its trip to Zandvoort after two years racing there.

The F3 season concludes at Monza, providing drivers with an opportunity to step up to F2 for the final event of the season. Both series are expected to receive financial support from Formula Motorsport Limited, the company behind the two championships, for shipping cars to and from Australia.

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2023 Formula 2 and Formula 3 calendars

3rd-5th MarchBahrain International Circuit1Formula 21Formula 3
17th-19th MarchJeddah Corniche Circuit2Formula 2
31st March-2nd AprilAlbert Park3Formula 22Formula 3
28th-30th AprilBaku City Circuit4Formula 2
19th-21st MayImola5Formula 23Formula 3
25th-28th MayMonaco6Formula 24Formula 3
2nd-4th JuneCircuit de Catalunya7Formula 25Formula 3
30th June-2nd JulyRed Bull Ring8Formula 26Formula 3
7th-9th JulySilverstone9Formula 27Formula 3
21st-23rd JulyHungaroring10Formula 28Formula 3
28th-30th JulySpa-Francorchamps11Formula 29Formula 3
25th-27th AugustZandvoort12Formula 2
1st-3rd SeptemberMonza13Formula 210Formula 3
24th-26th NovemberYas Marina14Formula 2

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10 comments on “Formula 2 and Formula 3 unveil calendars for 2023”

  1. Having the final F2 round at Yas Marina is deeply stupid for many reasons, not least because of the delay in awarding superlicence points that risks drivers missing out on F1 seats – most teams can’t afford to take a punt like Williams have with Sargeant.

    1. They should finish the championship at Monza and, if they have to keep Abu Dhabi, make it a standalone final playoff hyper sprint of champions.

    2. @red-andy Yeah – this has been a discussed before and seems like a blatant problem. What happens in those 7 weeks between Monza & Yas Marina in the driver market is huge for any driver let alone an F2 driver. But nothing is actually handed out until nearly December?

      It’s fine for Drugovich, he knows what he’s getting but for others and especially in seasons to come it’s eventually going to become a problem. I can understand it wanting to finish in ‘grandstand spectacle finale’ alongside F1, but both titles are sealed already. So what if F2 wraps up on 3rd September? It gives drivers and teams an understanding of what they can and can’t do next season and plan accordingly.

  2. I’m starting to think this is how F1 will pay to aussies from that Covid mess up.

    Next we will need Spa to have histroic GP or something like that.

  3. “The French Grand Prix falling off the Formula 1 schedule means F2 will not be racing at Paul Ricard”

    No, really? 🙄

    1. F2 and F3 have done non-F1 rounds before. I believe they did a standalone weekend in Jerez in 2017 (F2 was, by that point, F2, albeit F3 was still GP3 so the association with F1 was slightly looser), but back in the GP2/GP3 days it also wasn’t unheard of for them to support WEC or even as a standalone event for a weekend or two in a season when an F1 round was cancelled. Explains how some seasons had 4 races in Bahrain for example.

  4. A quick trip down to Paul Ricard is “made up for” by flying everything to the other side of the planet. From an organisation bleating about climate change?

    FIA. Muppets.

  5. Surprising Qatar GP won’t feature F2 in the support bill like the other Middle East events.

  6. How about taking F2 or F3 to North America.
    Any of the 5 races. Montreal, Miami, Austin, Vegas, Mexico City.
    Would be nice to change things up.

    1. @us-brian I’ve wanted to see F2 in NA for so long, especially at Montreal, Mexico or especially COTA. However, the “cost” excuse has been given a lot of the time, although I don’t see how that really holds up considering they’ve visited Singapore in the past, and now Australia (admittedly Bruno Michel has faced quite a few cost-related questions about the round down under). And it would break the near 3 month gap between Monza and Abu Dhabi quite nicely as well.

      I believe F3 planned to host their season finale at COTA last season (2021) but later moved that to Sochi after some logistical problems.

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