Pirelli’s Vegas tyre pressure choices ‘made degradation and graining worse’ – Albon

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In the round-up: Alexander Albon was less than impressed by the minimum tyre pressures Pirelli have set for this weekend in Las Vegas

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Albon unhappy with tyre pressures

Williams driver Alexander Albon is not sure the Pirelli have made the best decision with tyre pressures for this weekend’s Las Vegas Grand Prix after the first practice sessions.

F1’s tyre supplier set unusually high minimum tyre pressures for this weekend due to the expected colder temperatures. The fronts must be set to at least 27psi, rears 24.5psi.

Albon believes it is having a negative effect on tyre performance. “I think that the long run is a little bit more difficult because of the cold temperatures,” Albon said. “What Pirelli have done has mostly made the deg and the graining worse. Otherwise, all fun.”

Tsunoda had “long nap” during delay

AlphaTauri driver Yuki Tsunoda took advantage of the long delay to second practice starting due to work on the track to catch up on some sleep.

The extremely late schedule for the Las Vegas Grand Prix meant that the second session, which was due to begin at midnight, was delayed until 2.30am, with no fans able to watch from the grandstands.

“Obviously it’s safety first and it was undriveable, especially that kind of big safety issue,” Tsunoda said. “It took quite a long time and I had quite a long nap.

“Especially for the fans, it’s not great. In the end we were finally able to drive but, it was quite late. I think everyone’s feeling really, really tough. So it was not ideal for sure.”

Browning snatches pole for first Macau race

Williams academy driver Luke Browning will start from pole position for the qualifying race for the Macau Grand Prix after beating Gabriele Mini to pole by just six-thousandths of a second.

Mini had been on provisional pole after the first qualifying session but Browning set a lap just thousandths faster than him to secure pole for the race that will decide the grid for Sunday’s all-important F3 World Cup race.

Mini will start second ahead of Ferrari junior Dino Beganovic, with Red Bull junior Isack Hadjar, IndyCar racer Marcus Armstrong and McLaren junior Ugo Ugochuku all securing top 10 starts despite each of them crashing.

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Comment of the day

Toto Wolff insisted that the disruption to the opening practice sessions for the Las Vegas Grand Prix did not constitute a “black eye” for Formula 1, but Broke1984 begs to differ…

He is wrong.

Firstly it is belittling to say no one in Europe is watching, hardcore fans stay up or get up for all sessions.

Secondly, two cars have been damaged within 10 minutes despite half a billion being spent directly by the owners to set up a “showcase event”.

Absolutely it is a black eye on the sport.

Happy birthday!

Happy birthday to Matthew H and Ionut93!

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8 comments on “Pirelli’s Vegas tyre pressure choices ‘made degradation and graining worse’ – Albon”

  1. Re: COTD

    Toto has lost all credibility for me recently, between going hard against the Andretti entry (on the ridiculous grounds that an 11th team would dilute the value of the current teams and wouldn’t constitute a good ‘business case’) and now this outright shilling for Liberty in defense of the Vegas GP.

    Guy’s become a corporate goon, not a racer. He’s making that very clear.

  2. I just can’t help but feel Sulayem naming Renee Wilm is more than just well wishes. “Nothing to do with us, we’re hard working, look at Liberty!”

  3. On COTD: for some places the quali and race times are really bad.
    Given it is a street track we can expect red flags on both sessions, meaning that watching it live, with a start after midnight, might mean a full sleepless night.
    The track isnt looking like very attractive racing-wise.
    So the plan goes as: wont watch it live, will cacth the highlights, if something good seemed to had happened, maybe find a way to watch a replay or extended highlights.

    1. This idea that because you spend a whole amount of money on an event should make it somehow immune from “force majeure” is laughable. If humans were that advanced, we would live forever.
      The issue with the drain would have been very difficult to predict. The challenge now is that the learning can now be put into making tracks more robust in the future which would undoubtedly now happen.

  4. They have destroyed access to all of southern Nevada. And on the weekend before Thanksgiving here in the States. I think the effects of hosting this race have been felt for the last 3 months, and will continue to be felt long after everyone packs up and heads to the next race.
    I am looking forward to hear the revenue results from the major casinos; that will tell if the race has commercial support next year.
    For me. it has disrupted my November travel plans already. I am not really happy about that.

  5. F1 just has a thing for teasing US fans only to leave them in the lurch just as they’re getting convinced to really get into it …without forgetting to gaslight them in the process.

  6. Another good Player’s Tribune post.

  7. James Hunt used to have plenty of naps during a Grand Prix weekend…

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