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Stroll given three penalty points for “dangerous” move on team mate

2022 Brazilian Grand Prix

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Lance Stroll has been given three penalty points for a move on team mate Sebastian Vettel which the stewards called “dangerous”.

The Aston Martin pair were involved in a close fight for position when Vettel attempted to overtake Stroll at the exit of turn three. Stroll moved across from the racing line, forcing Vettel to take to the grass with two wheels.

The stewards examined video of the incident and issued a 10-second time penalty to Stroll during the race. That dropped him from 12th place to 17th in the final classification.

They also handed him three penalty points which puts him on a total of eight. Drivers receive an automatic one-race ban if they reach 12.

Stroll was found to have violated articles 2b and 2e of Appendix L, chapter IV of the International Sporting Code. Parts of the relevant regulations state: “Manoeuvres liable to hinder other drivers, such as deliberate crowding of a car beyond the edge of the track or any other abnormal change of direction, are strictly prohibited,” and “it is not permitted to drive any car unnecessarily slowly, erratically or in a manner deemed potentially dangerous to other drivers at any time.”

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2022 Brazilian Grand Prix

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23 comments on “Stroll given three penalty points for “dangerous” move on team mate”

  1. You’re in for a treat next season, Otmar, that’s for sure!

  2. Otmar is the best at managing his drivers.

  3. Ah yes the usual alonso team harmony, without doubt a great driver but takes the ony out of every team

  4. 100% first one ocon’s fault for not leaving space. 2nd one alonsos fault for not leaving space

  5. Wow 3. That is mad. I don’t think 3 penalty points have ever been handed ever since this sytem has been introduced in the sport.

    1. It’s actually happened quite a few times but only for very dangerous incidents. This incident qualifies in my book.

    2. @krichelle It’s not mad when he does this again and again. Just ask Bottas and Alonso. Stroll just doesn’t care to learn from being penalized. Call it affluenza or just silliness, but if his dad and team don’t straighten him out the FIA has to do it.

  6. He was pushing it with Mick later on too. He doesn’t seem capable of learning. If Gasly gets a race ban before Stroll, the system needs an overhaul. How can he be putting his teammate on the grass after his collision in Texas? Absolute insanity.

    1. Agree. If Gasly gets a ban before Stroll, who continues to act dangerously in the same ways and fail to learn, there is something wrong with the system.

    2. @tommy-c Gasly’s problem is with this season. Before that, he went three seasons collecting only 2 penalty points between them. This year he seems overly frustrated, easily agitated, and just not in a good spot. Probably why he’s changing to Alpine, too. Stroll hasn’t actually collected that much fewer penalty points than Gasly, in the last two seasons, he’s on 10 while Gasly is on 11. It’s just a case of when some of them lapse, which makes the situation for Stroll (5) better than Gasly (10).

      Still, the stewards are well within their rights to straight up disqualify Stroll for his antics. That might be something worth looking into if he does this kind of late move to the edge of the track again.

    3. Gasly deserved a multi-race ban after Japan for ignoring the double waved yellows and then the red flags, flashing past marshals on the track at over 200kph.
      Don’t make him out to be a victim.
      Stroll should probably have had a couple of bans already for repeated incidents … most of them because he refuses to accept being passed without endangering other drivers.

  7. Stroll has clearly learned nothing from COTA, this move was a carbon copy of that one against Alonso, this time nearly costing his team points (again). Stroll has had another very poor season, especially against (in my opinion) a very lacklustre Vettel. I know blood is thicker than water, but maybe not $$$$. If I was papa Stroll, I’d seriously consider replacing my son for a driver who will actually benefit my team and not be a drain on points and resources. It feels like Aston Martin is a Pro/AM team right now, If Stroll Sr. is serious about his team’s aspirations, he needs two quality drivers, not one.

    1. Not sure he will do that though, it’s not unheard of for a father to fire his son, but very rare and from what I’ve seen I don’t think it’ll be the case here.

      1. From what I’ve seen and heard (just as a normal spectator of the sport – no inside information), Daddy Stroll has immense business prowess but a total blindspot for his son. That is family. That is love. You can’t blame him, really.

        No-one’s probably ever had the courage to make it clear to him that his son isn’t good enough for F1. Oh, wait! Here comes Alonso… :O)

  8. Alonso will not be as forgiving as Vettel has been if baby Stroll pulls this type of stuff on him next season. Alonso has proven he can make a situation extremely uncomfortable for everyone if he feels he isn’t getting what he feels he deserves.

    1. He’s already proved he’s prepared to roll over rather than upset the Stroll family.

      1. Alonso is usually all peaches and cream with the team when he first arrives. But it doesn’t take long for his darker nature to come out.

    2. I predict some impressive sparks between Alonso and Stroll in his last season with the team/in F1.

  9. Next year it will be driver who happily crashes in to his team mate and accepts no blame – and his new team mate Lance Stroll.

  10. He was just inattentive to his immediate surroundings & not the first time.

  11. Stroll driving was so silly I could not believe it.

  12. Time for him to have a race ban to think about his actions.

  13. Considering this is the 2nd time in a month that he’s very nearly killed a driver, and has a history of cutting people up in the corners, I would have thought at least 6 points would have been suitable. At that frequency, it shouldn’t be long till he succeeds.
    The 10 second penalty was especially light. I wonder whether the rules advise stewards to give lighter penalties during sprint races, as they provide less time to catch up.

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