Andretti F1 entry bid made “pretty good progress in the last couple of months”

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In the round-up: Michael Andretti says that his team’s efforts to secure a place on the F1 grid are making “pretty good progress”.

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Andretti – F1 entry bid making “pretty good progress”

Michael Andretti says that his team’s efforts to secure a place on the F1 grid are making “pretty good progress”.

The Andretti organisation, which runs teams in series such as IndyCar, Formula E and Extreme E, has been actively lobbying for a place onto the Formula 1 grid in future seasons – either by acquiring an existing team or as an entirely new, 11th entry. Speaking as the team introduced W Series champion Jamie Chadwick to their Indy Nxt programme for 2023, Andretti said his team was still committed to joining F1.

“We’re still moving forward, still working hard,” Andretti said. “I think we made pretty good progress the last couple of months. And we’re not giving up.”

Andretti announced in August it plans to build a new headquarters in Indiana at a cost of £170 million. “We actually have the groundbreaking next week for the new facility,” he said in response to a question from RaceFans. “So we’re really excited about that, it’s going to be awesome.”

Magnussen “looking forward” to racing alongside Hulkenberg

Haas driver Kevin Magnussen says he is looking forward to racing with new team mate Nico Hulkenberg next season.

The pair infamously clashed after the 2017 Hungarian Grand Prix after Hulkenberg, then racing for Renault, objected to how Magnussen defended his position while the pair battled on track. However, Magnussen says he is exciting to team up with Hulkenberg for the 2023 season.

“I’m really looking forward to working with Nico,” he said. “I think he’s going to be great for the team with all this experience and his talent.

“I think everyone. in the team is pumped for next year, for many different reasons. I’m certainly going to do my part and I’m sure Nico is too.”

DS Penske unveil ‘Gen3’ Formula E challenger

DS colours switch to Penske for 2023
DS Penske have unveiled the livery the team will race with for the 2023 Formula E season, heavily resembling that of former team Techeetah.

Reigning Formula E champion Stoffel Vandoorne will join the team for 2023 alongside two-times title winner Jean Eric Vergne.

“This season is a defining moment for the team,” said team principal Jay Penske. “A new generation of racing car, a new powertrain and a historic alliance with a manufacturer we’ve admired for years. We believe our prospects for the season remain incredibly strong with Stoffel and JEV securing the strongest and most experienced line-ups in the series.”

The Formula E season begins in Mexico City on January 14th.

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With Guenther Steiner announcing that he has written a book about his 2022 season to be published in April, @Olpeculier says what everyone is thinking about the audiobook edition…

I do hope he’s got the time to do the audio version himself. Hearing somebody else read his profanity infused sentences just wouldn’t be the same!

Happy birthday!

Happy birthday to Katederby and US Williams Fan!

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14 comments on “Andretti F1 entry bid made “pretty good progress in the last couple of months””

  1. Never been a particularly big fan of Michael Andretti, but it will truly be a shame if Dominicali and the snobs at the Formula One Group prevent Andretti getting an entry, especially since our one American team is hardly American and Gene Haas is running it extremely cynically. Doing the bare minimum for appearances while cashing in on an entry he was able to buy for next to nothing with the huge increase in revenue the sport has been bringing teams.

    1. Also, if Andretti gets in, you can be sure an American manufacturer will likely get on board with them whether or not it’s as an actual engine maker or just a branding exercise. There is endless carping about a lack of seats or a good way to get in American talent (well, that’s 90% the FIA’s fault with their absurd and monopolistic Super License system).

      1. Why would Andretti coming in bring an American manufacturer? They haven’t partnered with American manufacturers for their other efforts, and they haven’t had Chevy engines in IndyCar for years

        1. I hear rumours of Ford engines coming to F1 could be with a American team….

          If they can pay the entry i am fine with them racing but i am from a age with 30 cars (and more) on the track.

      2. Not only would no American engine manufacturer be interested, it likely wouldn’t get an American driver in any faster either – and it has nothing to do with the Super Licence system being ‘absurd.’ Monopolistic, maybe – but then the licence, the path it leads to, and the reason for having it all completely belong to the FIA.
        If anyone wants a super licence, they know how to get it.

        Most serious American open wheel racers know that Indycar is the better place to be for everything except being crowned World Champion. Which is exceedingly unlikely anyway, especially for anyone who doesn’t spend the bulk of their junior career in Europe, have enormous financial backing, and then get extremely lucky.

        1. There is an American driver on the grid for next year already.

          1. Which just proves my point.
            American drivers come to F1 when they do the European junior category thing just like everyone else does – and they don’t require an American team to get them there.

  2. Can China’s Zhou Guanyu do for F1 what Yao Ming did for basketball? (CNN)

    “Who knows, maybe in 10 years time, you know, I could have the same effect. And that’s my aim definitely.”

    If F1 has any ethics, they will stay far away from China. China + the CCP are about the only country on earth that makes Russia look good (another country’s GP I am glad we’ll not have back on the calendar for at least a decade).

    1. F1 has no ethics. They have money, and a permanent desire for more of it. They are a business, and they do business deals all over the world.
      If you don’t like it or can’t accept that aspect of F1, you know what to do.

      Personally, I’m looking forward to the return of the Chinese GP, if/when it happens. For the most part, they’ve been far more interesting than GP’s held at many European circuits that never leave the calendar.
      A World Championship – the largest one, no less – should absolutely be visiting this part of the world. The people of China deserve the opportunity, even if the government may evoke a different opinion.

      1. I liked the racing at the Shanghai track too.

        1. I liked the racing too, but good racing is no moral justification for racing in China.

          1. Morality is irrelevant when it comes to sporting or business decisions.

            Unless you, as a viewer, simply choose not to engage due to your own values and perceptions – which you are completely free to do.

  3. I remembered Hamilton doing his first-ever F1 test run in 2006, but 2004, after all.

    An additional audiobook version would indeed be good.

  4. The Shanghai circuit has that memorable gravel trap, it would be a shame to lose that holy ground

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