Haas has chosen Magnussen’s team mate for 2023

2022 Brazilian Grand Prix

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Haas has chosen its second driver for the 2023 F1 season and plans to reveals its choice in the coming week.

Kevin Magnussen already has a long-term deal which will keep him at the team next year. But Mick Schumacher’s place at Haas is believed to be in doubt.

Nico Hulkenberg, who last raced in F1 full-time with Renault in 2019, has been widely rumoured as Schumacher’s replacement. He spent this season as reserve driver for Aston Martin, but the team recently announced Stoffel Vandoorne will take up that role in 2023.

Haas team principal Guenther Steiner confirmed yesterday that their driver line-up for next year has been decided and formal confirmation is imminent. “We are just sorting out details, how are we going to do [it], what we are going to do,” he said.

“Expect the announcement sometime next week,” Steiner added. “I’m not telling you a day because then everybody will be waiting for that day. It will be coming next week.”

Schumacher is expected to lose his place alongside Magnussen
Schumacher suffered a blow in qualifying for the Brazilian Grand Prix sprint race where he was eliminated in Q1 and started last. Meanwhile team mate Kevin Magnussen reached Q3 and took a surprise pole position in the disrupted, rain-affected session.

Steiner said he “really felt almost sorry for him because he did a good job in Q1” until the final runs. The field switched to slick tyres as the track dried out and Schumacher’s last lap was almost two-and-a-half seconds slower than Magnussen’s.

“Before he went out, the first two runs were very good,” said Steiner. “And then with the dry tyres, he just couldn’t get the feeling. He lost a little bit of temperature when some people overtook him on his out-lap and then couldn’t get the temperature back in and then lost a little bit of confidence, started to slide and that is what is happening.

“It just didn’t work for him. But otherwise, the whole season, I mean, we all know he had very good moments and very bad moments, it’s an up-and-down.”

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2022 Brazilian Grand Prix

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    21 comments on “Haas has chosen Magnussen’s team mate for 2023”

    1. If I were Gunther Steiner, I would choose to keep Mick Schumacher. He really made up for his qualifying disaster in the sprint and is starting only four places behind Magnussen on the grid, and after his run of crashes in the first few races he has pretty much matched Magnussen from Canada onwards, getting gradually better, and his overtake on Nicholas Latifi in Monza was fantastic. It is also only his second season, and his first in a remotely competitive car, so there is still room for improvement. Nico Hulkenberg was a very good driver at his peak, and even in his super-sub appearances, but I think after three years out, Schumacher would be the better bet for the future.

      1. @f1frog I couldn’t agree more with you.
        I’m also unconvinced Hulk could realistically be an improvement from Mick.

    2. BLS (@brightlampshade)
      13th November 2022, 14:52

      I just hope it’s not an out and out pay driver. Hopefully Haas has seen the difference a competent driver can make to their place in the standings.

    3. Nico and Romain are about on par. Haas want to move backwards instead of moving forward.

      1. grosjean just about killed himseld n others…and you say Hulk’s as bad as him…wake up

    4. I think Schumacher did well enough, especially since Canada, to deserve the second seat. But if they were to replace him, then they should either choose a better driver from a top team (Ricciardo for example – if he didn’t turn Haas down), or pick a promising rookie at least (like Drugovich or Pourchaire) and see how they fare in F1.

      Hulkenberg, who is rumored, is neither of those things. He might have been a good pick back in 2016 when Haas first joined, but he has spent 10 years in F1 and he hasn’t even a podium to show for – in fact he wasted every opportunity he had when it looked that he might get one. He is the definition of mediocrity, a safe pair of hands if you want a substitute driver for a race or two, but far from an exciting prospect that would push Haas to better results. At least with Schumacher there is the possibility of him improoving over the years, as some drivers needed a couple of seasons to really hit their stride.

      1. Hear hear. While I like the Hulk, it seems that he is a perennial midfield driver, and if he is the choice for Haas, it shows their lack of ambition (or their lack of ability to lure in better drivers).

        1. @kaiie I disagree Hulk destroyed Carlos Sainz jnr. I think psychologically Hulk is past f1 not in terms of talent, Hulk crumbled mentally against Ricciardo.

      2. @black Can someone seriously explain to be why Hulkenberg is rated as a good driver and ALWAYS in driver seat debates, I sometimes think he is part of a trollfarm spam campaign paid for by his sponsor/agent to astroturf his name everywhere.
        He is arguably the worst modern F1 pilot out there, he currently holds the record for taking part in the most GP’s without a podium and when he had the chance to get one he threw that away Ironically at the Brazillan GP in 2012 where he looked like he was going to finish 3rd or 2nd but dive-bombed Hamilton into turn 1 taking out Lewis and he finished 5th..

        As he was never was fast in his peak in 2023 he will even more stale and washed up. Small things like his lack of fitness makes a difference; he is heavy at over 80kg and would cost a few tenths a lap in weight alone when you have drivers like 57kg Tsunoda and most of the top runners are below 70, I am aware that there is a minimum weight now but teams with ‘underweight’ drivers have the benefit of low cog ballast.

        If anything Kamui Kobayoshi would be a FAR better driver to hire, he has been super consistent getting 100% out of anything he drives plus he is a current WEC driver and Lemans winner with Toyota so he is race sharp.

    5. The fact that they are waiting for a formal announcement tells me that their PR and legal team have to finalize the details so they message it correctly. This means it cannot be mick or they woulvr just said it

      1. Yeah – that was exactly my thinking. Looks like it is someone new.

    6. I can understand not signing Mick, but I can’t understand signing Hulkenberg. Signing Hulkenberg in 2023 is like signing Jacky Ickx in 1978.

    7. Haas wants Ricciardo, but Ricciardo doesn’t want them. Probably Steiner is waiting for either RBR or Mercedes to confirm Ricciardo before they sign Hulk.

      There’s no other proven driver available than the good old 4th-place-or-lower Hulkenberg. That’s quite surprising.

      1. I don’t understand why red bull or merc would be interested in ricciardo, and even haas, I mean, ricciardo hasn’t exactly shined lately and just took out magnussen!

    8. It makes no sense to hire Hulk. He’s past the expiry date as an F1 driver. Plus, him and K-Mag didn’t get along well. Either Haas sticks with Mick for another year, or they hire Ric, or bet on another younger talent.

      1. “Plus, him and K-Mag didn’t get along well. ” When has THAT (ever) been a factor?! Schu and anyone. Lewis and anyone. Seb and Webber .. Etc., etc.

    9. Which means it’s Schumacher. They wouldn’t say that right before a race if they hadn’t informed him and it wasn’t him. It would have too much of a negative impact on his performance. My guess is a one year contract with an option for a second from the team.

      1. That would be nice, as I feel he drove well enough to deserve a spot in f1, however I’m not sure, based on what steiner said some races ago it seemed to be close to 0% chance they’d retain him.

    10. Like most, I think Mick is out. He seems to be a driver who gets better as the seasons go on, which means he willing and able to learn. His people should try to get him in to a team where he can stay in the background and learn from the race drivers and then make a second go of a career. Something like what Ferrari did with Massa.

    11. Haas is never going to take a step forward with Steiner leading the team. He hasal only managed to keep his job by pointing the finger to his drivers. On race weekends everyone responds to Steiner all their failings go to Schumacher. Steiner has made one driver the scapegoat. Haas needs 2 good drivers and signing Hulkenberg might highlight that Magnussen is not very shabby either.

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