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Alonso’s first Aston Martin test “very impressive” – Krack

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Fernando Alonso made a strong impression on Aston Martin on his debut driving for the team in testing last week, leaving them confident they can continue their recent points-scoring form.

The recently retired Sebastian Vettel was a frequent scorer for the team in the second half of 2022. His replacement Alonso joined Aston Martin for the post-season test day at Yas Marina.

“It was very impressive,” Aston Martin team principal Mike Krack said of Alonso’s test day. “Very impressive by the efficiency of transmitting the messages. It was straight to the point at all times.

“It was very friendly and open, transparent I think in both directions. So we are very pleased how this day went, really.”

Krack, who worked with Vettel early in his F1 career before being reunited with him at Aston Martin this season, said there were clear differences and similarities between him and Alonso.

“[They’re] different, yes, because they have different backgrounds,” said Krack. “One is Latin, one is German. That makes a big difference.

“But I mean, what they have in common is the focus, the focus on improving, the focus on making progress. And also isolating what makes us progress instead of maybe just being detailed. So some similarities, but also some differences.”

Krack highlighted Alonso’s frustrated reaction to his retirement in last month’s Mexican Grand Prix as an example of his drive to succeed. A power unit failure ended his race when he was running seventh.

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“This is an example of dedication and motivation,” Krack said. “If you have someone with this passion and drive to win, I think it has an impact on the team.

“We could clearly see that, how everybody was really happy to have this guy in the car last Tuesday. So I think he ignites maybe another spark from his own passion and desire to win, on to the team.”

He also revealed that there have already been “some very good conversations” with Alonso about his second season with Aston Martin in 2024 and beyond.

“This, in my opinion, can go beyond driving. Fernando joining us has been a core part of the team, and we have to see how this is going to develop. But I think he can have a big role to play in the future of the team.”

Dan Fallows, the team’s technical director, said Alonso’s experience will help guide Aston Martin’s direction of development, even if that means going in a different direction to where they worked towards with Vettel.

“I think we’re very open-minded about the direction we grow in,” said Fallows. “I’ve come from a background with Red Bull, we have people who’ve come from Mercedes and some other teams. And obviously Fernando has got very varied experience as well.

“We’re not so arrogant as to believe that we have a kind of way of doing things that we’re going to rigidly stick to. So if he can bring in the experience to us, then absolutely we’ll take it on board.”

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8 comments on “Alonso’s first Aston Martin test “very impressive” – Krack”

  1. This is only stage 1 of the relationship, the initial honeymoon period where both sides are really happy to have eachother, and everything is positive.

    Alonso seems to go through these cycles where everything goes badly if you give it enough time. How long will it be before he’s saying he’s happy to finish the season and move on from Aston Martin? I can’t wait for the guy to retire (again) and open up a seat for a younger, less toxic driver to get a decent chance at the top level.

    1. Alonso is cursed (and has burned some critical bridges in F1) so his chances of another WDC are nil. It would be an interesting parallel universe where AM developed a championship contender with unfortunate reliability results in Lance taking the championship from Fernando by a narrow margin.

      1. Apologies, this was not meant as a reply to @tomcat173

      2. Stroll will never be in the top ranks of drivers. Daddy’s money is the only reason he’s in F1.

    2. Ah yes… Regurgitating old narratives. It is almost as if it were 2008.

      It’s hard to think of another false narrative that has been more thoroughly debunked. Every teammate Alonso has ever had, except Lewis, remains friends with Fernando, they have all spoken highly of the personal relationship with him. That is Trulli, Fisichella, Raikkonen, Vandoorne, Massa, Button. Team Principals? All of them including most ironically Ron Dennis. But even Ferrari personnel as well. His former engineers? They fawn over Alonso.

      Now, there are some people he’s had major problems with. Key people. Ron Dennis, who clearly was incompetent regarding top driver management. Although that bridge was mended. At Ferrari, it was poor management. The CEO and principal were changed before Alonso left. But the reality is that there is always drama when top drivers leave Ferrari. With Alpine? Look no further than Otmar, who is clearly a bad leader.

      1. yeah have to agree with this, otmar was the problem this year with alpine / alonso / the team (aside from the engine). just look at last year how the team was managed and how the drivers worked together on numerous occasions to seal good results which the car really wasn’t deserving of

        the only teams which he had the full backing of the whole way was his 1st / 2nd renault stint and 2nd mclaren stint. zak and him are good friends, hence the indy connection. indy and andretti loved him as did toyota in wec

    3. Does he? There is only really one party that never wants him back and that’s Mercedes. Everyone else, from Renault to Ferrari, and Toyota to McLaren seemed perfectly happy to work with Alonso. And rightly so, because he’s still supremely skilled.

    4. they all do it. senna did it, prost, mansell etc. just read the stories of the 80s and 90s. they’re all the same. yet only alonso is branded as the toxic one. if he doesn’t feel the support of the team, or key people within the team, he’ll jump ship. he didn’t leave renault, ferrari or mclaren on bad terms. indy / andretti loved him, as did wec / toyota

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