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Ferrari names Bearman as new F1 reserve driver

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Ferrari has named Oliver Bearman as one of its reserve drivers for the 2024 Formula 1 season.

Bearman, who had his first run in an F1 car with the team last year, became a member of the Ferrari Driver Academy in 2022.

He joins Antonio Giovinazzi and Robert Shwartzman on their reserve roster. As the pair will race in the World Endurance Championship this year, Ferrari may require an alternative stand-in on the five weekends where they are not available due to calendar clashes.

Bearman has risen quickly through the junior ranks since Ferrari picked him up in the wake of his double Formula 4 title success in Germany and Italy in 2021. He placed third on his debut in FIA Formula 3 the following year and took sixth in Formula 2 last year. His tally of four F2 wins last year was bettered only by that of his team mate Frederik Vesti.

In October last year Bearman had his first F1 test with Ferrari at Fiorano. That was a precursor to two appearances in first practice session for Ferrari customers Haas at the Mexican and Abu Dhabi grands prix, plus a post-season test run following the latter. Haas were impressed by the speed with which Bearman got to grips with their car.

Ferrari has also confirmed former Driver Academy member Arthur Leclerc will continue his association with the team in a development capacity this year, alongside Antonio Fuoco and Davide Rigon. The trio will mainly work in the team’s simulator. The younger brother of Charles Leclerc will also have his first run in one of the team’s F1 cars on Monday, when he drives a 2022-specification F1-75 at Circuit de Catalunya.

This is the first of three days of running for the team at the current home of the Spanish Grand Prix conducting tyre testing work for Pirelli. Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz Jnr will drive the SF-23 they raced last year on Monday and Tuesday, and also drive the F1-75 on the second day. On Wednesday Bearman will drive the F1-75.

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