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Sauber appoint Alunni Bravi to new F1 team representative role after Vasseur’s exit

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The Sauber team, which competes in Formula 1 as Alfa Romeo, have appointed managing director Alessandro Alunni Bravi into the new role of team representative.

Alfa Romeo has been without a team principal since Frederic Vasseur left to head up Ferrari. Sauber Group CEO Andres Seidl – formerly team principal of McLaren – has appointed Alunni Bravi as the team’s new representative, who will represent Sauber and Alfa Romeo during race weekends, such as during press conferences.

Alunni Bravi has been a part of Sauber since 2017. He says he is committed to giving his best towards supporting the team as its official F1 representative.

“It is a huge privilege to keep working with a group of incredible people who, over many years, have helped me integrate within the Sauber Group,” said Alunni Bravi.

“I am fully conscious of the work we have ahead of us and of the challenges that face us. I approach this task with humility, knowing I am part of a strong team that will get the job done, and with the belief we have everything we need for a successful future.”

Seidl said Alunni Bravi’s appointment will allow him to focus on the team’s transition into the Audi factory team when the manufacturer joins Formula 1 in 2026.

“Alessandro representing the team during the Formula One championship will allow me to focus on growing the Group and preparing for the challenges and opportunities that await us,” Seidl said.

“I thank Alessandro for his belief in our vision and I welcome him to this additional position. I am convinced this is another valuable addition to what is without any doubt a very strong team, from the drivers to the management team, to each one of our employees, capable of building on last year’s success and creating a bright future for Sauber.”

Alfa Romeo finished sixth in the 2022 constructors’ championship, beating Aston Martin on countback after ending the season equal on points. The team will retain its driver line up of Valtteri Bottas and Zhou Guanyu for 2023. It will present its new car on February 7th.

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  1. So no TP per se.

  2. An interesting job title. F1 is a complex game, and having multiple people handle different aspects of it seems like a good idea.

    If Ferrari had had a real political heavyweight represent them in the floor-saga last year, it would have been a big advantage for them.

  3. He looks like a character out of “Zoolander”! – LOL

  4. Even though the MGU-H will be removed from the F1 hybrid system in 2026, Volkswagen will still have a difficult path to follow to get their engine up to the level needed for F1.

  5. So like a press secretary or something. That’s actually a good idea, I wonder if we will see other teams follow suit in the future

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