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Tost says Hadjar ‘will be in F1 soon’ after promising practice run

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In the round-up: AlphaTauri team principal Franz Tost believes Isack Hadjar has a future in Formula 1.

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Tost says Hadjar ‘will be in F1 soon’

After F2 driver and Red Bull junior Isack Hadjar took part in Friday’s opening practice session in place of Yuki Tsunoda, AlphaTauri team principal Franz Tost says that he sees an F1 future for the 19-year-old.

“He did a good job, I must say,” Tost said after Hadjar ended the session 17th-fastest, “We were all impressed by him.

“He was out with three different sets of tyres; the prototype tyre, the medium and the soft. And with all these different compounds, I must say that he really did a good job. His technical feedback was also quite good because if you compare it to the data, it’s a very high correlation. We are really impressed and I think that he will be soon in Formula 1.”

Tsunoda to start from back of grid

Yuki Tsunoda will be forced to start tomorrow’s Mexican Grand Prix from the back of the grid after AlphaTauri took his fifth power unit of the season as well as his fifth gearbox.

Teams are restricted to just four power units for the 2023 season, as well as two energy stores and control electronics. Due to exceeding the 15-place combined grid penalty threshold, Tsunoda will be made to start from the back of the grid no matter where he qualifies in today’s session.

Horner confirms Red Bull Friday practice plans

Red Bull team principal Christian Horner has confirmed that the team will run both their Friday practice young driver allocations together during the opening practice session of the season-ending Abu Dhabi Grand Prix.

Due to the first practice session at Yas Marina taking place in the day with the race starting at twilight and finishing in darkness, Horner said the opening practice session would be the best option as it offers “not a great deal of car set up value.”

Jake Dennis and Isack Hadjar will step into Max Verstappen and Sergio Perez’s cars for the opening hour-long session.

Cassidy ends Formula E test on top

Nick Cassidy ensured Jaguar were the quickest team across all three days of the pre-season Formula E test in Valencia by setting the fastest time in the last session.

After team mate Mitch Evans set the pace over the first two days, Cassidy was quickest over the day, less than half a tenth faster than Maximilian Guenther’s Maserati with Evans third.

A 27-lap mock race held in the morning to simulate a full EPrix including fast charging in the pits was ‘won’ by Envision driver Robin Frijns ahead of Porsche’s Antonio Felix da Costa.

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Comment of the day

In the aftermath of both Mercedes and Ferrari both having a car each disqualified last weekend at the US Grand Prix, Tim calls for the parc ferme rules at sprint rounds to be revised…

I don’t dispute the rules at all – Ferrari and Mercedes were found to have broken the rules and were disqualified accordingly. I’d like to see parc ferme rules relaxed over sprint weekends as it seems odd that in other weekends three practice sessions allow for changes to be made before qualifying – at Sprint weekends just one session allows for a setup change. Allowing tweaks between sessions seems only reasonable on a sprint weekend. I’d love to see a return to Sunday morning practice of 30 minutes for final tweaks.

As for post-race scrutineering, I am surprised that only four cars are checked in a sport all about the finest of margins. It essentially allows teams an 80% chance that any flaunting of the rules will not be seen. Worth the risk I’d say.

Happy birthday!

Happy birthday to D Winn, Nixon, Vinicius Antunes, Zahir, Doance, Eggry, Dimaka1256 and Roger Camp!

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8 comments on “Tost says Hadjar ‘will be in F1 soon’ after promising practice run”

  1. More likely, later than sooner.

    An extra pre-racef practice would be unnecessarily excessive & checking all cars or all finished cars would be impractical.

    1. Coventry Climax
      28th October 2023, 13:49

      Checking all cars the way they do it now certainly is impractical, but there’s an ocean of improvement to achieve over that.
      Technically, it is possible to check all cars within a timeframe of 20 minutes. But it all starts with the willingness to make that choice. Just imagining problems and not seeing solutions won’t get anyone any further, not in F1, not anywhere.

  2. Re COTD, if you break the rules with the hope of being caught only 1 out of 5 times, believe me: after the second DQ you’ll be suspiciously more “randomly selected” than others.

    Same if you just break the rules in a one-off basis, I tend to think if a Haas suddenly finishes in the top-5 it will have more than a 20% to be “randomly selected”. you know, it’s like the airport drug checks and stuff like that, where some people, according to race, look or nationality, tend to be more “randomly selected”, ehem.

  3. Hadjar is not very competitive in F2…

    1. But he was quite quick in F4 and F3 in previous seasons.

      Given how big an effect relatively small differences between cars in F1 can have on how well drivers perform, some leeway should be given to those who may not get the most out of F2’s spec cars. Maybe the data Red Bull is getting from him now is showing some promise.

      1. Coventry Climax
        28th October 2023, 13:53

        That might be the case, but it does not rub off well on F2, if that’s not truly reflecting driver ability.

    2. How good was Verstappen in F2?

  4. “Tost says Hadjar ‘will be in F1 soon’ after promising practice run”
    I hate headlines like this, is Tost promising a future practice run? Or did Hadjar have a good practice run?

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