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Verstappen pleased with “really smooth” first run in new Red Bull at Silverstone

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World champions Red Bull have run their new car for the first time in secret at Silverstone.

The team revealed on social media its RB19 had been in action at the track which will hold the British Grand Prix in July.

Max Verstappen was pleased with his first run in the team’s new car. “Of course it was a filming day but I think it was a first good impression,” he said. “Everything worked really well, everything worked really smooth.

“So that’s exactly what you want from a day like this and now I’m of course very excited to go to Bahrain.”

Red Bull held a season launch event in New York last week at which they presented a show car which they referred to as the RB19. They previously confirmed the car displayed was not their true 2023 design.

Team principal Christian Horner said the car presented in New York “isn’t a total reflection of what will hit the track in Bahrain in a couple of weeks’ time” when pre-season testing begins. “The car that was shown today obviously will be somewhat different when you see it in Bahrain,” he added.

Last year the team presented a model at its launch and ran their real car for the first time in a behind-closed-doors test at Silverstone.

Rivals Mercedes are due to launch their new car at the same circuit on Wednesday next week. Red Bull’s new car has run for the first time on the same day Alfa Romeo’s C43 hit the track in Spain.

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7 comments on “Verstappen pleased with “really smooth” first run in new Red Bull at Silverstone”

  1. I think it’s going to be a mainly blue car!

  2. Was that the Alfa Romeo launch car, repainted?

    1. Heard that they got it cheap.
      All about the Cost Cap.

  3. Good.
    I do not want any excuses about the car when he starts losing races :)

    1. Ah,… it was the car?

  4. Sneakily taken footage by the team.

  5. I really don’t see the point of a February Launch if it’s not going to be revealed until pre-season testing, to my mind it’s a total waste of money (and the fan’s time) to watch it all with any sense of excitement.

    As if “ooh that looks like really fast paint” !!! is worth turning up to. If they aren’t compelled to reveal the car, so as to keep it secret, then say so without the farcical pretense, whichever team it is.

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