Verstappen signs partnership deal with F1 22 publisher EA Sports

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Reigning double F1 world champion Max Verstappen has signed a partnership with gaming giant EA Sports.

The deal will see Verstappen work with the gaming publisher to create content for games across the EA Sports’ titles. The EA logo will also feature prominently on Verstappen’s helmet during the season.

EA Sports publish the best-selling annual sports games franchises FIFA (EA Sports FC), Madden NFL as well as the official NHL ice hockey game. Most notably, EA Sports owns the exclusive license to produce Formula 1 games through its ownership of developer Codemasters.

Although he is known to be an avid FIFA player, Verstappen has previously been critical of the official F1 game series, famously declining to take part in the virtual grand prix series on the F1 2019 game which was run during the Covid-19 lockdown in 2020.

Verstappen says he is “proud” to join with EA Sports for the 2023 season. “Whether it’s playing games with my friends or staying competitive when away from the track, EA Sports has always been a big part of my life,” Verstappen said in a statement. “EA Sports is an icon for so many millions of fans, and I’m proud to represent them for the 2023 season.”

Senior vice president of brand for EA Sports and Racing, Andrea Hopelain, said the publisher was excited to include Verstappen in content across their titles.

“Max is a tenacious competitor and true champion who shares a deep love of games and play,” said Hopelain.

“As he races into Formula 1 history, we are excited to collaborate with him as one of the best athletes in the world to bring more fans together through our EA Sports experiences.”

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8 comments on “Verstappen signs partnership deal with F1 22 publisher EA Sports”

  1. He doesn’t say he’s “proud”, he says he’s proud!

  2. Somehow, it feels odd for the F1 driver who has been the most openly critical of the F1 game to sign a partnership with the company that publishes it…

    1. MonkasaurusRex
      4th February 2023, 4:41

      If only EA Sports was much bigger than just it’s association with the F1 Series

    2. £££££££££££

    3. well, Hamilton is the only hypocrite…

  3. He’s not a nice person. Anybody who isn’t dutch isn’t going to warm to this.

    1. If you don’t have anything nice to say don’t say it at all

      1. So verstappen should never speak again.

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