Porsche extends Formula E stay to 2026 after abandoning F1 plans

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Porsche have committed to remain in Formula E for at least two more years, which will keep them in the series until the end of its ‘Gen3’ era in 2026.

The manufacturer signed up for five seasons when it joined FE in 2019, with the 2024 season being the last of its initial commitment.

Racing as a factory team with its own powertrain from the off, Porsche found success immediately with a podium on their debut. But it took until last year to claim their first pole position and race win, and this year it has added four more wins to its tally.

Last year the brand started evaluating expanding its FE involvement, and also looked heavily into joining Formula 1 for 2026 as an engine supplier. However, despite negotiations with Red Bull, Porsche abandoned its F1 plans as it could not find a partner team willing to commit to a supply deal.

However it did manage to achieve that in FE as Andretti Autosport became a powertrain customer for 2023 onwards. Porsche-powered Formula E drivers are currently first and fourth in the championship, while Porsche and Andretti are second and fourth in the teams’ standings. They are in contention to win both titles at this weekend’s season-closing London EPrix.

Although Porsche could not coordinate a return to F1, a fellow member of the Volkswagen Group will be on the grid in 2026 as Audi will enter with Sauber. Cupra, another VW Group member, have a team in FE but use powertrains from one of Porsche’s rivals.

FE has lost three major German manufacturers – Audi, BMW and Mercedes – from its grid in recent years, and the retention of Porsche is significant as they are also contributing to the design of the series’ ‘Gen4’ car which will be raced from 2027.

Michael Steiner, a member of Porsche’s executive research and development board, said FE remains “the most competitive environment to accelerate the development of high-performance vehicles with a focus on environmental friendliness and energy efficiency”, despite other manufacturers looking to F1 to achieve the same goals. Porsche “look forward to playing an active role in shaping the successful future of FE,” he added.

FE’s founder Alejandro Agag added that “Porsche has been a valued and influential team since joining FE” and “the team is an active member of the group driving development of the next generation of FE car to arrive.”

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