Haas VF-24 three-quarter rendering, 2024

First pictures: Haas reveals its new F1 car for 2024

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Haas have become the first Formula 1 team to unveil renderings of the car they will race for this year’s new season in an online presentation.

Following on from McLaren, who unveiled their livery in January, Haas are the first team to hold a launch event for their 2024 campaign and unveil renderings of their actual car.

In the second season of their commercial deal with title sponsors MoneyGram, the team have adopted a similar design to the one the VF-23 raced in last season, based on these renders presented by the team. The most notable difference being that the car has increased use of black this season compared to its predecessor.

The new VF-24 will be seen in action for the first time during a shakedown run at Silverstone, scheduled for Sunday February 11th.

Haas will field the same two drivers as last season for 2024 – Kevin Magnussen and Nico Hulkenberg. However, 2024 will be the first season that the Haas team will compete without being under the leadership of Guenther Steiner, who has been replaced as team principal by Ayao Komatsu for this year.

The team suffered a drop in performance last year, falling from eighth in the constructors’ championship in 2022 to 10th and last – the second time the team has finished in the wooden spoon position in the last three seasons.

Pictures: 2024 Haas VF-24

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13 comments on “First pictures: Haas reveals its new F1 car for 2024”

  1. Decently stylish

  2. Side-view = 9/10
    Front-view = 4/10
    Top-down-view = 6.5/10

    Overall, not bad.

    1. Side view is excellent indeed – very nice flow and balance.

  3. Meh like all Haas cars.

    1. But they make CNC machines and they’re a competitive American F1 team. Please have some respect.

  4. Someone should change Gram to Grab on the front wing and it would work better.

  5. A pretty decent look/design. I just hope it does a bit better for them.

  6. Boring…
    I’m more impressed with novelty when IndyCar teams present their new liveries than when F1 teams present their new cars.

    1. More than half the F1 grid has the same base livery but with small adjustments and colours changes. It’s the closest F1 can get to being further towards a spec series and therefore actually being a competition

  7. Lewisham Milton
    2nd February 2024, 17:12

    Leave the halo black. It looks like a toilet seat.

  8. It can look like that and get away with it because its a competative team and Isnt an 11th entry

  9. it should be kind of required to demonstrate the actual car on launch, or maybe this isn’t its’ launch date ? weirdness.

  10. If there were stars on the car you could call it the Star Spangled Banger. Perhaps it will be the Car Stranded Banger once or twice this season, though.

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