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2023 Canadian Grand Prix championship points

2023 Canadian Grand Prix

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Max Verstappen leads the drivers championship by 69 points from Sergio Perez after the Canadian Grand Prix.

2023 F1 drivers championship standings

PositionDriverPointsGap to leader
1Max Verstappen195
2Sergio Perez12669
3Fernando Alonso11778
4Lewis Hamilton10293
5Carlos Sainz Jnr68127
6George Russell65130
7Charles Leclerc54141
8Lance Stroll37158
9Esteban Ocon29166
10Pierre Gasly15180
11Lando Norris12183
12Alexander Albon7188
13Nico Hulkenberg6189
14Oscar Piastri5190
14Valtteri Bottas5190
16Zhou Guanyu4191
17Yuki Tsunoda2193
18Kevin Magnussen2193
19Nyck de Vries0195
20Logan Sargeant0195

Points available over remaining rounds: 404

2023 F1 constructors championship standings

PositionTeamPointsGap to leader
1Red Bull321
3Aston Martin154167
7Alfa Romeo9312

Points available over remaining rounds: 691

Standings with 8 out of 22 races complete.

2023 Canadian Grand Prix

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10 comments on “2023 Canadian Grand Prix championship points”

  1. Stroll needs to go of AM wants 2nd in the championship

  2. Unfortunately, Stroll is costing AM in the P2 battle.

    1. Yeah I was mightily impressed with Max getting a nice lead over Checo, but then I saw the 80 point gap between Nando and the nepotism baby.

      Not sure how long Lawrence can keep this going before the other AM stakeholders and the team leadership start wearing him down.

    2. Something I forgot to mention yesterday is that the above WCC standings in reverse will be the order for wind tunnel-CFD time allocations over the next six months, given the Canadian GP is the last before June-end/July-beginning for the second consecutive year.
      Ironically, Albon’s points mean Williams won’t have the most anymore, albeit still a lot with only a single team having more overall.

  3. If it wasn’t for Verstappen driving that RB, we would be talking about Alonso’s second 2012 season.

    1. I believe Perez has been taking off the championship fight deliberately because it was already causing a lot of tension

      1. I think Perez raced the best races of his life in the opening 5 rounds… after that, he’s back to his usual form. He never was a championship contending driver, so I’m surprised at why fans thought he would give Verstappen a fight. He’s a solid number #2.. like Bottas and Sainz level.. nothing more.

  4. Please stop with the “gap to leader” column, it’s beyond silly.

  5. I get the impression Ferrari consider Charles (54 points) to be their Number 1 driver, and their best hope of beating Max, and that Carlos (68 points) is their Number 2 driver. Why else would they want Carlos to remain behind Charles and not overtake him?

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