Van ‘T Hoff’s funeral will be open to public and streamed live

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The funeral for Dilano Van ‘T Hoff, who was killed in a crash last weekend during a Formula Regional European Championship race at Spa-Francorchamps, will take place next Tuesday.

The funeral will be open for the public to attend. Those who wish to do so are being requested to register online so the organisers can make the necessary arrangements.

It will be held in Reyerparc, a park on the edge of Dutch town Ridderkerk. The funeral site will open at 10am, the ceremony hall opening an hour after that and then the ceremony itself will start at midday. The site will be closed at 4pm.

Van ‘T Hoff’s funeral will also be broadcast via a live stream.

The funeral organiser has an online condolence register that people can submit to, and Van ‘T Hoff’s family has set up a foundation “to support recovery and rehabilitation after racing accidents” called ‘Racing for Dilano’. They have requested donations to the foundation as tributes rather than flowers.

Adam Fitzgerald was involved in the same crash and suffered injuries which he is recovering from in hospital. He has not indicated whether he intends to return to racing after the crash.

In his first comments since the crash, Fitzgerald said: “I have no words for Dilano’s family other than I am truly heartbroken for them.

“They and Dilano are constantly in my thoughts. I just don’t know what to say other than my heart is broken for them. Rest in peace Dilano.”

The next round of the Formula Regional European Championship takes place at Mugello in Italy this weekend. Van ‘T Hoff’s MP Motorsport team has confirmed it will not participate.

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7 comments on “Van ‘T Hoff’s funeral will be open to public and streamed live”

  1. A lot has rightly been said about Dilano and his family, and my thoughts are with them of course.

    But little has been said about Adam Fitzgerald – how must it feel dealing with the thoughts of how you maybe could’ve done something marginally different, reacted a split second sooner? Of course it wasn’t his fault and I wish him a speedy recovery and my thoughts are also with him.

    Also the other two drivers involved, of course.

    1. Survivors guilt is definitely a strong emotion. Juan Manuel Correa has definitely spoken about this previously, so I share your sympathy towards Adam Fitzgerald.

    2. @sham yeah, hopefully he has a good group around him. It wasn’t his fault, everyone knows that. I wish him all the best and hope he has / does find peace in it. It could have been anyone.

    3. Very well said, and I hope his injuries are nothing like as horrible as what Correa has had to deal with.

  2. Leave me alone, I know what I’m doing
    – Dilano van ‘t Hoff

    We won’t but we will

  3. It’s a fantastic thing that motorsport safety is always improving, though we are still reminded too often it that may never really improve enough or quickly enough. R.I.P. Dilano.

  4. Prashanth Ramadas
    6th July 2023, 16:00

    Bad to see things like these happening. I hope to see a safer environment in future.

    Critics primarily I hope they shup up and move on after advertisement benifits.

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