IndyCar champion Power breaks ribs in kart crash


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IndyCar champion Will Power has revealed he broke multiple ribs in a karting crash last month.

The 41-year-old shared video of the crash on social media. The footage showed his kart flipping over following contact between Power and a rival.

“This was a race a few weeks ago,” said Power, who has his own line of go-karts. “Got some broken ribs but was okay otherwise.”

The crash happened following Power’s appearance in the SKUSA SuperNationals karting event in Las Vegas last month. He finished second in the X30 Master class after being overtaken for the lead by eventual winner Thomas Grice on the penultimate lap.

Power won the IndyCar championship for the second time this year with Penske. The start of the 2023 season at St Petersburg is still over three months away.

The veteran of 269 IndyCar and Champ Car races has suffered back injuries on multiple occasions. The first came in 2009 when he collided with Nelson Philippe.

Two years later Power was launched into a barrier at Las Vegas Motor Speedway during the huge, multi-car crash which claimed the life of Dan Wheldon. Power suffered a compression fracture of his fourth thoracic vertebra in the crash, which occured during the final race of the year, but returned in time for the start of the following season.

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6 comments on “IndyCar champion Power breaks ribs in kart crash”

  1. Slight correction. He didn’t finish second at the Supernats in the X30 Masters category (for over-30s and higher weight limit), he was disqualified for squish.

    Have to give him credit for still racing karts though. Broken ribs aren’t fun at all.

  2. Just a couple broken ribs, nothing serious like breaking your pinky

  3. Broken ribs are one of the most painful fractures there are! You aggrevate the pain with each breath.

  4. I have an opinion
    3rd December 2022, 23:19

    Will Power’s momentary wobble in the first corner shown may also have been the same rival tapping him from behind. That would make three bumps from the same driver, with the third leading to a crash and injury.
    I think a name and shame is in order.

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